Friday, November 13, 2009

From the vault #4

Listening to: Usher - U Got It Bad (2001 8701)

Right now, I feel: Nostalgic and sad

Hello there! It has been a while since I updated my blog. I wasn't able to go to the gym since I feel sick since Monday. I will make another post about the things that happened for the whole week, maybe later this morning or afternoon.

I am a comic aficionado for almost a year now. I have great comics and graphic novels like Watchmen and Trese. I remember when I was a kid, my cousin have lots of comics coming from X-Men and other Marvel guys. He even had this Death of Superman saga that I really liked. I don't read that much when I was a kid, I just love the comics due to their kick ass drawings. But I remember almost every scene on every comic I've read. I even remember my cousin having this magazine all about comics and the price guides for each of them. As far as I can remember, my cousin was more into the comics coming from a new company called Image Comics. It was the time when artist from Marvel with the likes our pinoy Whilce Portacio and Jim Lee left the company due to some disputes about their creations and works. I fell in love with the comics coming from Image Comics such as Wild C.A.T.S, Wetworks, The Maxx and Youngblood. There was this another comic company that I became interested in, the Valiant comics. The titles I liked was only Bloodshot and X-O Manowar. As I've said before, I only like these comics before due to their drawings and their kick ass covers. Some are embossed or have this chromium effect that was like a first time for me to see in such comics.

I am sharing you this because last Monday, while my girlfriend was having her sore throat checked up, I was checked out Planet X Comics in Glorietta 4. They're selling comics for 20 pesos each with a buy 5 and get 1 free. I looked for some old titles and was able to found 1st issue titles. Here's the list:

Youngblood #0 and Youngblod: Strikefile #1
The Maxx #s 1-3
ShadowHawk II #2
Bloodshot #0-1
Shaman's Tears #1
Deathblow #1
Turok: The Dinosaur Hunter #1
Wildstar #1

I liked what I got and found myself nostalgic when I was digging up these titles. My girlfriend even helped me find comics that I liked.

Here's a picture of what I got.

I really became nostalgic at that time remembering the day that I loved comic books. Tuesday came and I went with my younger brother Kiko to Trinoma for the usual grocery chores. I went to Neutral Grounds since I became interested in playing Magic: The Gathering again. I used to play this when I was in high school and I played it almost everyday. It was just too time consuming to me and it eats up a lot of my money. I tried to join tournaments but I became frustrated when I always loose and can't build a nice deck to play so I stopped when I was in my first year in college. I tried to play it again a couple of years back, but since I work in a call center before and the low salary I was getting at that time, I decided to quit for good. I sold all my cards and the only thing that is left are cards that are no use for a good deck to build around. I am still thinking about it if I will play. Maybe I can start next year and I'll just do my research about it for now. i just hope it won't eat much of my time and my money as well.

Here's one of my favorite cards.

Right now I asked my friend Chigo on how he manage to play and spend money for these game since it cost a lot! Right now a pack is 160 pesos with 15 cards and a single card can cost as high as a thousand pesos. It really depends of the demand of the card and the rarity as well.

I just really feel nostalgic and sad somehow since it seems like I can't cope with the cost and time it can consume on it. My girl doesn't even like the idea of me playing that game I gain. It's been days that I've been thinking about this and giving consideration on a lot of factors that can or might be affected if I do play again. But right now, let me go nuts about two things that I love to collect before and falling in love again to them now.

Sometimes, old habits just don't die.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

I am a gym class hero! #3

Listening to: Telefon Tel Aviv - Fahrenheit Fair Enough (2001 Fahrenheit Fair Enough)

Right now, I feel: Sleepy

Wow! It has been months since I didn't post anything new about my gym adventure. Well let me make up for the time loss.

I am now on my 2nd month of going to the gym. From the weight of 269 pounds, I am now at 249 pounds. The progression seems to be a little bit slow since I was able to trim down to 260 pounds in the first 2 weeks alone and then 250 pounds after my first month and now I am on my 2nd week of my second month and I am somehow stuck at 249 pounds. Blame the too much I deserve to drink and eat out. For the rest of November I will eat less and gym more.

Apart from the pig out and drinking session, I can also blame October since it wasn't a good month for me, thus making me too lazy to go to they gym. I can go and have a 3 hour work out but I can only do it 2-4 times a week. Congratulate me if I can finish 6 days in a week of work out.

I also lost the drive of working out since my gym instructor resigned and I felt like I was left all alone with all the progress that I made. Even with a new gym instructor, I didn't feel comfortable asking for help, I feel like the new guys is the one who doesn't care for you and doesn't even thought of taking over the gym members the previous gym instructor handled. So I decided to have my work out in the early morning (6 am.), I just have a mindset that I can do the work out on my own. Then, after a few weeks only the new instructor left again.

A few days before November came, a new gym instructor came, I thought not to seek for advice if I need a new program or for any assistance at all, since I had a feeling that this new guy won't handle my weight loss program and monitor my progress as well. But after a couple of day. After doing my usual treadmill run and the elliptical work out he approached me and said "Mag circuit ka." To which I was surprised, not from the fact that he told me what to do, but I feel like I was being given an advice to do something new. My interpretation of doing a circuit is my usual routine of doing crunches and doing some light weight lifting. I told him that I usually do my crunches first. Since I still have a big stomach, he told me that doing crunches are not recommended to me since it will just make my abs or stomach stiff having an effect of making it smaller. The new instructor told me to just do a high intensity but light work out that focuses on my cardio, arms and legs. The result will make sweat more than what I usually do.

He introduced me to a new program. The first thing I did was a bicep curl up and triceps pull down. Then he told me to run as fast as I can with raising my knees up to my waist or as high as I can. I was sweating a lot after running 8 times! I felt like I'm gonna pass out since I was running out of breath and my heart beats soo fast. I took a rest and he told me to jump with my feet together. He added that I need to jump diagonally like making a zigzag line. It made me sweat more that my shirt looked like it just came from the washing machine. After a few break he introduced me to do some dumbbells with a weight of 5 pounds and a step box. I did some lifting with the variations of either raising my knees or stretching my legs sideways or backwards with 20 repetitions each. I swear, it really made me exhausted but I can the results of what I am doing right away. The sweat coming out all over my body felt so good. Plus the fact that with each workout I can feel my heart thumping hard and fast, not to the point like I am having a cardiac arrest but I can really my heart work out as well. The last part of the program was the dumbbells work out still but this time I have to move my leg to the front while the other one is stretched backward and being the leg the is stretched. It was really a nice work out. He even boasted that I can stop using the treadmill and just do the new program he gave me. I remember him telling me "Kaya bang maglabas ng ganyang karaming pawis ang pagtakbo mo ng 30 minutes sa treadmill?" I just smiled as a sign of agreeing with his point.

The only drawback with my new program is that I felt my muscles got tightened up to the point that I find it hard to take a sit. My legs hurt big time but after a doing the new program, the pain subsides and I can withstand the cramps I am getting.

