Saturday, April 09, 2005

My DSL! What a bummer!

It's been 2 days now since my DSL is acting like it's possessed. It happened last Wednesday afternoon. The DSL led is starting to blink red and green, which means it's not connected and I tried to fix it. After that I got a steady connection but the speed I'm having is like a dial up modem. So I called the technical support for help. They gave me this certain URL where I can see some basic diagnostic tools that can help me. It shows there that I have a different user name and password. The tech rep said that might be the cause of the spike and slowdown, so we changed it to the user name that we registered through our ISP and typed in the password. After that everything was all fine. But by Friday, my DSL connection is having some spikes again, and it got worse after that. I can't connect anymore to the Internet. Great! I called again the technical support about this and they now confirmed that they are getting a lot of error connections from my outside line. Wow! Just when I'm about to make up on the days I never updated my blog! So I had no choice but to stick with my dial up modem and asked them to give me a dial up number to access. For now, I might be inactive to my internet life and just be a bummer. Well I got my Book of Five Rings and Art of Warfare books just being delivered today, So, I might as well read them. But still, no internet is like having no life at all. =)