Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Taragis! Ang ATM ko!!!

Listening to: Blondie - Heart of Glass (2006 Greatest Hits: Sound & Vision)
Right now, I feel: Pissed

Warning nang po sa mga bata... Puta! Ang ATM ko!!!!! Sinubukan kong kunin ang aking ATM sa bangko kung saan dun ko makukuha ang aking sweldo kada ika 15 and katapusan ng buwan. Binigay ko ang aking school ID para maibigay sa akin ang ATM ko. Sa kasamaang palad wala pa pala ito sa kanila. Sinubukan kong tawagan ang aking opisina para sa aking sitwasyon ngunit walang sumasagot! Putang ina naman talaga o! Ano kaya ang problema? Binalik ko naman ang application form na nanggaling sa bangko pero wala pa rin. Ang tagal naman maayos yan. Kinakabahan ako pag ganito. Baka mamaya wala akong swelduhin. Baon na ko sa utang! Pwede ba! Ang ATM ko punyeta!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Mantika matulog!

Listening to: Kanye West - We Don't Care (2004 College Dropout)
Right now, I feel: Wide Awake!

Anak ng tokwa!!! Grabe parang kailan lang ako nakipag-inuman kay Luis. Hahahaha! Balik muna tayo sa mga nangyari. Umuwi ako ika lima ng hapon ang natulog, nagising ng ala onse ng gabi. Nag blog at dama pa din ang alkohol sa katawan. Natulog ulit pagkatapos bandang mga alas-dos ng madaling araw. Namulat ang aking mga mata sa liwanag ng araw. Mga bandang ika-walo ng umaga. Nag internet agad at nakaupo lang sa harap ng mahiwagan makina na nagpapatakbo ng ibat-ibang bagay para sa akin. Nag ayos ng aking MySpace account. Sinasabi ko sayo, mas maganda ang MySpace ngayon kumpara sa Friendster. Kahit papano kung gusto ko makahanap ng mga independent artist mula sa ibang bansa, makikita ko sila dito. At sila pa ang magpapadala ng request para maging friend ka nila sa MySpace nila. Astig diba? Balik sa kwento, gising ako buong umaga hanggang hapon. Naisipan kong umidlip ng ilang oras para maka kain ng hapunan. Naisip ko na lang na sa sobrang bilis ng panahon di ko napansin na wala pa rin akong nagagawa at ala singko na pala ng hapon. Ayun, umidlip at naalimpungatan ako dahil sa liwanag na sumisilaw na naman sa aking mga mata. Isa pala siyang ilaw na naka sindi sa labas ng aking bintana. Naisip ko na bakit ang aga naka bukas ang ilaw, dapat ay mga bandang alas diyes o alas onse pa ang bukas nito. Sa loob ng aking isipan, mga ika walo or ika siyam lang ng gabi nun. Yun pala alas tres na ng madaling araw! Anak ng pulis na apat ang asawa naman oh! Ang haba na ng natulog ko. Parang nagpahinga lang ako sa pagtulog noon. Malamang gising na naman ako hanggang umaga nito. Good luck sa akin mga kaibigan. Haaay! Makapag porn na nga lang muna. Paalam mga kaibigan!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Fuck it! It's Saturday!

Listening to: Ice Cube - Why We Thug (2006 Laugh Now, Cry Later)
Right now, I feel:Sleepy

I felt so wasted! I came home around 5 pm after having a 10 pm - 7 am training. My friend Luis was working in a call center in ABS-CBN compound and invited me to have a couple of drinks. I agreed to join and I arrived there meeting his friends and co-workers. It was a hot Saturday morning. We just started to cope with what we have missed with each other. It was good to see Luis, since the last time we saw each other was around April. He still misses his bestfriend Elad who passed away. I can't blame him. I feel sad for him too, as if I can feel his pain and emptiness. And besides, Elad was his bestfriend for a decade. It was really a big lost for him. I just try to cheer him up, saying it's just the alcohol making him sober. What was supposed to be a couple of beer ended to be 9 rounds of beer. It was like I'm kissing the UV rays and embracing the heat while enjoying the booze. I just liked it spending time with my friend and meeting you people, and hate it since I was like brought to oblivion. I arrived my apartment around 5pm and now I just feel sleepy, I still feel the aftertaste of beer. Hangover for you non-drinkers there. I need an aspirin now. I wanna sleep again. Maybe just for a couple of more hours.

5 hours of sleep+10pm-7am shift+9 rounds of beer till 4pm=WASTED!!!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Sister sister help me quick!

Listening to: Keb Mo - I'm A Hero (2006 Suitcase)
Right now, I feel: Starving

It's Friday once again. Yay! Weekend is here once again. I'll be on my way with my guardian Ate Edel and a family friend of ours Ate Encar to meet my sister Cheng at SM Megamall. We'll be having dinner tonight since Cheng is celebrating her 20th birthday today. Yep she's 20 now.

I remember before we will have this big gap. Well, not as it's like a big problem between the two of us. It's just that we have a lot of differences up to now. The only thing that differes now is at least we try to set aside those differences to work things out. I remember we would us to fight with small things. Getting pissed at her just for answering back at me in a very snobbish way. Yes, she is snobbish. Too snobbish it can kill you right away, it'll just shut the hell up of you. But time goes by, and she matures now into a lady. Someone who have a broader perspective as to what love really means. We find ways to help each other, though most of the time she is the one who will be helping me out. She will be there for me. Financial, emotional, or just kicking the hell out of our day. Bum around the mall, camwhoring, and just try to cope with what's happening with each other. We may not talk for a week or so due to time constraints. But give us a day to bond and you will just realize that it seems like we haven't seen each other for a year.

I find myself in awe as to how she has changed. She may still be snobbish, but still I love her deeply. I may not show it to her but, I know deep inside of her, I'm sending my message on how much I thank God for having her around. My confidant, my friend, my reality check, bum squad partner.

Cheng, happy birthday and wishing you all the best! Here's something for ya. I made it for her as a present and I put this one in her Friendster account. I took this pic at Pansol, Laguna where we spent a day to celebrate my aunt's birthday, tried to edit it through Adobe Photoshop CS2 by combining some filters like graphic pen, and color pencil.