I was doing the new program for a week now. But last Friday, he gave me a new program as well. Before I do the running with my knees raised up high, he told me to run sideways 8 times. I felt my legs tightening up again since this is a new routine for me. After that, I did the running thing that I usually do as my first part of the work out, then he had me do the same thing again but this time I have a long rubber strapped around my waist with the other end attached to a pole. The effect was a mix of torturing my legs and feet but it made me sweat out a lot and feel my heart on a work out as well. But the exciting part is that he had me lift some weights. I used the 10 pounds dumbbells to do my arms raise front and side ways. He also made me the triceps and biceps work out using only 1 bar as its weight. I did it with 3 set of 15 repetitions. I did some bicep curls on a barbel while I am seated but my arms are inclined downwards. I did the shoulder lift as well and the leg curls. But the most painful part is the arm pull. I don't really know what this work out is called, I'll ask my instructor about this! It is a workout where your arm is bent on a 90 degree angle and you pull the weight backwards making your arm stretched. I felt the triceps on both of my arms hardening up and the pain is just unbearable. Good thing I was able to finish it.

He explained to me that I need to do some weight lifting so my muscles won't sag and have a form. At the same time it can train my arms to do more repetitions when I do my dumbbell work out. He told me that I can do the said work outs every other day. So I have 2 new programs for me. One is for burning my fats and for heart conditioning and the other is a weight lifting one.

Right now, my arms hurt as they are stiff and I can't even stretch it straight. It is somehow bent. Imagine that you have a broken arm and you have a arm sling strapped around your neck. That's how my arms look like. But hey, no pain no gain right? SO bring it on!

I can't wait for Monday. Here comes the pain!

Have a great Sunday everyone!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Bonding time!

Listening to: Regina Spektor - Prisoners (2002 Songs)

Right now, I feel: Lazy

Last night was a good one. I dated two girls in one night! At the same time! Hahaha! Actually I went out last night with my girl Ayann and our friend Eunice.

We agreed to meet in SM MOA so we can go around the place and then have dinner at the dampa area in Sea Side. Eunice treated us for dinner since my Ayann treated us in Yellow Cab last month.

It was a great feeling being able to see and keep in touch with a friend who used to be a colleague in our previous jobs. And now we share the laughter, the pain and the insights. Too bad Jaja (another good friend of ours) wasn't able to come. It seems like she's too "busy" at her new job. Well just let the photos do the talking. =)

You can check the photo album here.

It was really a great night. I wish we can do this again.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Halo-Halo espesyal #13

Listening to: The xx - Basic Space (2009 The xx)

Right now, I feel: Happy

Before I go on and blog non-stop, I want to greet November a big welcome! I was so excited for October to pass. That month wasn't really for me. If you've checked my facebook profile and twitter page, you'll see that October wasn't my month. I went through too much problems in such a rapid succession that I almost burst out to outer space.

Good thing it is November now. I can move forward and just forget everything that happened bad about last month. Sorry guys if I didn't blog that much.

I ended October in a good way. I met my friend Marvin and had a drinking session. I really needed a break and meeting a friend and drinking will be a big reward for me at least.

After that, November 1 greeted me with a radiance. But sad to say, my legs hurt so much that morning that I had no choice but to skip the time to go with my siblings to Manila Memorial Park in Parañaque. Thanks to my last gym session and a new program.

Speaking of gym, I am still locked down at 249 pounds. I have a new gym instructor and he advised me not to do any crunches anymore since it'll make my abs tighter and it will not trim down. He gave me some new workouts that requires the use of dumbbells. He made me do some knee up runs and some leg bending with the dumbbells that left my leg hurt so much. I can't even bend it and it's hard for me to take a sit. But the good thing is that I poured out a lot of sweat! Can't wait for another work out tomorrow!

Back to my story, they had plans of going to Bulacan after visiting my brother's grave in Parañaque. So I was left all alone in our apartment on a Sunday. I just watched some TV and I focused of watching the NBA. I was watching the New York Knicks versus Philadelphia 76ers game. It was supposed to be a boring one as Philadelphia was giving a beating to New York. But then at the closing period of the final quarter, the red hot Danilo Gallinari poured in the much needed three pointers to tie the game. The bad thing is that New York wasn't able to sustain the momentum as the 76ers came back and totally clobbered the Knicks 141-127. What made me focus really on the game is for New York's rookie Jordan Hill. I wasn't able to see him play. He only played on their opening game against the Charlotte Bobcats for only two minutes. He was the 8th draft pick of the Knicks, but it seems like the team who drafted him is not interested with his talent and skills as the team prefers to get Stephen Curry, a speedy guard who just fits the team's run and gun offense.

On that day I was also on a multitasking since I was checking the NBA site and monitored the other games that was going on that day. The Washington Wizards iced the New Jersey Nets. Is Agent Zero really back now? Will he be able to bring the Wizards to be an Eastern conference contender?

One team that I really want to watch was the Cleveland Cavaliers. As they beat the Charlotte Bobcats 90-79. It was a good thing for the Cavaliers to get a win on their last 2 games as they lost the first 2 games. They're on such a slump after acquiring the Man of Steel, Shaquille O'Neal.

Afternoon came and I watched The Simpsons Halloween marathon. It was really great to watch them. As I was watching, I was also checking the internet. I was able to get a copy of a Return to Castle Wolfenstien game. However, I can't run the game even I was able to install properly.

Ayann came to my house after telling her I was all alone. She stayed till the next day. She brought me some brownies and a graphic novel compilation from Summit Media. The title is Underpass, it is a horror graphic novel from the best people in the comic industry. The likes of Gerry Alanguilan (Wasted) and Budjette Tan (Trese) contributed to the said compilation. I was really surprised to have a copy of it as a gift. Ayann knew that I wanted it since I was about to buy a copy of it a few weeks back. Because of that I gave her a nice hug and kiss before going to sleep. Thanks by!

You can check more info about the book through this site and this one also.

Monday came and I was all alone in the house. I continued to check the cyberspace and I was able to watch MTV for hours. I was able to watched this video that I was waiting to watch from start to finish so I can know the artist and the title of the song. A few weeks back I was able to discover the band Passion Pit with their catchy song To Kingdom Come. I was able to discover a new band, The xx. The band is from London and their self-titled debut album is getting much attention to the music world. Their single and video Basic Space is getting airplay in MTV. I can't wait to have a copy of their album.

Here's their video of Basic Space.

The band is an indie pop group that has a trace of electronica and dream pop. Their influence range from Aaliyah to Justin Timberlake.

You can check more about The xx through their official site and their MySpace page.
I miss my blog friends. Russ and Vayie, I promise I'll do some major back track reading to your blogs.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Post-traumatic syndrome

Listening to: Cut Chemist - The Garden (2006 The Audience's Listening)

Right now, I feel: Tired

October is not my month. I just feel so stressed with everything happened the whole month. I don't want to recall the days that passed. I just want to move on. I can't wait for November.

I just want to share what I made just a few minutes ago. Something I did on the spot.

Post-traumatic syndrome

Tired and weary
I seek for something to make me free
Scared and trembling
I keep on running away from such pain
It brings me misery
Too much agony has consumed me

As time goes by
I can't stand the anxiety
The fear of getting hurt again
Everyday feels like it is the very day
That the world went away

I feel broken
I cannot be fixed
I cannot be healed
I feel numb
I felt something has struck me
Yet nothing has inflicted me to feel it
Everywhere I go
Paranoia runs through my veins

Everyday seems to be of a past
Like a ghost that haunts me
Craving for my soul
To torture it for eternity
I long for my sanity
I search for something I cannot attain
My sanctuary to call my own

Friday, October 23, 2009


Listening to: Slapshock - Anino Mo (2002 Project 11-41)

Right now, I feel: Furious!

