Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Halo-Halo espesyal #8

Listening to: The Ting Tings - That's Not My Name (2008 We Started Nothing)
Right now, I feel:Sad

I wasn't able to blog the whole weekend so let's break down what happened from Friday till today.

Friday: I was somehow not feeling good. Emotionally speaking, I am having a mix of sadness, fear and anger in me. Things are not going in my way and it seems like people around me are being affected with what I am going through. My girlfriend somehow doesn't like what I am doing. It was not a good day for me and it seems like it will be a sign of a series of bad days to come.

Saturday: Weekend was suppose to be the last weekend that my girl and I will spent together in my apartment. But something happened. Such sour times are pouring on me. We just don't understand each other now. Maybe it is my fault. Or maybe it is just my senseless pride. This is a perfect example on how I wish I stayed a kid.

I wasn't able to see my girl. Somehow I don't feel like seeing her since I don't want to go all out mad about what we are going through. I just thought we discussed everything already.

Marvin texted me, inviting me to play some basketball. I decided to go out with him just to forget the hassles and the negativity I am having. We played with his brother's colleagues in Pasig. I haven't played any ball for 3 months now and I gotta admit that I am not in my prime anymore to play like I used to be. Or maybe I just have to quit smoking.

I didn't went to my apartment in Makati since I didn't receive any text from my girl since Friday. So I decided to spend the weekend with my siblings in Quezon City where I will be moving in.

Sunday: I went back to Marvin's place in Cubao. We watched the UFC 100 with Mork, his brother Macky and Bernard who is another friend of ours.

It was my first time to watch the current UFC. All I watched before were the previous matches were Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock dominated the said sport.

I was able to watch all the matches and my favorites were the match between Dan Henderson and Michael Bisping. Henderson landed a solid punch to Bisping that knocked the latter one out and Henderson gave another punch just to completely shut him up as what Henderson said.

The other favorite of mine is the main event between Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir. Mir was just pounded by Lesnar as the latter one proved that he should win the first time they met.

We are drinking beer while watching. It was a good time for me to escape the problems that I have since I can't concentrate on them.

I went home and spent my time with my siblings catching up with them as to what is happening to them.

Monday: Bad days did really came as I was expecting my last paycheck from my previous employer. They told me that I should expect it by that time. When I checked my e-mail for any confirmation, nothing came. I tried to inquire about it and....

Tuesday: This is the reply that I got: "You‘ll receive an email as soon as we have your last pay check." It definitely got me pissed and wish I could just blow them up to smithereens. It is so stupid for them to tell me to expect something that they just can't promise to deliver in time.

What a day for my week to end last week. And definitely what a day for my week to start!

Another frustrating thing is that Marvin and I won't be able to watch Nine Inch Nail's concert as the tickets are sold out already. Bummer!

On the brighter side of life: Ginebra won game 5 last night which gave them a 3-2 advantage on the finals series and a win away to be champs. My sister and I went to Shangrila mall a while ago to look for some baby stuff. She is pregnant and August is the expected time for the to give birth.

I just hope everything will be ok. Somehow I am really pissed and I really miss her.


Thursday, July 09, 2009

Raining cats and dogs in my head.

Listening to: Maxwell - Ascension (Don't Ever Wonder) (1996 Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite)
Right now, I feel:Inspired!