Here you go folks. One of my work that I'm very proud to share. Love ya sis!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Blank all of a sudden

Listening to: Flyleaf - I'm So Sick (2005 Flyleaf)
Right now, I feel: Stupid

Just got home from work. For the first time during my training here at my new work, I just felt stupid. It seems like everything I learned during my 2 weeks of training was gone. I just felt blank all of a sudden. I started to be in a realm full of questions and confusion engulfs me like a flame. All the confidence I had before, that this work will be easier than what I had before, and even the idea that I'm getting the client specifics and how things works in the operations was all suddenly gone like I was robbed by The Flash. We went into braging in with some senior agents on the floor. With this one specific person I'm barging in, she was so agressive, so into multi-tasking that she was like a multi core processor in a mainframe where she almost does like a million task in a minute. Damn she was fast. Faster than you can say "Doh!" She was also asking me questions where, I felt blank all of a sudden. It seems like the whole place around began to be covered in darkness that I can't see a damn thing. I can't breathe during that time. I started to ask myself if I can handle the job, and if I can survive the calls. Oh God help me!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Weekend stupidity... Doh!

Listening to: The Wreckers - Lay Me Down (2006 Stand Still, Look Pretty)
Right now, I feel: Stupid and Drunk

I feel like I put myself into trouble again. Yes, and this time it seems like I committed the same mistake I've done 5 years ago. The same mistake that I vowed not to do again. But it seems like luck and karma is trying to mash up my life and mind that night. Last weekend, thanks to the effect of alcohol running through my viens and clouding up my thoughts. I had someone in a compromise where I said "yes we can be together, but we have to shut up about it." No, it's not what most people will think, that I'm either playing around or desperation is kicking in me. I'm happy with who I am now, and what I'm into. A relationship is definitely not an answer to some lonliness or coldness that I feel. But then this lady, all of a sudden appear from a thick mist, confronting me of how she feels about me and the hard part: she is so damn into it. All right, I may be some Mr. Airhead now in here, but yes I do feel flattered since somehow, someone sees me beneath this fats and a fucking big built. I tried to talk to her about it, finding my way out of this little problem that she put me into. But then, after 2 Mucho (1 liter) of Red Horse and 2 San Mig Lights, I got convinced for a while that I need a hug, I need someone who reciprocates my lonliness. That I need someone to cuddle and show affection with, and that girl was the one who responded to my call. Bad thing is that she was the first one who initiated it. I discreetly told her before I got into some alcohol induced lonliness that I'm ok, I don't need anyone right now. Since I got a lot of things I need to fix first and responsibilities to handle. She said she understands, and she dropped another line that somehow, made me feel guilty that it almost killed me. "I will wait for it no matter how long it'll take." Boom! I just felt guilty that time. I tried to comfort her, telling her it's ok since we can still be friends. I admit that there's nothing for me to find her attractive or somehow interesting. In one way or another I was annoyed by her immaturity, by her assumption filled reasonings. But the hugs start to tighten, the feelings just began to elavate me in a way Michael Jordan defies gravity. I did the forbidden kiss. A symbol that I reciprocate how she feels, it's just that I'm not ready yet. As soon as I arrived home and got my mind all cleared up the next day, I felt so stupid I wanna get my dad's gun and just blow my brain into smithereens. I just hate it, it seems like I can't get out of this situation right away. Without either being rude to her or hostile, or maybe just be silent about it and just let her take a hint that I'm not ready or I don't want to be part of this. I can't break her now, she seems so fragile that when broken, torment will definitely overwhelm her whole senses and can be futile to her sanity. I just don't know what to do so far. All I care now is to evade this. I know that I should talk to her about this. It is my mistake that I fully admit and I feel guilty about. At least, I feel sorry on my actions. Though I still blame some of them to the alcohol. Let me find the guts to fill up myself to find a way to tell her, "it's over...."

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Enemies of June

Listening to: Fort Minor - Where'd You Go (2005 The Rising Tide)
Right now, I feel: Nostalgic, Depressed.

I don't know where to start. As everyone had been through this kind of situation. Where one has to be nostalgic for a while to find answers as to why things are happening the way they are. The way we won't be able to understand and as to why things won't happen the way we want it to be. It is not destiny or fate that shapes us who we will be or where we want to be. But it is ourselves. Yes, us; We do the dirty works for ourselves as where we wanna be, who we wanna be and how we will be in the future. But as the saying goes, change is so fucking inevitable. There are certain situations where we can't hold of our own fate, our own destiny as to where it will lead us. I've been through this before. Luckily, I have escaped each and everyone of them. I guess it is just like a busted gramophone, where things just keep on repeating all by itself. I experienced things that gives me a splitting headache time and time again. But this time, I thought it will be the same things that I can go by. But I was wrong, so dead wrong that I thought of, as usual, giving up and just let myself be damned with how life can be so vomitting. Situations I went through before but somehow had been different in a way that it was harder than before. Just like the Super Mario brothers video game where you get to go to every enemies and different worlds over and over again but a lot more difficult as you move on. A lot of events took place, good and bad. The worst ones and the best. But so far, I seem to be lost. I was in the same place where I started. I might not be even making sense here right now. But the thoughts are passing by my mind faster than the speed of light. Almost beating Einstein's theory of relativity. Like I have to let these things out and somehow, at least find a way to shut my brain up. At least stop my nuerons from working. I'm currently experiencing hardships right now. Like I wanna stop EVERYTHING I do for a while and focus on things that need to be solved. I'm currently experiencing confusion, on as to how should I face my fears and how should I address them. I even have fears on how I will face my friends, my colleagues, or even how can I support my family at the times they need me most; When after all, I'm at my deepest shit. I hope I can let this one pass. Just be back to normal. I don't know how long I can go being like this. I just hope this will end and I can at least smile again. Hopefully.....

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Graveh!! Huwatta Week! Swoosh!