Isang tanong lang. Bakit ang unfair unfair ninyo ha? Ang tagal tagal kong nanahimik at nag tiis tapos ganito na lang ang trato pag dating sa akin. Napaka unfair ninyo yun lang!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Music is my food for the soul #3

Listening to: silverfilter - In a Manger (2009 Devotion)

Right now, I feel: Exhausted

(Note this post was edited last October 15, 2009. I was sleepy last night that my thoughts became in-cohesive.)

Yesterday, at 9 pm. I went to Route 196 for the first time. I was there for silverfilter's album launch. It was my first time to see him play live and my first time to be able to get an album of his.

I still remember the gig last night. It was a blast though I wasn't able to finish the whole show. I was sleepy since I was up since 6 am yesterday. I was so excited and happy to be in the album launch.

Silverfilter's real name is Cyril. I have heard of him before since a lot of people were clamoring about his 1st album (which is an EP) titled "In the Mean Time". It was 4 years back that I became more in love with electronica. Especially the local electronica artist.

I have been following him around his My Space account and now his Twitter. I love the remixes he did on Wolfmann's Diner and Bagetsafonik's Travelouge album. The tracks he made on the said albums are the first time I heard of his music.

He's more into the techno, house and dance side of electronica. Though he has this chill-out and Nu-skool breaks influences in him. I have been clamoring for his albums but too bad, I can't find all of it. Cy, please re-issue your albums. Kahit para sa akin lang. =)

It was really nice meeting this guy. I was able to buy his new album plus I got a shirt which is really cool! (Though it didn't fit, I know I'll be able to wear it one day!) I was able to get a freebie too! His compilation of his remixes he did for different artist and bands! It is titled "The Interpreter".

He had his album launch dedicated to the victims of Ondoy. All of his earnings will go to the said people. It was really so nice of him to do that. Wala talaga siyang kikitain dun. Lugi na nga siya sa gasolina pa lang ng kotse niya. But then he didn't hesitated to do such act. It is the reason why I went to his album launch. Just to join and support his cause. The great music and the album is just a bonus anyways. And meeting him? Well, that's the prize I get for coming that night.

He had other artist perform for his event. As he said, "I want all untapped artist have an exposure." It was really a great idea. More exposure means more chance to hone their music skills. I love this one artist (though I forgot his name) that uses voices coming from radio news anchors and other stuff, then he'll add some blips and other electronic effects in it. It feels like I am on a plane. The hip-hop artist NothingElse also preformed. He came from the hip-hop collective called A.M.P.O.N.

When it was silverfilter's turn to perform, I left my table and stood up as I watched him. He played some remixes from his new album. It is really great to meet and see this man perform. I was really in the mood to dance but my body was too weak and sleepy.

Cy, thanks a lot for the great night. Bitin ako pero I'll see you again in one of your gigs. God bless us for musicians like you!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Something to sing along (Music is my food for the soul #2)

Listening to: Nine Days - If I Am (2000 The Madding Crowd)

Right now, I feel: Mad

Right now I am not in the mood. It has been days, the reason I wasn't able to update my blog. Something is not right. I just wish I can see and hear everything I want. Just for the sake to have everything be all right. Is it my fault? Am I too cautious with everything? Am I over protective. Am I possessive? I am not sure. But I wish I know. Here is something I am singing for the nth time. You can listen to it here.

If I Am by Nine Days.

So you're standing on a ledge,
It looks like you might fall
So far down, or maybe you were thinking about jumping
And you could have it all,
If you learned a little patience
For though I cannot fly,
I'm not content to crawl
To give me a little credit,
Have in me a little faith
I wanna be with you forever,
If tomorrow's not too late
But it's always too late when you've got nothing,
So you say
And you should never let the sun set on tomorrow,
Before the sun rises today

If I am,
Another waste of everything you've dreamed of, I will let you down
If I am,
Only here to watch you as you suffer, I will let you down

So you're walking on the edge,
And you wait your turn to fall
But you're so far gone, that you don't see the hands up held to catch you
And you could find the fault,
In the heart that you've been handed
But though you cannot fly,
You're not content to crawl
And it's always too late when you've got nothing,
So you say
But you should never let the sunset on tomorrow,
Before the sun rises

If I am,
Another waste of everything you hope for, I will let you down
If I am,
Only here to watch you as you suffer, I will let you down...

So you're standing on a ledge,
It looks like you might fall...

If I am,
Another waste of everything you've dreamed of, I will let you down
If I am,
Only here to watch you as you suffer, I will let you down

The answers we find are never what we had in mind,
So we make it up as we go along
You don't talk of dreams, I won't mention tomorrow
We won't make those promises that we can't keep

I will never leave you
I will not let you down
I will never leave you
I will not let you down...

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Good morning!

Listening to: The Fray - You Found Me (2009 The Fray)

Right now, I feel: Glad

Good morning! I am back on a blog roll here! I woke up around 5 am and it is the 3rd time in 5 days that I woke up early and I woke up in the morning! I wish I can really do this, I mean be a morning person since I really used in staying up late till dawn. Thanks for the 6 years of being in the call center industry. I just had a great breakfast. A neck part of chicken, some bacons and egg with coffee to start my day. After that, a cigarette and watching some TV, I am ready to face the world.

I got a lot of things to do today. For starters I am now re-sizing my MP3 collections to a lower bit rate. Though they say higher bit rate sounds better, I prefer having it in a normal rate of 128kbps to save space. Though I have 500 gigabytes of hard drive, I want to save space so I can store my whole collection.

Here are some other things I have to do the whole day:
- Pay my brother's tuition
- Look and buy a decent wireless router
- Bring the car to the car wash
- Set up the wireless network at home and make it secure
- Arrange my photos to different folders
- Farmville mode! =)
- Gym work out

Hopefully I can finish updating my photos and my MP3 collection too as it will really be a tedious task.

How many MP3s? I have 66 artist with a hundred plus of albums so that more or less 1,500 tracks.

Well, I better get off going now and do all the task for today.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

The day the world went away. A post Ondoy special (Halo-Halo espesyal #12)

Listening to: Shiny Toy Guns - You are the One (2006 We Are Pilots)

Right now, I feel: Relieved

First of all, I am so sorry if I was on a MIA here on my blog. I was really busy with lots of things. After what happened to our country, I skipped blogging just for me to be updated.

It has been a week since Ondoy made a mark in our country. All emotions are mixed during the whole week. I remember having a good sleep on September 25 then waking up the next day in as I thought will be a sunny afternoon, since it was raining the whole night. But then I was surprised that it just continued to rain. I began watching the TV for update and I was surprised that almost the whole metro was flooded. The first thing I spotted on TV was Mother Ingacia Street which was like 10 minutes away from my place. It was flooded neck high! I was like really surprised! I started to check my facebook and twitter. Instead of the normal day to day activities I was expecting from people, everyone was posting updates about the storm. Then I was alarmed when the band Up Dharma Down posted on their twitter and facebook that Provident Village in Marikina was flooded neck high and that their vocalist Armi Millare was stuck in their house. People started to post the trunk lines for PAG-ASA and the National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC). Everyone was doing their share. Everyone was alarmed as more people get stranded and worst, places that aren't usually flooded was affected already with flood as high as 30 feet!