It was raining like hell today. I slept around 6pm and got up at midnight. It was raining and it made me feel like being nailed to my bed. Then something came into my mind. "I need to pick up my girlfriend and drop her off at her work. I can't let her be going there alone. I wouldn't be comfortable on that notion especially when it is 2 in the morning. I took a jeep on my way to her place. I was supposed to drop off at an overpass before the Pasay MRT station when I decided not to since it was starting to rain hard. I dropped off to the MRT station and just crossed to the other side of EDSA from there. I just found out that the MRT is operating until past midnight, though I am not sure at what exact time their last trip is. I was trying to look for cab but couldn't spot one. So I decided to walk a little farther away from the station. If you are aware of the EDSA MRT station. If you walked on the way to Tramo, there will be this beerhouse called Wild River. That place always gets closed, then re-opened for so many times. I knew the place since I always see it on the news when I am watching TV. I think i was in high school when I first knew of that place. It's like a routine for them. As I was about to pass by the said establishment, you will see the normal street vendors along the street. Then I thought this one lady to be selling cigarettes only was a receptionist kinda one to that beerhouse. She started calling me and saying "Sir babae? Short time?" I got annoyed that she even persuaded me kept on inviting me to get a hooker. Telling me the price and the stuff that comes with it. It just came into my mind. What the hell?!? Prostitution like a package tour. You get a place to stay as well! I am starting to feel annoyed and be pissed about it. Don't get me wrong I am a man. And anyone will definitely say yes to that kind of offer especially if you have this urge and everything. But why would I go into that kind of thing? I don't need it. I have a girlfriend that can make me happy and scream to high heavens for praise that we share together in bed. I don't really get it why men needs these "babaeng mababa ang mga lipad". The asshole in me starts to take over my nice side. She just keeps on following me as I walked on and keeps on offering me stuff saying "Bata pa ser! All the way! Sulit to!" So I just blurted this out right at her face, "Tigilan mo ko! May kamay ako pag kailangan ko magparaos!" Then she just stopped and I started walking and took a cigarette and light it up. I was somehow pissed about it and I told it to my girlfriend. She just starts to laugh and smirked at me like she is not buying it. I just love it whenever she plays mind games with me. I ate at 7-11 and have some hotdogs when I remembered that they have this promo. I told my girlfriend about it.

I told her I am interested to join. She said I can and I joked at her to be there and take some photos and videos of me. We are smiling with the idea of it. You can check out the mechanics of the promo here.

I was reading some old blogs from a fellow blogger who I just spotted a while ago while blog hopping. I was just somehow inspired to share my thoughts about her incident. You can read her post here. My thoughts about the incident is this:

To be honest, men really has this lust and perversion in them. I have to admit that myself. But admitting it doesn't mean I can do whatever I want when I see some jaw dropping ladies because I am a perv or some psycho exhibitionist. It just that it came to my mind. It caught my attention period. I do notice people wearing in sexy clothing and to be honest, I find it sexy for a med,nursing or med tech student wearing those white uniforms. But I don't have to stare at them or howl like a mad dog whenever I see one. I keep those thoughts to myself. I appreciate them as it brings out their beauty and sophistication in them. If ever I have something so lusty in my thoughts, I just keep it to myself. I don't need to take a camera and take pictures of her and jack off once I get in to my apartment. You don't have to show what you are thinking or feeling. And I just can't figure it out. Why can't men (and definitely I am not one of them) be satisfied at looking at women just once? Especially if they look at the lady like he is stripping her at that very moment? I am a man. So it is my nature to feel something unnatural especially when I think or see something that brings out the "kapilyuhan" in me. But do I have to let anybody else know it? NO, I just keep it to myself. Bottom line is one glance at the person is enough and respect her personal space. Keep everything else to yourself.

I just saw again my dream phone. It looks like this:

It is an HTC Touch HD. I think this cost around 50,000 pesos.

I'll be hitting the bed now. I need to get up before 11 am to pick up my girl at her work. It seems like I am getting used to this like it's a routine for me now.

See ya!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Halo-Halo espesyal #7

Listening to: Audioslave - Chocise (2002 Audioslave)
Right now, I feel:Sleepy

Yeah I feel sleepy but I feel like posting something now since I would like to share this to a lot of people. So welcome to my Halo-Halo espesyal issue #7!

I went to my girlfriends office to pick up my girlfriend. Meaning I didn't have any sleep at all since I woke up around 11 pm last night. We ate at KFC in SM MOA. We're about to call it a day when I tagged her along to watch the Ice Age 3 movie. She really wanted Villa Estrella instead (she's really into horror movies) so I convinced her that we can watch it this weekend. So we watched it and we're really laughing out loud inside. It is a very good movie. I really recommend everyone to watch this.