Listening to: Interpol - Obstacle 1 (2002 Turn On The Bright Lights)
Right now, I feel: Ecstatic!

Whew! What a week! It was all in all good and exciting. It's hard to go to work in the mornings. But it was really fun meeting new people and experiencing a new environment. It's like you walk to different realms and experience everything it can offer. Here are some stuff that happened and some realizations during my first week of training.

- I was late last Tuesday. 20 minutes late to be exact. Punishment, I got to dance infront of the whole class. Good thing I'm not the only one who was late.
- I remember when I was applying for work, I got to meet this girl who looks so cute. It so happened that she was also a co-trainee of mine and I got the chance to talk to her. She is definitely my crush now. Yeeha!
- I enjoyed walking from RCBC Plaza all the way to the MRT station at Ayala Avenue. I walked every night from Monday to Friday during my first week of training.
- I happened to pass by Greenbelt and saw this store named Montage with cool figurines of different comic characters. From Batman to the cast of LOTR. They got CDs too ranging from world music to hard to find jazz artist. They got vinyls too! I'm drooling for a John Coltrane's Blue Train vinyl! I got one in a CD.
- I danced twiced this week. One was because I was late. The other one was because our team lost in a game and as a punishment we have to dance. Am I jinxed? Or maybe I just suck at this kind of games?
- I was so sleepy during noon time till 3 pm. I was at first, I was just taking down notes then I was all sleepy and my head noding from time to time. A co-worker of mine noticed that from Tuesday till Friday. I'm such a sleepy head.
- I'm really insomiac. Even though I feel so tired and sleepy after 9 hours of work, I still manage to sleep around 1 am or worst, till 3am and get up at 6 or 7am in the morning. Good thing I was just late once.
- Lastly, I really have a huge crush on one of my co-workers. Name can't be mentioned. Strictly for confidential! Hahahaha!

To sum it all up, it was all good. I was really having a good time with everyone of them. I got to meet new people and get to know them more. And what's nice about it is that I have an additional set of friends. How I wish we can get to bond with them soon!

As a traditional thing for people who work. Going somewhere else before going home is so common. After the Friday work, I found myself walking around Ayala avenue again. I tend to look for a spot where I can just chill for a while, maybe have a couple of drinks just to let the stress of the week pass. I was planning to go to saGuijo Bar and check who's performing that night. But the fact that it is a Friday and people for sure all lined up on that said bar. I ended up going to my friends in Cubao. We have a round of brandy and a couple of Red Horse Mucho beer. We watched some MTV and a replay of NBA's game 2 between Detroit and Miami. Detroit was just stupid. Uber stupid at that time. I just hope they don't get eliminated by Miami. If that happens, I will definitely kill them! Hahahaha! We call it a night around 1 am. I went home straight and went straight to La la land dreaming of my crush. And that's how my weekend went so far!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Boom! Kaboom! Kaplaw! Kaching!

Listening to: Pearl Jam - Worl Wide Suicide (2006 Pearl Jam)
Right now, I feel: Sleepy but Excited

Tambling muna ako mga pare. Yahooo! Some recap (naks taglish to ah!). Buo na PC ko, nag apply ako for a call center job. Exhausting pero solb kasi tanggap na ko. Actually, ginagawa ko tong post na ko sa work. Lunch break ko kasi, so I grabbed the chance to do some blogging, since I was very busy the whole weekend. Malaki naman ang offer ng pinasukan ko. Mas malaki keysa sa dati kong call center job. Ok sa allright pre! And to make things to be the best, nanalo ang Detroit kanina. Wooohoooo! Buti naman nanalo sila. Pag natalo pa sila nun, naku! Baka batukan ko pa yung mga yun. Hahahaha! Anyways, puyat ako pero oks lang. Saya e. Hassle lang ang traffic sa MRT at Buendia. Masaya kasi kapapanood ko lang ng The Da Vinci Code kagabi. Shocking ang mga theories ni Dan Brown. Putek yan. Parang nawindang ang pananampalataya ko. What if totoo nga ang lahat ng yun? Tsk, isang malaking gulo ang mangyayari... As in MALAKI talaga. Di ko na pwedeng habaan to. Yoyosi muna ako sa baba. Time to see some potential friends and bebots! Hahay!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

In a hiatus for an indefinite time

Listening to: Queso - Furlan (2006 Queso)
Right now, I feel: Bad trip!

Let me rant what happened to me the past 5 days, let me speak in tagalog and please be warned. This post contains explicit words.

Nagkasakit ako. Ang sakit ng tiyan ko. Puta! Halos sampung beses ata ako tumatakbo sa banyo namin para mag-jam at ano? Daig ko pa ang babaing vain at naliligo bawat kalahating oras. Nyeta yan! So stick lang ako sa bahay, todo gatorade, todo diyeta. Isa pang um! yung pag-baba ng immune system ko. Naglinis ako ng kwarto ko nung biyernes. Alang ya labas lahat ng rashes sa katawan ko. Parang nagsisisigaw sila ng KALAYAAN! sa bawat braso ko at sa dibdib. Ang kati puta! Isa pang um! pero anong magagawa ko? Linis na lang. Nililinis ko noon ang keyboard ko nun. Biglang nung ibabalik ko na siya sa ps2 port ng computer ko. Biglang may naka bend na pin. Binalik ko sa dati, di gumana. So pang malas #3 ko na siya (magbilang ka para masaya). Tapos wala pa kong tulog simula ng ika-2 ng hapon ng huwebes. Pagod na pagod akong pumunta ng Ali-Mall para bumili ng keyboard. Para akong ninakawan sa presyo ng pesteng keyboard na yan! P410 (pesos) ang isa! Anak ng tinamaan ng duling oh. Ang mahal! Paguwi ko natulog na lang ako. Pag-gising ko ng umaga ng Sabado, ang hangin sa labas, malamig, nakapasarap ng tulog ko ng gabing yon! Sobra! Kaya pag-gising ko ay sinubukan kong gamiting ang computer ko para tingnan kung gumagana ba ang keyboard o depektibo ito. Pag kakantunin ka nga naman ng malas o! Nag-flactuate ang kuryente sa amin, 2 magkasunod na patay sindi ang nangyari sa computer ko. Ang resulta... Tunog ng tunog ang computer ko. Sinubukan ko nang alisin ang powe cables at IDE calbes ng mga hard drive ko at CD-RW ko. Pati ang RAM ko ay inalis ko na rin. Wala, tunog pa din ng tunog. Lekat yan! Pag talagang kakantutin ka ng malas talaga. So ngayon, kanina lang, nag-coach ako ng mga binata (di na sila bata. Mga isip bata oo) dito sa Cubao. Anak ng tokwa! Mga pasaway! Buti na lang di ako namatay sa konsumisyon sa kanila. Pano ba naman, pag sinabi mong magbigay ng screen sa kakampi nila, iba ang gagawin. And take note, nagrereklamo pa sila. Putang ina talaga! Buwiset! Wala ka na ngang computer, mag-eenroll ka pa, at ang malupit, wala ka pang pera. Naghahalo-halo na ang mga nararamdaman ko ngayon. Putek! Kailangan ko ng trabaho. Puta! Kailangan ko nang mapagawa ang computer ko. Haaaay! Malas talaga. Ano pa ba ang magagawa ko kundi kumapit lang at tingnan kung ano ang kayang gawan ng sulusyon ngayon at kung ano ang kailangan hingan ng tulong. Oh, well... Buhay nga naman parang life...