I started to look for updates from any source I can get. From internet, TV and radio. I was even re-posting tweets and updates from my friends in twitter and facebook. For the purpose of getting those information go around other people. For the first time in my entire life, I began to give a damn on what's happening around me. Instead of whining how I was stuck in my house with out doing nothing, and thinking how luck I was as my whole family was not even affected by a flood at all. I decided to help everyone. As I sit facing my laptop, I started to post and re-post information that can be passed around. I felt compelled to help as Ondoy was sending a message to everyone. "Right back at ya!" If typhoons can speak, Ondoy will definitely say this to us. Nobody is exempted to nature's wrath. It doesn't give a shit if you're rich, you'll really feel his wrath.

I keep on re-posting info on my twitter and facebook for the rest of Saturday night until dawn. Resuming it by Sunday afternoon till the dawn again. Monday night, my sister was buying water for my niece and I was listening to Jam 88.3 and a listener asked about the contact number for the Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) in Quezon City. They are looking for volunteers at that time. I didn't get the number to contact PNRC, I told my sister that I will go there and see what I can do to help. I wasn't thinking anything at that time. It just came naturally to my mind. It seems like my instinct was telling me that night to help and so I did.

I went to PNRC in Quezon City Hall which was like a 10 minute walk from my place. I went there and saw people there waiting. I was given instructions on what to do. We'll go to the Main PNCR in Port Area, Manila to repack the relief goods. We arrived there like 1 am and ended around 6 am.

It was a great feeling to be able to help. It's the least I can do to give something to the people that got really affected by the typhoon.

The rest of the week was more on follow ups on what happened around the metro. I still can't believe that the eastern part of the metro was really affected. Marikina, Rizal and Pasig are the ones really hit hard by Ondoy.

But what I hate about the situation is that politicians takes a slow response on the calamity. It was more of private sectors starting to help. From schools, TV networks and fast food chains, everyone is helping. But the trapos are nowhere to be found. There are even pictures of politicians giving out food with their name on it. Doing the trapo moves to everyone, these politicians really makes me puke and spit it out on their faces. I just wish I can have a chance to do that to them. It will be one of the best moments in my life.

On the brighter side of life, people are helping out the whole week. From stars and TV networks which I really give my kudos for. They really give way to some of their shows to give us updates on what they need as donations and what's the development of other areas that were really affected by Ondoy.

It was a real shocker for everyone as how devastating Ondoy did to us. Good thing that Pepeng, though it scared the shit out of us, spared our country. Though Pepeng is wreaking havoc on the northern part of Luzon, I don't see any alarming incident that's going on there. I just hope and pray that everything will be ok, after such big storms.

I can't wait for the sun to come up again and shine upon us as we hope for a new tomorrow.

Friday, September 25, 2009

2 years, 7 months and counting.... (A From the vault #3 special)

Listening to: Daft Punk - High Fidelity (1996 Homework)

Right now, I feel: So so happy!

Just a quick post before I go to bed.

It has been 2 years and 7 months now. Through good and bad, I want to thank you for being there. Whatever childish acts I have, you still opted to watch my back. You we're there when I am high up the clouds and most of all, you were there to break my fall.

I can't believe that time flies so fast. It has been 2 years now and nearing the 3rd year mark. Wow! I am just out of words for this day.

I just want to share this happy day for me. Here are some pictures of us for the past 2 years.

When we just want to sleep during our breaks.

During our company Christmas party. (December, 2007)

After 2 months of being together, we decided to have our first out of town. Vistamar in Anilao, Batangas. (May, 2007)

Though we feel tired and still sleepy, we still manage to have a smile as we are having fun being together.

We can get goofy sometimes too. (Greenbelt park)

We will even enjoy staying up late at night going anywhere our feet will lead us to.

We love food so much! (McDo at Robinson's Pioneer June, 2008)

Everywhere we go, we always have a good time, and a photo to cherish.

Some people think that we're siblings because they think we almost have the same physical features.

Even when I am sick, she made sure that she'll always be there for me.

Thank you so much Ayann for the wonderful and blissful 2 years and 7 months. I love you so much!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

From the vault #2

Listening to: Up Dharma Down - Taya (2008 Bipolar)

Right now, I feel: Hyper

Got nothing to post for now since I am busy planning this small business I had in my mind. My folks and sister Cheng are helping out for this. So sorry Vayie if I have no updates. I will get back to your blog soon. Promise!

I removed my Twitter gadget since it has some code problems.

I just want to share something I found in pictures.

Here are some pics of when I had a long hair. All photos are taken during the year of 2007.

Taken when my mom was here.

My birthday party.

With my friends during my birthday.

My self portrait shot. I wasn't sleepy at that time and decided to take some shots of myself using the lampshade as the only light source available.

At the reception of Trie's baptism. My friend's son.

I am really missing my long hair. I will try to grow my hair to a very long one.

Now, Let me go back to my draft board and continue with my business study.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Royal Rumble #3

Listening to: U2 - Stay (Faraway, So Close!) (1993 Zooropa)

Right now, I feel: Pissed!

I am now here at Starbucks in One E-com center besides MOA. I'm waiting for my Ayann to be done with her OT work. I know, I know. It's a Sunday. Right now I feel kinda sleepy as well (the reason I am had my 2nd coffee now.) and I will drive all the way to QC.

Sunday was a good day for me somehow. Thanks for people who visited my blog. You made my whole week and weekend great! You know who you are, so kudos to you! Though it seems like my night will be spoiled.

My first ranting goes to the pesky drivers on the road. They don't know the basics of driving! They just eat the other lane which will make you real mad and start a road war! Plus they don't signal either to the left or right when they change lane. They're so aggressive that they don't do the basic courtesy driving. They just eat up the space which is supposed to be your lane so that they can bypass the heavy traffic and congestion on the road. It seems like they are saying to you like the album title of Cranberries. "Everybody else is doing, so why can't we?" Plus the fact that I was apprehended for the Yellow lane violation in EDSA going to Ayala Ave. last Sunday when I was a few hundred meters away of going to Ayala Ave. You corrupt bastard! I'd rather get a ticket and pay 500 pesos than bribing that officer for
100-200 pesos for him to get his meal and who's boss is an MMDA faggot than paying him Which I have to pay tomorrow in any Metrobank branch. I just hate the drivers. The roads are a different story. My vehicle is not like Michael Jackson that likes to do a moonwalk!

Now let's talk about the wireless craze from Smart with their Smart Bro. I went to Shangri-La a couple of weeks back since the money changer there gives a higher rate for dollar to peso exchange compared to other establishments. After that, I checked Smart to inquire their Smart Bro prepaid which is on a promo for 995 pesos. I was asked if what OS I had which I replied as Vista. She then asked what bit and I said 64, then she dropped the bomb by telling to me that their device won't be compatible with 64 bit. I was a bit sad. I tried to check Sun Cell first for the wireless broadband that they're offering. I didn't like it because not the whole metro is covered by their wireless signal. I went to Globe since I was told that their wireless connection is dependent on the network's signal. Knowing that I am a Globe user and that signal is good to excellent to the most areas I go, I bought one. Plus the fact that it is prepaid and the convenience of loading it. I tried it right away and this is what I found out that sucks about it:

- It always disconnects you. Anytime from 2 minutes to an hour of having an internet connection. It is worst than the dial up bottleneck that I used to experience before.
- It is slow because it always changes the network type it will use. HSDPA, 3G, EDGE to the slow ass GPRS! Hey guys! Stick to one signal. You promote that you use multiple networks to connect to the internet is not good. It makes the connection slower and worst, I always get disconnected!
- You get to charge 5 pesos for every 15 minutes of duration that you are connected. Even if you are connected only for a minute, that is already 5 pesos off your credit. Even if you are 15 minutes and a second connected that counts as 10 pesos already! And since it is slow and always gets a no signal plus the fact that I purchased it for 1,995 pesos. It is not worth it.