I dropped my girl at her place then went home. I am still reminiscing to the FHM July 2009 issue I purchased. Since it is Aubrey Miles on the cover. I wondered if I got the other 2 issues in which she was also featured on the cover of the said magazine. But there is one thing I noticed when she was featured on the covers of FHM. When she was on the cover for the first time, Aubrey looked like this:

Just the right hotness and sexiness that everyone wants. But it seems like men like to see more.

So this time it twice the hotness that we have seen. But then everyone wants to have everything less and more skin and flesh. So the result is...

That's it! Now this is how Aubrey evolved being on the covers of FHM Philippines. From the very "Come and smelly my flowers up and down" to "Come here and cover my tits" and finally to "Come here and grease me everywhere! Let's get dirty!" poses. Her clothing that was used did changed. From swimsuit then to just like a piece of cloth covering her ass to nothing at all but grease! Is this the new FHM now? I mean I only collect them once or twice a year for the 100 sexiest women and if I really like their calendars. I am not really an avid fan of the magazine. My dad and I used to collect some issue and share them. I was just surprised at how the girls pose for the said magazine. It is not like I don't like it but I am just shocked to the changes.

Let's leave the FHM thing for now. I checked NBA.com and found out that since Toronto signed Hedo Turkoglu, they are having a hard time giving Shawn Marion to the Dallas Mavericks. Both teams are having a hard time to do a sign-and-trade since T
oronto needs a third team as the middle man due to the free space of their salary cap being used in getting Turkoglu. A previous article showed that Cleveland needs to make a move in getting Marion. But it seems like Cleveland is just satisfied at getting Shaq during the free agency period. Cleveland should do it now. Even if they'll be way above the luxury tax threshold, I think it is better in getting Shawn Marion now. They need him in order to make a formidable team about LeBron. Since there are rumors that is going around that the King might be leaving Cleveland soon. One speculation is that LeBron talked personally to Trevor Ariza convincing Trevor to join his team. When Ariza asked if he will stay for the 2010-2011 seasone he answered yes (which is a defensive answer for me). Still Ariza is not convinced about it. The same reason as to why a lot of free agents now didn't tried to check Cleveland. They don't want to be with Cleveland if the team is not sure in making LeBron stay.

In PBA, the Ginebra won game 3 and has the 2-1 advantage over San Miguel. This is a good win from Ginebra as they tried to take advantage of Marc Pingris and Danny Idelfonso's suspension due to an altercation after the game 2. Both were fined and both have the intension of apologizing personally to the fan that was aggrevated. Ku
dos to Willy Wilson who shut down Jay Washington the rest of the 2nd half of the game. It should not be a reason for San Miguel to loose since they have a lot of big men to use when Danny and Marc got suspended. But it was the turnovers that made SMB loose the game.

Note: I was reading the July issue of FHM a while back and
found out the following info while browsing and trying to think of stuff that I want to post.

Nine Inch Nails will be going to Manila!

That is right! It'll be on August 5 at Araneta Colesium. Pupil will be their front act. I was so excited to know about this (I know! The rumored concert went out as early as March already but hey! I didn't have the time to check everything out before remember?) I already sent an SMS to my friend Marvin who is a NIN fan! He said he knew about it and the reply I am expecting came in.

"I know bro. Nood tayo."

I knew he won't miss this chance of a lifetime! So I already checked the Ticketnet website and checked their prices.

Marvin and I are trying to get the Lower box section (the blue colored seats shown above). The price: 2,625 pesos. I can't wait to confirm with Marvin the things that we'll be planning for this big day!

I found out also that The Mars Volta got a new album titled "Octahedron".

I wish I can get all their albums. I only got their Tremulant EP.

That sums up everything happened today. It was a good day and I am really excited.

I can't wait for August 5!

Catching up!

Listening to: Nine Inch Nails - Closer (1994 The Downward Spiral)
Right now, I feel: Excited!