Ay oo nga pala, kailangan ko ring bumili ng black ink para sa printer ko. Boooset talaga!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Halo-Halo espesyal #3

Listening to: Moloko - The Flipside (1998 I'm Not The Doctor)
Right now, I feel: Happy!

Before I go on with my post, I wanna congratulate Ben Wallace for winning the Defensive Player of the year for the fourth time in 5 years, and also for a denfensive effort in order to win against the Cleveland Cavaliers. It was his fourth time to won the award in 5 years joining Dikembe Mutombo who have won the same in 4 different season. They both got the most awards won since 1982. Steve Nash helped the Phoenix Suns making it again in the playoffs thus winning the MVP award for the second year in a row.

Now going to my typical routine of posting anything here, I got this band who added me in my MySpace account. I left a comment on their site, which in return left one too. Asking me if they can be mentioned in one of my blogs. So here it is.

This is Temple Scence from London. They are somehow sound like Keane and a bit of Fleetwood Mac. Though they say their influences are ranging from Air, Portishead, Jeff Buckley to REM and Bob Marely, it surely doesn't show there since they have this distinct flavor of alternative pop. Yeah I said they sound like Keane and Fleetwood Mac, but that is just like 20% of it. They sound totally different. Mixing different effects in every songs they made and the texture of their sound differ from one section of a song to another. They have this certain melody that will make you sitback and just listen to them. Composed of Ric Levy on guitars (3rd on the pic) and Philippe Rose (obviously 2nd on the pic. The 1st one is some of their logos that they offer with other downloadbles at their official site.) on the vocal chores. They have this EP I pressume which is called Action At A Distance. I hope I could get a copy of those. I recommend for you guys to check them out at their MySpace site.

I got up around 4 pm, just bummed around the house, stared at my computer looking for potential companies where I can apply for a job. I need to ask my mom for my allowance so I can go around the metro and apply for a job. I don't need to further elaborate how I badly needed it. Most probably I will be applying again for a call center job. The best suited job for a nocturnal like me.

While I was watching TV at our living room, I noticed this old VCD player my sister Cheng, borrowed from our aunt. It was clone one, pirated will be a harsh word to put it. It got me an idea of giving them a copy of Ice Age I got in my PC. So I tried to burn the movie. I thought it will be easy, since it was my first time to make a VCD copy using Nero Express. My movie needs to be encoded first, then the copying process will take place. I thought it would be a snap and fast, it is fast indeed; If you have the patience. It took like 2 hours to encode the stuff. Since my movie is an .avi extension and at an average size of 700MB, it took that long to encode it, not copy it. When we tried to watch it, it didn't worked first. I told my sister "Ayaw sa kapwa piratang produkto yang player na yan" (That pirated player won't play another pirated CD.) After trying to play the damn disc for like a decade, it worked. Hurray for us! We tried to watch it and noticed a tolerable glitches along the way. It became an annoyance when it skipped and do loops from one frame to another in the middle part of the movie. I stopped it from watching, but our youngest sibling Kiko tried to finish it. I assumed that it happened due to copying the movie at 52x, the fastest speed I had in my CD writer. Maybe I should have done it at a lower speed so there can be a thorough error correcting scheme.

Have you guys watched ABS-CBN's new anime series "Yakitate!! Japan"? That one is cool! It was about this kid named Azuma Kazuma who got this solar hand thing (I dunno why they call it like that) and works for a branch of Pantasia bakery. He has this dream of making a Japanese bread. What's cool about him is that he got skills for a baker but not the knowlegde of one. People thinks he is a stupid one coz of his actions when baking, but his skills are totally awesome! You should watched it! Hahahaha!

I got finished downloading a torrent about Kitaro. I got curious as to who this artist is. From the name itself, the artist is a Japanese man, and I was right. He's a musician born in Toyohashi, Japan. He got this different styles of Neo-Classical and some ethinic sound. He is somehow an electronic (not electronica) musician from the way he uses a synth as his primary instrument. For more info about him you can visit this site.

That will be all for now. I find it funny how I got to have 3 post of different topics put in all together. Maybe I'll be having a habit of doing this. I should have called my blog "The Halo-Halo espesyal series" Instead of its current title. Hahahaha! More post to come! That's for sure!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Halo-Halo espesyal #2

Listening to: She Wants Revenge - These Things (2005 She Wants Revenge)
Right now, I feel: Insomiac

Heat waves are really gonna drive me nuts! I just wish I'm in the beach right now to compensate the blazing raze of the sun. But, unfortunately I'm not, and I'm just stucked in my fucking room. I was up since noontime. Unusual for me since I'm used at waking up around 2 or 5 pm (I stay up to 4 or 6 am, and sleep the whole day). Been doing some Bit Torrent downloads. I've been trying to find some old albums of Tool, Moloko, and Mae. Up to now, I'm still downloading Mae's two albums. It has been like 12 hours ago since I started downloading this torrent. People are selfish to seed this one.