I always wish there will be a better alternative to this wireless broadband craze. It is really a nice way to get connected while on the road. And I just found out that Smart Bro can be used in a 64 bit Vista OS. Damn you Smart personnel! Do you're homework and know your products right!

Still about wireless, another thing I hate is Starbucks WiFi. Unlike in the US where coffee shops and even communities offer free WiFi access like Starbucks and McDonald's, here they don't. You need to purchase a prepaid wireless card to get connected. It is either airborne access or Globe Wiz. Which I found it odd. Why does most food places like McDonald's and the likes offer wireless connection for free. You just have to ask for the password. Why does SM offer a blazing fast wireless connection, while these establishments are selling WiFi prepaid cards for 200 pesos for 3 hours (airborne access) and 100 pesos per hour (Globe Wiz)! This is just fucking outrageous! You are just milking money to everyone. The only consolation you get is that it is really fast. Besides that, it all just another hole left in your wallet.

It is really better to get a wireless connection from the telecoms company such as Smart or Globe. But with such big flaws that seems to be overlooked or maybe worst, being ignored. It is really hard to find such a good service from any company here in the country. I just really hate how money goes around in this place.

I am now going nationalistic and starting to get pissed with the greed that can be blamed to our politicians here. I need to end this before I go berserk and let all hell go loose.

To everyone I hate tonight. Fuck you very much! May you go to sleep and be on an eternal slumber. I mean go and die!

Addendum: I added and share something at 12:50 am since I am pissed, besides the topics I posted but with the fact that I need to wait for my girl to come out at 2 am! I hate it when people take advantage of your situation where you don't really have a choice. Yeah, work is work but on a Sunday going to Monday?!?

On to the addendum. It is about an experience I had with some women that really irritates me. I remember when mom was here and we're at Pizza Hut in Trinoma. Having an early dinner, a lady passed by. Yeah she is the oh-so-beauty-and-jaw-dropping-hot type. But what really got my attention is her get up. She is wearing a short top that you can see her curvy waist and navel (hotness alert! here), the shirt compliments her white and flawless skin. She was wearing this very short shorts that I can almost be a total pervert and peek through her legs up to her thigh. I gotta admit she got my attention. Who man wouldn't (maybe the gays) look at a lady like that? But what really got my attention is that I can see her thong!

That's right, don't rub your monitor or your eyes. What you've just read is true. In full detail, it is a thong with a very thin string around it with the cover at the back having a white and green stripe design. How would I not remember it. I was able to see it from the moment she passed by our table and so does everyone else. Come on lady! You're a true blooded head turner! Why would you wear something like that in a mall. It is a very cold place, or maybe not since a lot of people stay in the mall and lurks almost everywhere making the air conditioning system seems to be useless. But still, it is a mall for crying out loud. You do have the proper dress code for such places right? Why not just wear something like that with an addition of a small card saying "I dress like a slut. I want to be a real one. Free fuck right here, right now." And then, go around to public places like a mall. Don't expect to be respected when you dress worst than a prostitute. For sure, you have the body to show and to flaunt but please, never exaggerate your awesomeness!

And I had another one message to everyone. Please don't go to church wearing something provocative in a way. Especially if you're just coming into puberty. I saw this teenybopper girl who is holding something that needs to be signed by the priest. A mass card it seems, I tried to look at her since she has this innocent face that can really get everyone's attention. Hey I am a man! So get used to it. We get easily distracted when we see something nice for our eyes to see.

Anyways, I looked at this girl and noticed her Japanese schoolgirl get up. Plus with a socks a la Avril Lavigne of black and white strips. I was about to go when I had a second look and realized that her skirt is not just a Jappo schoolgirl type but it was way way short. A little more bend and for sure I can see her underwear. It ruined my Sunday. You're in a church little one! Why wear something like that? I didn't care if people around me had the same look and reaction as mine. But it really ruined my solemn day.

And for those. These 2 ladies are officially tagged as the bitch and the slut. God I hate these type of women. Don't expect me to be a gentleman in front of you. If you're like the ladies I mentioned here, you better pray we won't cross each other because I will definitely give you the look and reaction you wouldn't like!

I am a gym class hero! #2

Listening to: Fall Out Boy - Sugar, We're Going Down (2005 From Under the Cork Tree)

Right now, I feel: Sleepy

Before I share you my gym adventures, let me rant and share this to you first. I drove my brother to the barber shop. I suck in parking the car. We went home and parked it and I still suck. Big time! I really suck in parking a car! I just hate it. I can drive but I can't park. Geez!

Now back to our regular programing.

Welcome to the 2nd issue of I am a gym class hero. My first issue is about the first 2 session. Now It has been a week since I haven't updated anything about it, so here we go.

Last Saturday was my 3rd gym day. I lasted for almost 3 hours. Starting at around 4 pm and ended 7:30 pm (that is with rest and breaks included). I was able to do some abdominal crunches longer that usual. I did a 20 minute fast walk again on the treadmill, another 20 at the stationary bicycle. Then took a rest and did a 5 sets of with 10 pounds on my back at the abdominal machine. I had 50 repetitions for that workout alone. I was really in the mood to loose weight right away. I did the inclined crunch for 3 sets with 30 repetitions only. I can't last further on that work out since it really gives pain in my legs and at my back. Though I feel my big stomach stretching, I don't want to get cramps all over it. I did another bike workout again for 10 minutes and then did a 3 sets of the ab machine with 50 reps still.

Monday and Tuesday was all good. Though I didn't go with the 8 sets on the ab machine, I was still able to do some great workout. I added a new workout with the runner. Though I don't really know what it is called. I still call it a runner. You just like floating in air and running, with arm bars that can make your arms sway too. Oh wait I found it now in Sears's website! Thanks a lot Sears! It is called the Elliptical machine! I love that workout. It really gives my heart a good beating and some workout too as I perspire a lot. Last Saturday I weighed it at 266 pounds and last Tuesday I weighed in at 257 pounds! That is a 9 pounds decrease for just 4 days of gym and diet!

I did the normal routine last Wednesday and Thursday but my instructor told me to focus on the cardio workout which means I should prolong the duration I am on each machine. I still did the 20 minutes for the elliptical machine and the treadmill with 1-2 minutes of running included but I did 25 minutes on the bicycle. I did each workout twice. My instructor told me to start with the incline crunches which gave me a hard time since my stomach was really hurting from the stretch it is getting.