I missed blogging for three days and it shouldn't be that way since I remembered posting a blog yesterday! I partially pissed that my blog for yesterday didn't got posted. Note to me: Always check my blog if my new post was published.

So here we go again trying to catch up with the times I missed.

I felt blank yesterday or so I thought. I felt like nothing is coming to my mind. Nothing is coming out either. I thought it was writer's block, not until I started to punch letters from my keyboard that words are being formed. Then a sentence, then a paragraph. Too bad it wasn't published.

Well it was a nice Monday to start. A good week actually. I hope my last paycheck (salary with back pay and separation pay or whatever you want to call it) will be released next Monday.

My girlfriend dropped by last Sunday and spent the night at my apartment. We slept hugging each other and we had intimate moments as well. She just feel sad somehow that I will be moving back in Quezon City and stay with my younger siblings. It will be really different once it happens. We will definitely have lesser time to see each other since I will be going back to school. We can still see each other for sure but we can't spend time longer and be somewhere private. I told her being "away" from her might have some disadvantage but we just need to see the brighter side of it. At least I can get my college degree that everyone is longing for.

I was able to get my money that my mom sent me last Monday. My girl and I agreed to see after her shift and watched a movie. She is now working at One E-com center near SM Moa. Her work starts at 2 am which is another major adjustment that she is going through now. I slept and got up at 8pm. I picked up my girl from her house in Pasay and dropped her off to her office. I went back to see her at 11 am yesterday. We're supposed to watched the movie Villa Estrella but the cinemas allotted for the said movie will start at 1pm. We tried to watch Ice Age 3 but she doesn't want to watch it. We just opted to eat lunch and we choose Sbarro. We bought some fruit shakes before going there. Once going there We ate like we'll be executed by 3pm. Here's what we ordered.

1. A salmon in some sauce I forgot what it is called.

2. A baked Zitti pasta in white sauce.

3. A Lasagna.
4. And a Chicago deep dish pizza.

That was like 4 dishes! It was really a food trip for us.

I bought FHM's July issue last night before picking up my girl at her house and drop her off at her work. Cristine Reyes was #1. Aubrey Miles was in their cover. I expect more times spent in the bathroom now! (Grinning)

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Totally blank!

Listening to: Placebo - Infra-Red (2006 Meds)
Right now, I feel: Blank

Nothing to blog tonight. I just feel blank. All of a sudden. Writer's block perhaps. Well I spent the Sunday with my girlfriend. We just slept the whole night hugging each other(I won't put this into details since it has... Adult content!) and saying we will miss each others since I will be somehow gonna be living far from her. Well not really far, but it will be a major factor for us not to see often and spend time together longer. No more private moments for us. We got hungry around 2 in the morning and started to cook danggit and dried squid! I was about to drop her off to her home in Pasay when I remember that my mom sent some money so I need to check it if the cash went into my ATM. We tried to check the ATM machines at the EDSA MRT station and also in Baclaran but there was none anymore. We were about to go to the BDO branch near the church when my girl spotted some JabbaWockeeZ look a like. They dance good and adds a funny antics on it, even interacting with the bystanders watching them. They are good as I got a good laugh.

We went to McDo at One E-com center for some late night dinner. I just had some burger meal. I dropped her off at her work while we agreed to see each other after shift to check Team Manila store and maybe watch a movie.

I checked the NBA site and found out that Rasheed Wallace is joining the Boston Celtics and Jason Kidd is staying with the Dallas Mavericks. I even saw some article about Cleveland Cavaliers should get Shawn Marion.

Whew! That's all about tonight! I am not blank as I thought I will be! =)

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Halo-Halo espesyal #6

Listening to: Taken by Cars - Neon Brights (2008 Endings of A New Kind)
Right now, I feel: Excited

It is Sunday once again. What a day to finish the week! I got up around 8pm since I slept around noontime yesterday. I got a text from my girlfriend letting me know that she can't come to my apartment since she's not feeling well. Get well soon baby! We just exchanged text message as to what we were doing after getting up in the evening. She just has this fear of adjusting again and me being away from her in terms of time and lifestyle (I'll be going back to college while she's working). I started to twit and loaded some songs in my blip.fm. I tried to update my MySpace site. I think it is time for me to do it since I got all the time. I was checking some news as well and especially sports.