While withstanding the uber heat of my room, I'm just stuck here infrom of my PC, just watching some movies and fixing my archives of photos. Since March of last year, I got around an estimate of 6,200 pictures. That includes photos I edited using my Photoshop CS2. That's a lot of pictures for me. Given the fact that I haven't taken that much photos since November last year. I better go back to get myself busy with taking photos, but then I need money for that. So like I said in my previous post, I need a job.

Speaking of jobs, I badly need it. Though, my studies are being taken care of my aunt and some of my basic needs (i.e allowance, clothes and other expenses) by my mom, I need a job to suit my vice or addictions. CDs, money for my photography stuff (i.e prints, frames, tripods), books, magazines, and band shirts. I just love collecting them. At least, I can somehow declare myself independent. I mean, in a way where all I really want to buy and have will not go through asking money from my mom. I just need a job. That's it.

I was talking to my friend Thessa the other day. The last time we saw eached other was around December last year, when I gave her my 2 The Used album CDs. We chated like for 4 hours. We just talked about how busy she is doing mountain climbing. I wish I could do the same. She had grown her hair below shoulder lenght and that looked her thin. She was thin already and that made her thinner. But she gained some weight, its just that long hair makes you look thin. I wonder why I don't look thin. I haven't cut my hair since August last year, its almost stucked in my napel and didn't grew since like around February. Oh well back to my friend. We have talk about doing a blog and make it as a source of income. The good part about it is that, she told me her ideas. Both of us will do the blog and post about anything from CD reviews to photo blogging. I find it cool, that I told her whenever she's ready I wanna be in.

I just miss my friends now! I remember last week when we started our drinking marathon. It started Saturday night and ended at 5 am in the morning of Sunday. Then another one that same day and it started around 11 pm. Then another one last Monday that lasted until 5 am again. I just missed how wrecked I am. Don't get me wrong, I know how to get at the door of my apartment, but sometimes, like most of us drinkers, especially when its a one-on-one drinking session (worse if its a brandy that you guys will be drinking), gets tipsy and shitty that you puke your guts out. That happened to me last Monday. We drank a bottle of brandy (Grand Matador to be exact, that's around 800ml.) and a litre of Red Horse, which I drank all by myself. Last man standing, first one to puke. Hahahahaha! Good thing it happend when I was already a few meters away from home.

I just find it funny for me to see myself get so wasted just for the taste of liquor. Well, it's Monday already, and it's been a week since I haven't had any drinks. One more week and I'll be all good again. Maybe just for a couple of bottles. A darn it! Drink all you can! Have a good start of the week fellas!

Baby Boy

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Halo-Halo espesyal #1

Listening to: Mesawest - Death Do Us Apart (2004 Mesawest)
Right now, I feel: sleepy....

Before I do my regular post, let me say this... PUTANG INA!!! Ang init!!! I just can't handle the heat wave here. Every year, summer in the Philippines gets worse. I remember when I arrived here from Los Angeles a year ago. Before we got off the plane, the LCD in my seat says a frigging 40 degrees in celsius! I bet it will be the same this year or maybe a couple of degrees higher. At times like this, I just wish I'm back at LA.

Oh well, global warming is for sure, now here to stay. So let me go on now with my post. Let's talk about the NBA playoffs. Finally it's the Phoenix Suns who survived the first round. I knew it will be them. It just so happened that the Lakers were on fire and starving for a playoff stint after missing it last year. Well, it is the playoffs; Everything and everyone has a clean slate, and another way to prove their worth in the league. Think about it. If the Lakers won the series, it will be an all out Los Angeles 2nd round playoffs. And, if that happens, I will bet on the Clippers to win that series and what? They will face either San Antonio or Dallas for the conference Finals? If that happens, they wouldn't survive. I gotta admit, the western conference has more stronger teams compared to the eastern conference teams, but not that strong enough to beat the top dogs of the said conference. About the Dallas and San Antonio match-up, this will be definitely a good series to watch. Two of the best defense in the west. I wonder whose defense will top the other, but I'm pretty sure the series will close at game 7. Now, let's go to the eastern conference. Good thing New Jersey won the series against Indiana at 6. I thought Indinia will win but then New Jersey really proved that no team shouldn't take them easily. They will really give you a hard time trying to survive a series. I wonder how far they can last against Miami in round 2. Chicago on the other hand, didn't also last in the first round, after being eliminated by the Heats at 6. But they gave Miami a scare for their shot at the finals stint or at least, for the 2nd round. Meanwhile, Detroit easily handled Milwaukee in 5 games. Showing how experienced they are when it is playoff time, and when the title is on the line. But I wonder how they will handle Cleveland which is a offensive team. We all knew (or if you didn't), since head coach Flip Saunders replaced Larry Brown, he changed the offensive set up and approach of the team, So they have at least a balance of offensive first 5 and at the same time a defensive players and a good reserve. I guess it will be Detroit in 5 or 6 games. To wrap it up, Cleveland just got a lucky shot from Damon Jones to end the first round series against the Washington Wizards at game 6. Where almost everyone, me in particular, expecting Washington to win the series since they lead Cleveland in the season series match-ups and in statistics. But then King James just show that he is the king of the court and that he can do and will do anything to put you in awe everytime he plays. This is so far a good playoffs series.

In the music world, it is the saddest moment for the Pinoy indie scene since Twisted Halo vocalist Vin Dancel, announce last week that this will be his last month with the band. He announced it through the band's mailing list with reasons not clear to the members of the said group. Though its been 7 years with an EP and a full lenght album with the said band, he told the band that he is departing and will surely miss the fans, his friends who he knew during performances. Myself included, will surely miss his vocal prowess and his showmanship on the stage. I just wish there will be a second album before he part ways with the group. On the lighter side, Queso (formely known as the heavy metal band Cheese) and Pearl Jam have released a self-title album just this month. I can't wait to have a copy of these said albums. Be sure to catch Queso at the 18th of May in Pricemart rooftop in The Fort at 5:30 pm for the album launch. Tool also released its much awaited album 10,000 days. Can't wait to have them in my collection, so does my long list of must have CDs. I really need to have a job now.