I didn't went to the gym last Friday as I deserve a break. I snoozed all day and played my PSP the whole day. Saturday came and I decided to break the barrier of my limits. I want to go for 4 hours. It is hard to do but I was able to do 4 hours with rest and breaks included. From 5 pm to 9pm Here's what I did. This time to avoid the cramps and too much stretch on my stomach, my instructor told me to stretch my abs first and lesser the weight on my abdominal machine workout

- 20 minutes on the elliptical
- 20 minutes on the treadmill
- 4 sets of abs machine with 50 reps each. (2 sets with 10 pounds and 2 sets with 7 pounds)
- 2 sets of inclined crunches with 20 reps each
- 10 minutes on the stationary bicycle
- 10 minutes of elliptical
- 10 minutes of treadmill
- 2 sets of abs machine (still with 50 reps of 7 pounds weight)
- 2 set of inclined crunches (with 10 reps this time since my abs is really strained too much that I am feeling cramps already)
- 2 sets of abs machine
- 10 minutes on the elliptical
- 20 minutes on the tread mill (with 2 minutes run at speed rate of 5.5)
- 2 sets of abs machine
- 2 sets of inclined crunches
- 7 minutes on the bicycle
- 10 minutes on the elliptical
- 20 minutes on the treadmill (did a 1 minute run at speed rate of 5.5 twice)
- 2 sets of abs machine

And that covers my workout last night. It really made me exhausted and left a splitting headache that even advil won't subdue. But I was able to hold on to the pain since I was at home at that time. My instructor liked my focus saying that we will use all the weight machines by Monday. He was impressed with my improvement on my stamina as I wouldn't last 2 minutes on the elliptical before and I find it hard surviving the treadmill without any pain and cramps in my legs.

I now weighed in at 255 pounds. Let's see what will happen by Monday!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Music is my food for the soul #1

Listening to: Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy Hey Girl (1998 Surrender)

Right now, I feel: Hyper!

I am hours away of going to the gym. Before I make up for the lost time since I wasn't able to go yesterday (thanks to the rain that made me lazy), I was reading Russ's post about her gym activity and the new songs that she is listening. It was great to see people liking music.

For me it is my food for the soul. It can make me romantic, optimistic, angry and nostalgic. I will not go deep into how I loved music and how my taste evolved.

What I will share now is the music I am listening when I am at the gym. Something as I have said, Russ inspired me to blog about. Well here are my playlist.

Nine Inch Nails:
1. Closer
2. Reptile
3. Echoplex
4. The Hands That Feeds
5. The Day The World Went Away

Chemical Brothers:
1. Hey Boy Hey Girl
2. Let Forever Be
3. Setting Sun

Massive Attack:
1. Protection
2. Angel
3. Teardrop

Daft Punk:
1. Da Funk
2. One More Time
3. Technologic
4. Around The World

Foo Fighters:
1. My Hero
2. A320
3. Monkey Wrench

Limp Bizkit:
1. The Truth
2. Break Stuff
3. Nookie
4. Counterfiet

1. Numb
2. The Rip
3. We Carry On

Up Dharma Down
1. Taya
2. Blessed
3. Every First Second
4. Malikmata
5. Maybe
6. Kaibigan (APO cover)

These songs are a great one to pump me up. Makes me feel aggressive when I am on a treadmill, stationary bicycle or on a runner. Some songs tend to relax me if I want to cool down and slow things up. My favorites are Echoplex, Closer and Reptile for my treadmill and ab workout. Hey Boy Hey Girl, Let Forever Be, My Hero, Monkey Wrench, The Truth and Break Stuff are my go to songs when I do my crunches. All songs can pump or mellow me down.

How about you? What music do you listen to when you're doing something (i.e gym, going to work or school) What is your food for the soul?

Welcome to another issue of my blog.

This is Music is my food for the soul #1


Listening to: Lady Gaga - Poker Face (2008 The Fame)

Right now, I feel: Sad

Tanong lang. Bakit ang emotero ko ngayon?

From the vault

Listening to: Up Dharma Down - Sana (2008 Bipolar)

Right now, I feel: Sad

I got nothing to blog really in particular, though I have tons of ideas to share. I was just checking some pics after getting tired of playing Dissidia Final Fantasy game in PSP and after playing the Mafia Wars and Yakuza Lords in Facebook.

I got curious and asked myself, amidst all the emotions I am feeling right now and things that's running through my head, why won't I hold the shutter again? It has been 3 years of taking pictures on a twice a month basis. I remember having 7,000 plus of photos saved in my old hard drive that died.

Well, I was able to dug out some pics I took for this year.

I took this at the back of SM MOA last February 3.

I also took this last February 3 (Which is my birthday) which I edited afterwards in my sister's laptop using the basic Photo Gallery tools since the original picture was too dark.

I was trying to take a silhouette shot since before the sun will be calling it a day. This is the only best shot I can have. But I tried to edit it and....

One is like a sunset setting and...

the other one looking like a sunrise setting

I took this when we had our team building in Laguna. One of my few portraiture shots.

A different angel this time.

This are just the few photos I took this year. It has been a whiles since I held a camera for so long. Like a whole day long and won't stop taking pictures. Maybe I need to go out and practice.

Kinakalawang na siguro ang utak ko.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Feeling optimistic

Listening to: Moloko - Sing It Back (Tee's Radio Mix) (1999 Sing It Back)

Right now, I feel: Optimistic

Just got home. Didn't went to school since it is raining hard. Talked to my mom and aunt about a plan of having a small business. While my mom was here, my aunt suggested for us to sell some cookies or brownies in her canteen. My mom also had the idea of buying in some goods from the US (clothes, perfumes and shoes) which are in sale and sell it here. It was just small plans that is now becoming to be real. At first I was interested in doing it. I even told my girl about it when I picked her up last Monday to spend the day with me at home. I became interested and inspired by my friend Marvin.

As I have said in my last post, Marvin is planning to do a sideline and offer some chocolates in his office and I decided to help him. I told him about my plans as well. I texted my mom this afternoon and told me that we will talk tonight about my plans. My sister and aunt suggested to go for the cookies and brownies instead of the tiramisu/ref cake that I am planning.

I am really interested in helping my friend sell his chocolates and I am really planning on selling cookies and stuff my mom can get on sale in the states. But what I am really thinking now is for my pictures to be sold in a frame. I got a sample like this.

Since I love taking pictures and I am really into photography, I might as well use it as a source of income since I am not working anymore. Its a good thing that my family are giving suggestions as a sign that they support my effort of making all the plans to happen.

I hope any of this plans will materialize soon. Right before the holidays.

Before I head back to the gym, I heard Japeth Aguilar backed out of Burger King and decided to join the Smart-Gilas basketball program. Just as I have predicted, he is really not the answer for reclaiming the basketball glory one we have before and if it is really the playing time he is complaining, he has it with Burger King. He is not that fully develop to expect to get a huge playing time.

Another rumor running around is that the Band Tears for Fears will be coming to Manila. I have posted it on my twitter and Facebook about it. Thanks to Paul Yap's post in his twitter with a link from a reliable source. You can check it here.

That is all folks! Let me know if you have suggestions about my small business plans. Bili din kayo ha! =)

I feel so low

Listening to: Gnarls Barkley - Charity Case (2008 The Odd Couple)

Right now, I feel: Happy and Sad

Good morning peeps! I will go back to the school that hates me and will try to do something else besides going to the gym.

I don't really know what should I feel now. It is somehow a mixed of sadness and happiness. Its like I am on a multitasking state emotionally speaking. Let's break it down into the happy part and the sad part.