Ginebra lost to San Miguel Beer last Friday night on a large margin. As predicted, Ginebra got eaten alive inside the paint by Danny Idelfonso and Marc Pingris. Though according to PBA.ph site that the two players might get some stiff sanctions after an incident with a fan.

In the NBA scene, Hedo Turkoglu agreed to a 5 year deal with Toronto. It was a disappointing scenario for the Portland Trailblazers as they have tried to get Hedo and was about to get him when Toronto made a more tempting offer. Will this be all about money now for Hedo? Come to think of it. If Hedo stayed with Orlando with Vince Carter added and hopefully Marcin Gortat will stay, they can be an awesome team with a chance of winning the championship. The sad thing here is that Orlando is willing to go beyond the luxury tax threshold as long as they can keep the team intact but Hedo wants $10 million a year. That is too much for me if you will ask me. Too much for someone who is just getting like $6 million a year and will have a raise of $7.34 million. That is just too much.

The Portland now is having a problem since they want to have a veteran presence in the team. With that they have lesser options now in the free agency players available. It can be Rasheed Wallace but the Boston Celtics are eying on the guy and they might get a deal for Sheed. They can have Jason Kidd but the New York Knicks are trying to get Kidd also. But there is a chance the Kidd will stay with the Dallas Mavericks. If they want Lamar Odom, it will be impossible. As the Los Angeles Lakers have relieved Trevor Ariza, they will definitely re-sign Odom.

The only problem for the Toronto Raptors is how can they get Carlos Delfino, Shawn Marion and Anthony Parker back? They have used their cap space already for getting Hedo. And speaking of problems, now that Hedo is gone for Orlando, who will do the pick and roll play for Dwight? Can Vince Carter do it? Will Cleveland acquiring Shaquille O'Neal be beneficial for them now since everyone is in doubt of how Shaq can defend the picks.

Detroit Pistons on the other hand is trying to get Avery Johnson to be their coach. After firing their freshman coach Michael Curry. Though it seems like Johnson is not in a hurry to be coaching again. He wants to make sure that certain terms that are not disclosed are agreed by both parties. Detroit is not sure now for Tayshaun Prince and Rip Hamilton's future after Acquiring Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva. Free agents Antonio McDyess, Rasheed Wallance and Allen Iverson will definitely be gone. They just need some additional men for their front court. Kwame Brown will definitely start as their center.

It seems like the league now is a big Rubik's cube in a big mess with a lot of moves are required to have it be fixed.

Besides basketball, I heard the F1 teams are willing to back out the FIA's F1 next season and will make their own league. I don't know if this rumor is true and as to why they are backing out of the tournament.

Can't wait for game 3 of the PBA, for my girlfriend to drop by my apartment. I am planning to go to a mall this afternoon. Maybe in Robinson's place in Malate, Manila. Excited to keep in touch with my friends and some bands I really love in MySpace.

For sure adding a Facebook account will be hard for me. This will be far from happening for sure.

By the way I need to have my wish list now. I need have my top 10. Hmmm... CDs, graphic novels, cameras..... Let me dream about these for now!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Iron man!

Listening to: At the Drive-In - Napoleon Solo (1998 In/Casino/Out)
Right now, I feel:Insomniac

Tang ina ang tibay ko. Hanggang ngayon gising pa ko!

I was chatting with my cousin Chuck from the MySpace site, I'm planning to update it soon. Will delete my other blogspot site. I already exported/imported my blogs from there to this one. Just checking on some sites, checking the news. Is is true President GMA got a boob job? Hahahahahaha! Mini Me had a boob job?!?

Anyway, I am bored now so I will just do some survey thing that you usually post in social networking sites like Friendster. I got this one from Eymi's post. Just like her, I am killing time for me to get sleepy.