In the world of gaming and gadgets, the much awaited annual gaming convention - the E3 2006 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) - will be coming this 9th till 12th of May and will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. I just wish I'll be there, I didn't made it last year since I was on my way back here in the Philippines. I'm all excited for the release and preview of Nintendo's Wii (codenamed Revolution) and the Sony Play Station 3 which will be released around May of 17th and 16th respectively. And I'm really drooling for an O2 XDA IIs. I just also found out that O2 is supporting the F1 team BWM Sauber. Whoa, I just missed 2 years of F1 action and team BMW Williams and the Sauber Petronas team have merge to be BMW Sauber. I wonder how they stand up in this year's tourney. Check out the O2 - F1 BMW Sauber website here.

Well that's all, so far, for my Halo Halo espesyal series. More to come!

Sabi sa inyo Halo-Halo to e. Tikim na!

Puta! Ang init pa rin!

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

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I just have to post this album review about the new album of Queso. I just gotta tell you, this kid knows his shits. He is young, but then he knows how an album should be reviewed. The ever popular metal or as we all the "kupaw days" band Cheese has changed its name to Queso and after 4 years have a new album. This blogger I'm telling you, is really good. Check it a part of his album review.

album review: QUESO - Queso

Queso or Cheese peaked with Pilipinas, I thought. Then you sneak to tracks like "Billy boy" and "Insekta" and you realize first impressions are always a dud. Now your theories are but malfunctions: Pilipinas was just establishing its way to the Himalayas, and with the self-titled, third album Queso, they've reached the summit of Mount Everest. Hey, I might be wrong for another album, and another, and another, but I'm pretty sure that this one's at par excellent; probably greater than any heavy, local releases made in the last 7 years of Kupaw's entire rise and fall.

Come on, read this post and show him some love for his good research and a diverse view and taste in music

*this album review was made by blogger cursed--

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Some basic rules for me and the readers

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Here are some basic code of ethics, laws, articles of blogging or whatever you wanna call it. Or, just a plain, simple rules about how I will manage, write, express myself in this blog. Also on how I will interact with this blog and with the readers (if there will be any). I'm writting this so as to not to have any confusion to the readers, also as to for people not to judge on how lousy or maybe how lame I'am as a person. Well, here it goes...

First of all, as I had said in my first post, I will write and post whatever came to my mind. Whatever I find interesting or what exciting happened to me in a certain day, I will write it. From sports, gadgets to how I feel that day; I will write it. Afterall, I just love how "keyboard key happy" I'am, writing anything that comes to my head won't be a problem. Next, I will post in either a full english, tagalog, or a mix of it. Sometimes I find it funny when I try to blog in both languages. So I will write my post in either three ways. I don't care if someone from another country will read my stuff here (though I'll try to translate tagalog words as much as I can), but then, that will be a plus... Maybe. Another thing, just be ready on what I will post here. Sometimes people will find it weird, odd or maybe insane on how I try to live up to the hype. Well, what the fuck am I talking about. This is my blog. So blog all I can. To hell and damn to those people who'll judge me right away.

Now for the readers, all I want is simple. RESPECT. That's all that I want. You can comment to every post I have here. Share your views on how I got high for smoking weed or getting drunk the whole night. But not to the point where your comment will somehow sound like I'm such a blot in the society. I swear, there are more people worst than me on how they live their lives, but then again, just be, at least leave some respect on how I live mine. To each his own, as long as I'm not doing harm to you or to anyone close to you.

Enough of the cheesy, too much cliche, lines. I want everyone who got the chance to drop by here to leave a comment, write in my tag, and explore my blog and tell me what can you say about it. And, if you want, you can either add me to your links or spread the word on how insane this blog can get. Let's all make this cyberworld a better place to surf with. Let's keep on rockin' and have some fun.

So far, it seems like I don't make any sense on what the hell I'm talking about (but I hope you do get my point one way or another), so do what you want to do around my blog as long as you respect my efforts on building this and maintaining it. That's all and let's burn!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Again and again....

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Finally, after so many months, gruelling hours of making this blog and lots of thinking on what other add-ons should I add; Plus the fact that it took almost 5 months to work on this since I was thinking if I should make a new blog or just stop from blogging. Finally I got to make my first post on my... Wow! This will be now my 6th blog on my 4th blog hosting site. Whew. I got a lot of reasons as to why I stopped my last blog when I was doing ok with it, I just somehow stopped for a couple of months. I realized that I'm not blogging for myself but for someone else. I was blogging just for the sake of getting traffic in my site, or from people reading it. These reasons clouded my vision on how should I run my blog. On what should I write and who should I be in this part of the cyberworld. Right now I will do this for myself, not for anyone else.

Well, this blog will be about my everyday life, my thoughts while I bum around in my bed, while travelling. My thoughts about things I see everyday, on how I feel, and on how should I be. Definitely this will be no holds barred blogging, everything from my achievements (if ever I'll have one) to my struggles will be shown here. It's not that my previous blogs are fake or fabricated, but I stopped and transferred from different blog sites just to end some chapters on my life or just because I hate how people will react to it or how people won't give a shit about my posts. Now, this will be all about me not giving a damn if nobody reads this. If for them this will be their daily dose of useless craps they read everyday, I don't care. As the old cliche will go, "this is me, and will always be me". Though I will change somehow in how I view life and how I will live it.

This will also be about the lastest in sports and my views about them, latest news about gadgets, newest technologies, and other interesting post from other bloggers. I hope, that this will be the last time that I will be changing blog. Oh well, let's keep it rolling!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Ligawan sa Kanto

This is something I did November 12 of last year. Its about courting someone with a little sense of humor with it.