The happy part:
- The NU 107 Rock awards will be next month. I already voted for my favorite band in every category they are in. Vote Up Dharma Down now!
- Tears for Fears will be here?!? Can somebody give me a buzz if this is really true.
- Last weekend, I weighed at 266 lbs. Yesterday I weighed in at 257 lbs. That is 9 lbs. in 4 sessions of going to the gym with a day of rest in between plus the long weekend. It seems like going to the gym will be an everyday adventure for me now.
- I was able to run a full 20 minutes in the runner (I don't really know what that machine is called), it is this machine where you it seems like you are running afloat.
- I am optimistic that I can be accepted back to the school that seems like doesn't want to accept me. Thanks to my school counselor Ms. Yoto.
- I was able to enjoy the internet using the Globe Tattoo, though I have some hates about it.
- I was able to get some good sleep.
- I was able to talk to my friend Marvin as he is planning to do some home made chocolates molded in different shapes and sizes with flavors as well. Told him that I will be able to help him by reselling it to my aunt's canteen and to my girl's colleague at her work.
- Since Marvin is planning to do some business for the incoming holidays, I am planning to do some ref cake or tiramisu and sell it. I am planning the made to order style. I also plan to sell some goods that my mom can get from the states. Shoes, perfumes and clothes that my mom can get for sale in the US and will re-sell it here. I feel upbeat and optimistic with this.

The sad part:
- I still haven't finish the World without A Superman comic book. I can't absorb the middle part where Superman's body was kidnapped and when Jon (foster father of Clark) was trying to save him in the afterlife. Too much distraction in my head now. I just hope they will get the hell out of my head.
- The school that seems to hate me, gave me a run around. My counselor gave me a go signal to come back but the registrar wants me to see the dean to seek for approval for me to extend my stay and finish my course. This over staying issue is the very same reason why I filed for a discontinue of study in the first place. I was just taking my chances again this time. It seems like fate is playing with me.
- My so called wireless broadband is not broadband at all. I can browse but I can't download stuff I need. This HSDPA, 3G type of connection is really slow and worst, it is weather dependent as well.
- I still need to talk to my mom about the financial matters in the house. And I am running short of money too.
- I did spend a lot of money making documents and having it notarized for me to get back to school. It will be really such a fruitless effort if nothing will happen
- I am beginning to have recurring headaches. I took advil twice last night.

Today will definitely be a long day for me. I just feel so heavy inside me with all this negativity inside me.

I'd rather go to the gym and let everything be out in there.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Bucket list

Listening to: Portishead - The Rip (2008 Third)

Right now, I feel: Sleepy

Before I go to sleep, I check a blog of my friend Badette. I was inspired to this.

Here is my wish list.

1. Have my own DSLR with all the possible kit lens I can have.
2. A black Mazda 3 or a pink Honda Jazz.
3. The Sandman graphic novels.
4. My own photo studio.
5. A big far place in Batangas or Tagaytay with trees, flower, garden and all poultry animals you can imagine. (Another business I want to have maybe)
6. Have a weight of 170-180 pounds.
7. Have my own house.
8. Go to Cebu, Phuket and Paris.
9. Have 100 CDs by the end of 2009.

That will be all for now. Wait for the part 2!

The last hurrah!

Listening to: Up Dharma Down - Every First Second (2008 Bipolar)

Right now, I feel: Sad

It has been 3 weeks since mom was here. Now she will be going back to the US later at noon. She needs to check in at 9 am and we planned to leave our house at 7 am. Last Thursday after my mom planned for us to bond. Just us siblings with our cousin and her godson Jason. My mom really wanted to sing so we went to Music 21 in Timog. I tried to drive that night as I want to try it. It was my first time driving during night time and it was hard! It was really dark and it is hard to see a thing. It is harder when your vehicle has a tint! Good thing we all came to Music 21 in one piece. I just suck at parking so I really need to practice on that. We had fun that night. I just had some beers and a little to eat. I think I deserve this one too as I am really being serious at this gym and diet thing. How serious? I refused my aunt's offer last night to eat a pork barbecue knowing that it is my favorite, I still refused. I was even kidding with my family on our way home when I saw McDo and shouted "Oh tukso! Layuan mo ako!"

Last night we went to Manila Peninsula and had dinner with my aunt and her friends. I just had a burger and a spoon of ice cream. I did enjoy the WiFi for a few hours but it was really the moment with my mom that matters most. Having dinner with her and laughing out. I went to my aunt while waiting for the valet and told her "Tita, pwede na sa aking birthday or Christmas gift sa akin yun oh." I was actually pointing to a Mercedes Benz car. My aunt and mom laughed and my aunt joked that she will die of a heart attack.

I will miss my mom again. Hopefully she can be here next year, this time for Christmas. I miss her aggressive but defensive driving. Her very prank and loud voice.

I love you mom!

Friday, September 04, 2009

I am a gym class hero! #1

Listening to: Massive Attack - Protction (1994 Protection)

Right now, I feel: Tired

Yep it is official. I enrolled in a gym a couple of blocks away from my place. I started 3 days ago just missing one session yesterday since my legs are having this bad cramps.

My first day was the evaluation day for me. I went to the gym as soon as I have set my brother's Ipod shuffle and went to Bulacan to renew my driver's license. My instructor tried to see what workout I can do. I tried first the treadmill. I tried to walk first then speed it up. The walk began to be faster as I tried to do a sprint at 5 speed. I was able to last a minute and a half of running before I gave up and reduced the speed of the treadmill. Not because I was exhausted but due to the cramps I am feeling near my ankles. Then I pushed myself again and tried to do another run but I still lasted a minute and a half. I told him what I felt and he told me that it is because of my weight being distributed to my legs. He told me to take a rest then did some crunches, did a 3 sets with 30 repititions of crunches, my instruction set the ab crunch machine at the 8lbs. weight. I did the bicycle for 17 minutes and I wasn't able to last the whole 17 minutes as I feel cramps coming in to my upper legs and hamstring anytime soon. My instructor called it a night for me. I told him my weight history.

I remember my mom telling me that I was really big since birth. "Malaking bulas" as what other people will tell me. Good thing I was tall since I was a kid that it wasn't that obvious how overweight or obese I am. I remember how my mom will tell me how surprised she was when I was born with a weight of 8 pounds.

Back to the gym adventure, it was really a great feeling for me to be doing this. It is exhausting and my body seems like it want to scream from the pain that it is having. Cramped all over my legs. But it was the first time I did perspire a lot. I never perspired a lot like this for years. The last time I felt it was when I played basketball with my relatives a year ago and playing badminton with some friends 3 years back. I went home having dinner in so small increments. Small based on my own standards. Like I said before, I can eat a whole chicken in just one sitting. This time I only had 4 spoons worth of rice and a cup of beef. I still smoke a couple of cigarettes but I am really planning on cutting the food and the cigar thing. I just don't want top cut it drastically. I know that I will be really craving for those so I'd rather cut it slowly so my body can get used to it.

2nd day at the gym resumed after getting my driver's license and driving the car for the first time after 7 years from NLEX to our place. I felt cramps on the way home since my legs wasn't used to driving that long and for 7 years too.

I still did some stretching longer that usual, so I can avoid having cramps right away. I did the bicycle first and it was better than before. I was able to last 20 minutes straight without any stops. I did felt some cramps between my calf and ankle but it was gone when I was on my 10th minute doing the bike. My instructor told me to do some cardio and a little of ab crunches to loose weight and also to improve my stamina. He told me that I can do the work out everyday. 3 days of work out and 3 days of just doing the treads or the bicycle. I planned to do the work out every MWF and the cardio work out every TTHS. I hope I can loose weight faster with this.

I will now put a blog entry about my gym adventure. Now I have a new issue to show you guys. Besides the Halo-Halo espeyal and the Royal Rumble, I now welcome to the I am a gym class hero!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Halo-Halo espesyal #11

Listening to: Bloc Party - Like Eating Glass (2005 Silent Alarm)

Right now, I feel:Blank

Its been 12 days since I didn't post anything here. I kinda missed it in a way but I was just feel blank when I tried to publish it. Somehow I was pissed about it since this is really the drawback of having too many things to handle online. Plus the fact that I rely on my aunt's office to have my internet connection since PLDT is just so slow now in getting our lines back since they are on this "upgrading their system" bullshit.

Anyways let me fill you up with things that happened while I was away in the blogosphere.

August 22: My family and I was on the way to Bok's (my sister's boyfriend) house in Parañaque since his mom was celebrating her birthday. My mom decided to bring 2 cars since we won't fit in my sister's Honda City. So my mom drove the Honday City with my sister and her kid and our yaya (Nana) Ate Edel. My lil brother Kiko and I used Bok's car. As we pass EDSA just after the Santolan station MRT, while Bok and I are talking about something. Bok told me that someone is waving at us. And to our surprise, 2 gays are waving at us at the passenger seat of a Mitsubishi Adventure. The driver and the one on his passenger seat starts to laugh and smile and waves at us too as they point their gay passengers at their back. I didn't know what to do and just started to smile and laugh as I joked around with Bok.

We arrived at their house and had some good time eating and playing PSP with his siblings. We went home hoping no one will wave at us again.


August 23: My mom was forcing me to go on diet ever since she arrived here as she saw me gained weight compared to the time she saw me 2 years ago. "Pumayat ka na nga noon, nagpakataba ka na naman!" as she really said it out loud. So I decided to be on a diet and enroll to the gym. But everytime I ask her she would say "saka na" or wait until my niece's baptism so it will be the mark of my last day to be eating heavily.

If you will ask me how heavy I eat, imagine this. I can eat a KFC bucket or Andok's lechong manok all by myself.

We went to Tagaytay as my Tita Butch always go there to buy beef meat since according to her, it is fresh and cheap too. She also invited my mom to play in the casino. We all went and I saw Tagaytay for the first time in 10 years. We didn't roam around but I am planning to go back there one of this days. We ate at Leslie's and the food was super. I kinda didn't enjoy the night since my girl was not with me as we had this small fight that became bigger. Good thing it is over and everything is back to normal again. We saw Nina, Aiza Seguerra and other artist from the sessionistas. My aunt and mom asked Aiza to be in a picture with them which she gladly did. Then we went to PAGCOR for them to play. Since it is inappropriate for my sis and her kid to stay there and wait for them, so I decided to go somewhere and maybe enjoy a spot where we can hang out. We stroll around the area while Bok is at his usual humor. We decided to drop by at Starbucks and enjoy some coffee while I try their WiFi. I did enjoy the coffee like I always do but not the WiFi. I have to buy this 3rd party prepaid card where I can log in and be connected wireless right away. I have to shell out 200 pesos for 3 hours worth of wireless connection which I didn't like as I expect that it will be free as what the Starbucks offered in the US. As I got no choice and I am excited to toy with my laptop I bought one and enjoyed the WiFi as a consolation. My laptop now is my new best fried.

We went home and was surprised that we just saw an accident seconds after it happened. I don't want to describe what we saw but it was really scary and it freaks me out every time I remember it.


August 25: It was our monthsarry. We are now 2 and a half years. I didn't expect that someone or me in particular will be with me for that long. I just want to thank her for being with me.

It was a bad day since my sister lost her car. Due to some misunderstanding that became a big issue. The consolation at least is that my mom asked her sister (my Tita Butch) to sell her SUV which is a Nissan X-Trail. Far better than the one my sister has. My mom negotiated it with my aunt for a reselling price of half a million. A bargain for us pero mukhang lugi ang Tita ko ah! Pero di daw as my mom said since "kamag anak tayo!" I just laughed when my mom said that!


August 27: I was able to finish downloading the Nine Inch Nails albums and their singles as well. Now I will be able to know their past songs and how they evolved into one of the best rock acts for the past 20 years!

My mom got a call from one of my cousins from Baguio and somehow I felt some negativity about it. It was really a wrong timing or there is this some hidden agenda when she called. My mom decided to go on a road trip to Baguio and see our grandma. I was planning to watch Up Dharma Down in Magnet High Street and was about to get Pasta Groove's album. I just have to resched it again. It wasn't bad as I thought it was. I mean going to Baguio with my laptop was fun. I was able to check and post my tweets while having stop overs. We left Manila at around 8pm. Took a stop in Petron in Marilao, Bulacan to have dinner and gas ourselves with coffee. It was one week straight for my niece to be on the road as she goes to malls everyday. And she is just turned a month old! We left the place at 10pm. Entered SCTEX (The new Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway) around 11:30pm and arrived in Baguio at 3am. My mom was just back in her fast and the furious driving. I was able to buy some shawl for my girl and her colleague. We left Baguio at 3pm and had a dinner at Isdaan in Gerona, Tarlac at around 6pm. As you have observed I really put into detail the times we left and arrived. Baguio and Tarlac is usually a 3-4 hours drive. My mom took it in 3 hours and it was raining! Imagine how fast she was. We had a great dinner as it was one of my last nights that I will be pigging out. We took the SCTEX again and I remember on the way home that I wa excited to find out that there is a way going to Baler, Aurora which Ayann and I planned to go to. As we are about to enter SCTEX, my sister, my cousin Jason and I joked that we will time our mom as how fast she can reach the other end of the expressway. With an average speed of 120kph (2140kph will be her highest speed), we got a time of 20 minutes and 18 seconds covering the whole SCTEX route. That is how my mom was so fast. Walang binatbat si Vin Diesel sa kanya!

August 30: I was able to see my girl again after a week. I picked her up and went back to our place to prepare for my niece's baptism. She was one of the ninangs. It was also my last night to be having a sumo type of eating. I didn't some of the guest since I really don't want to see them anymore but my mom and my sister invited them out of respect and good thing my mom was able to clarify something with them that can at least shut their mouths. I was able to enjoy the day with the company of my girl and my family. I was able to have a power nap and we have some beer and the red wine we had from Belini's resto that they gave as a gift since we had my sister's baby shower there. My little brother Kiko likes red wine and I was surprise that he was drinking one. Maybe since I missed a lot of Christmas and New Years gathering. Plus the fact that I was living away with them for a year. Kiko consumed more red wine than us. The result, a kid who seems like having a sugar rush with 10 times being hyperactive. We were laughing every time we see him smile and running around.

September 1: Ber month is now here! 3 months to go and it is Christmas now! I told my girl that we should start making a list of what we want to have that is worth 500 pesos or below and we will have an exchange gift every end of the month till New Year's day. I went to they gym and enrolled myself for 3 months. Here comes the pain and the suffering. Goodbye hotdog!

That is all for now. Sorry guys if my drafts were not publish. Will try to be more active next time. For now bear with me as I have a couple more of drafts that I need to publish.

Till next time!