Ligawan Sa Kanto

Alas-onse ng gabi
Usapan nating tayo'y magtatagpo
Sa isang tindahan sa kanto
Kung saan tayo'y uupo

Titingin sa langit
Hinahanap ang pinaka maning-ning na bituin
Mangarap ng gising
Na ika'y akin

Hwak ang 'yong kamay
Ulo mo'y nakasandal sa aking balikat
Napapabuntong hininga
Dahil di ako masaya

Dun tayo sa kanto
Magligawan buong gabi
Kahit sa isang saglit
Ika'y mapasa akin
At isiping ako'y iniibig mo din

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


This one I made last November 11, 2005. I was doing this during my Rizal class and also on the way home while riding the MRT. Just want to try something different. Another social/political piece.


At ang katahimikan ang nangingibabaw
Sa katauhan mong uhaw sa katotohanan
Bawat kasinungalingan iyo na lang tinatangap

Kailan ka babangon?
Kailan mo bubuksan ang mata mo sa katotohanan?

Ika'y nakahandusay na parang walang buhay
Habang mga pangarap ng ibang tao
Ang bumubuo sa pagkatao mo
Na punung-puno ng kasa kasakiman at diskriminasyon

Isa kang ganid!
Isa kang trapo!

Ano ang silbi mo sa lipunan?
Kundi tapakan ang karapatan ng bawat isa
Sirain ang kanilang mga pagkatao
Pati ang mga kinabukasan at mga pangarap nila'y
Unti unti mong winawakasan

Kailan ka magbabago?
Kailan ka ba babangon sa kama ng korapsyon?
San patuntungo ang katulad mong manhid?
Kahit sigaw ng sambayanan ay di mo marinig

Sunday, January 15, 2006

2005's Top 10 Pinoy Rock Albums

Yup, you got it right. This is all about pinoy rock. Showing the top 10 albums that shook the pinoy rock scene (In my own view). But first let me elaborate the conditions where 1 album should be here in my top 10 list.

1. It should be released dunring 2005
2. At least a song or single from that album should be heard in radio stations.
3. I should have a copy of it.

Why should I have a copy of it? Coz if I'm gonna include an album that I don't have in my shelf, this top 10 would be biased. This might even show that I'm not listening to my CD collections or maybe hearing one single in a radio staion and I don't have a copy of that album will be a total bias. But then I will include some albums that should have make the top 10 and what to look for this year of 2006. So here we go!

10. Greyhoundz (Apoy) - Their self released album. This is the first time they made a DIY album and also the first album without Allen Cudal (RIP). Still the same band you heard before, with fierce and intense sounds. Got a good collaboration in the song Koro.

9. The Late Isabel (Doll's Head) - Fianlly, an album that everybody get thems in a high gear. Not because this band delivers sonic assualt on your ears. This is the first band to be in the Gothic rock genre (As far as I know) or the only one who released a full lenght album.

8. fuseboxx (fuseboxx) - One of the prominent bands that won the Red Horse Muziklaban. Their distinct sound of progressive rock, plus the use of the keys here are unique will definitely get your attenion.

7. Brownbeat (2 Week Panic!) - Before it was Put3Ska who was moving the ska scene in the country. After the band bisbanded, Skarlet continue to create ska with Brownbeat All-Stars. Now just called Brownbeat, though its only an EP (5 or more tracks) they still made a mark in the music scene that ska is here to stay.

6. Monsterbot (Rhomboids) - A very good indie album. Diego Mapa's playfull guitar effects and the synthetic and grove/funk effects of Carlo Navarro on the keys make this band worth to hear.

5. Pedicab (Tugish Takish and For Hire) - If you can consider a rock band with its not so rock sound, but a hybrid of disco and funk (which the band called as d'unk) atmosphere in every song. Then Pedicab is for you. Their online release album For Hire (from indieculture
) was a good one too. Though only 2 tracks, it shows what this band has to offer. A lot of fusion and experimental music. Good thing I got the For Hire album downloaded before the said site stopped distributing it.

4. Itchyworms (Noontime Show) - All about the life of peopl hooked on noon time shows. Every song just shows how to be a fan, stalker, studio contestant and how stupid these TV host can get and also their dancers.

3. Orange and Lemons (Strike Whilst The Iron Is Hot) - Whoever said that Pinoy Pop is dead is dead wrong. Yeah Pop or the OPM scene is saturated by revivals, winners from so-called reality singing contest and men turned gay pop stars. But this band really show the true meaning of Pop or OPM. Original Pinoy Music.

2. Kiko Machine (Kiko Machine) - A mix of funny and witty songs with ofcourse a rock attitude. This band really loves to be funny and be unique when it comes to their songwriting skills. Their wits really will make you laugh and admire them. From Pulp all the way to Gabi.

1. Dicta License (Paghilom) - This is the best album I got during 2005. Full of social awareness and political angst. Though the later one is not really visible in every word, but in every message it want to send to the youth or people. This time, the ubings really need to make a move for change. Very inspirational.

Albums that could have made it:
1. Drip (Far Side of The World) - One of Terno Recorings's best released album. A mix of house, chill-out, trip-hop and electronica makes this album great. Too bad it was released 2004.
2. Wolfmann (Diner) - Electronica at its finest (RIP Wilfred). Also realeased in 2004
Chillitees (Extra Rice) - Until now, their website said the album will be released next month. If this could have make it on time, this will definitely be a hit.
4. Johnny Alegre Affinity (Johnny Alegre Affinity) - Jazz. Pinoy Jazz at its best. I don't have a copy
5. Lampano Alley (Songs from the Alley) - Blues rock. Really cool. But released in 2003.
6. Gloc 9 (Ako si Gloc 9) - Lyrical Assault. Almost Twista rap style. Too bad I don't have a copy of this.

What to watch this year:
1. UpDharmadown - Will release their album this 28th at the Terno Au Go Go gig. (Crosses fingers)
2. Sino Sikat - A fusion of jazz, soul, funk and rock. People dub them as the Pinoy Soul of the music scene.
3. Juan Pablo Dream - No album yet. But they are definitely a very good 60's Soul musicians.
4. Sun Valley Crew - A hip-hop group turned band since the addition of Raimund Marasigan (Squid 9/Cambio/Pedicab/Sandwich) on the keys and Mong Alcaraz on guitars. I heard another one from a defunct band will be added. So let's see how this people will blend to bring good hip-hop beats

As you can see, 2005 was the greastes or maybe one of the best for most people for the pinoy music scene. Yeah all of the albums were rock. But if these musicians or artist will stop pigeonholing themselves in one genre and try to experiment what the fusion movement (Sino Sikat, UpDharmaDown, Daydream Cycle, Pedicab) is doing, the music scene here in the country will prosper. So let us just cross our fingers and see whats in store in 2006 for these artists.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Another on the spot

Another on the spot write up. I made this one for my Philippine Literature class last Wednesday as a seat work asked by our professor. Too bad the one I submitted to my professor was a short one, since I ran out of time. I did it first in my draft in my notebook and when I was done, I didn't have enough time to transfer them all. Well, here goes the seatwork.

January 11, 2005

To my dearest brother Joel,

It has been a decade since we parted ways. I just miss everything we do together. All the laughs and the petty fights we have up to the point that we were acting like deranged lunatics mobbing the whole house. Well, enough about the sentimental feelings. I am just writing to you to update you with what is going on about me, and to let out the sudden rage I am feeling over my Philippine literature class.

Well, its not that I hate it as much I do for the government. But it is just that I was surprised to have this seatwork right away on my first day of attending the class. Our professor asked us to do writing about our understanding and relevance of the said class in our lives. So pardon me, my dear brother for letting out this angst to you.

What is literature? I always ask that question to myself. From the time, I started to write poems in July of 2005 and making my first article last December of the same year. That question never leaves my head. It stayed on me like glue. I think about this as often as I exhale. Just now, I defined literature, in my own words, to be a work of art by someone in an abstract manner, showing emotions and even the logical concepts most people overlook. As you know, I try research more in what I do, for honing my skills and broaden my experience. Like photography, literature is an art. And it is truly relevant to me in some ways.

You may find it odd for a marketing management major student find literature to be relevant. Well in its simplest context, literature, the way I see it, develops one skill in writing. It makes me write down my thoughts rather than say it most of the time. You know that my course requires a lot writing for research and reports. So I find this subject to be helpful.

But what about Philippine literature? What significance will it give me? Will it change an aspect of my life? I just realized that it is significant to me. And this will help me to see more of my artistic side and to develop my skill in writing further. I need to learn more about this to know more about the style of writing of most Filipino writers. As long as its literature, I’ll read it and make that as one of my inspirations to write more. Just like Miyamoto Mushashi’s Book of the Five Rings and Bob Ong’s Ang Libro ni Judas, though I haven’t read the later book. I want to read and help me understand more about Philippine literature before and now. Sun Tzu’s Art of War is really a classic. I learned a lot from that book.

A lot of things have changed my brother. As I said, I practice my writing skills further. I even got interested in photography last March and some basic photo editing last October all in the same year. So imagine what I’m doing for the whole year and all of them sprung out like mushrooms in just one year. Now, I love them and it is a part of my life, like a daily routine to me. I even go to SM Megamall not to do some shopping or hit the arcades. I will go straight to the fourth floor to the art galleries there to see and observe some paintings, sculptures and photos. I’m so inspired with what I’m doing right now. The feeling is just overwhelming. I really love what I’m doing right now. This class will help me more in loving what I do. Right now, the angst fades away; I’m beginning to like this class now.

I’ll see you in the afterlife. I love you.

Joseph Brian E. Calimon

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Top 10 photos of 2005 (Taken by me)

Here are my top 10 photos of 2005. Since I started to like and love photography last March of 2005, I never stop in taking photos and harnessing my skills in the said field. You'll see more photos as soon as I'm finished compiling them in my photo albums. Watch out for it! I have choosen these pictures carefully. I will put a short description and I will show the dates and also where it was taken. I will also show what category each picture are (As far as I know). So here it goes:

10. Burn baby burn! One of the few pics I took when I was in Baguio. I just got inspired when I saw my ashtray filled up with cigarette butts and ashes. Taken at Starbucks Baguio. 8/27/2005. Category: Abstract and Macro.

9. The thin line between electrocution and flight. A photo of a bird resting (or whatever its doing there) in a electric wire cable. Taken at Los Angeles, California. 3/13/2005. Category: Nature

8. In search for pollen. One of the hardest photos I took. It took me 5 shots and 15 minutes to take the closest and very best shot I can get. Taken at St. Louis University, Baguio. 8/27/2005. Category: Macro and Nature.

7. The skin is old, but the smile is still ageless. My grandmom. I took this when I was in Baguio for a vacation. Taken at Baguio. 8/27/2005. Category: Portraiture.

6.Solitude unto the horizon. One of my favorite photos of the sunset and the beach. Taken at Santa Monica beach, California. 3/29/2005. Category: Nature

5. Coffee Indulgence. I took this photo when I met Thessa before I went to Bulacan for the holidays. Taken at Starbucks, Araneta Coliseum. 12/24/2005. Category: Portraiture.

4. Propaganda. I took this picture while I was writing some poems on the spot. Taken at Starbucks, Araneta Coliseum. 7/23/2005. Category: Abstract

3. Soul Session. Taken during the Admit One's 4th year anniversary and Wolfmann's birthday celebration (R.I.P Wilfred). One of the best gigs I ever attended, Taken at Racks El Pueblo, Ortigas. 11/19/2005. Category: Band photography.

2. Last Train Home. My mom. I took this picture when I was in Los Angeles. Taken at Metro Train Long Beach, California. 4/3/2005. Category: Portraiture and Abstract.

And the number one spot goes to..........

Yes, this pic was my favorite for the year 2005. I was practicing macro photography at that time. And the rain just stopped. I always look at this photo and it always make me relaxed. The After Rain Effect. Taken at Maranunong St. Quezon City. 7/31/2005. Category: Nature and Macro.