- Available: I have a girlfriend now if "available" here means if I am in a relationship. I am available though for some night out, beer sessions, weed session, music session and whatever sessions people will have in mind. Just expect me to walk out if you will invite me on a session in congress. And if they want to hook me up and have a date and then be together to have a relationship, then yeah I am available too. Just don't tell my girlfriend. She has this killer thunder kick. Don't tell Jesus too!
- Age: 25
- Annoyance: A lot. The majors are posers, people who are so intellectually slow and people with no etiquette.
- Beer: I love beer!
- Birthday: February 3.
- Blind or Deaf: None of the above.
- Best weather: Typhoon season. I will be having tons of excuse of not going to work and school. =)
- Believe in Magic: Yeah! Orlando Magic, Magic Johnson and Magic sing! Hahahahaha!
- Believe in Santa: When I was a kid.
- Candy: Wonka's Nerds
- Color: Blue, green and yellow. With a touch of pink sometimes!
- Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate. I love Brown Cow! =)
- Chinese/Mexican Food: Definitely Chinese. It hard for me to like Mexican food. Imagine, menudo as a soup and it is spicy like you're drinking siling labuyo juice!
- Cake or pie: Cake.
- Continent to visit: Asia!
- Cheese: Philadelphia Cheese!
- Day or Night: Night. I'm more of a night person.
- Dancing in the rain: No, I will run in the rain!
- Eyes: Black
- Everyone’s got: a story to tell.
- Ever failed a class: Yeah, accounting2. I failed it 3 times.
- First thoughts waking up: I don't think when I wake up. I just get out of my bed and do my "After getting out of bed" rituals.
- Greatest Fear: Mumu!
- Goals: Earn a college degree, have a camera (Digital or film), have my own studio.
- Gum: Texas bubble gum is the best!
- Get along with your parents: I will give you one example on how my parents and I get along. My mom was complaining that I didn't picked her up in a bus stop when I was in LA. My response is this: "Ma, walong kanto ang nilakad ko. Ang layo nun! Duh!" and she just laughed. She again complained that I am wearing a shoes when I am just picking her up from the bus stop. I should wear a pair of sandals when I am already wearing one. My response is this: "Tange! Sandals to. Ikaw pa nga bumili nito at pinadala mo sa amin diba?" My reward was a slap on the head then we just laughed out. My mom shouting "Gago ka a! Tina tange tange mo na lang ako ha! Umuwi ka na ng Pinas ngayon din. Napasagot tuloy ako ng "Pengeng pamasahe".
- Hair Color: black with some grey hair
- Height: 5'10"
- Happy: Super happy!
- Holiday: I have my own self declared holidays.
- How do you want to die: With a smile. Parang ang hirap nun ah?
- Ice Cream: Cookies and cream. Also strawberry.
- Instrument: I use a Canon Powershot G6 as an instrument for my photos. Pede din tong ipambato sa mga kaaway ko.
- Jewelry: A silver watch and bracelet.
- Job: Ex-call center agent, part-time bum, full time boyfriend and future college student.
- Kids: Gusto ko madami! Parang Baranggay Ginebra!
- Kickboxing or karate: I'm interested in Muay Thai than the said 2.
- Keep a journal: Used to have 5 journals. I buried it. Part of moving on I guess.
- Love: Ano to slumbook?
- Laughed so hard you cried: A lot of times.
- Milk flavor: Alaska. Wala pa rin tatalo sa Alaska!
- Movies: Joe Dirt, Remember the TITANS, Nasaan Si Francis?, Ang pag-dadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros, Half-Baked and many many more to come so don't go away and we'll be right back!
-Motion sickness: Sometimes
-McD’s or BK: Sawa na ko sa McDo.
- Number: 25
- One wish: Matupad ang lahat ng gusto ko!
- Pepsi/Coke: Coke.
- Perfect Pizza: Sbarro.
- Piercings: Ayaw ko.
- Quail: Sarap ng tukneneng o kwek-kwek! Hawak ka lang sa batok mo pag nakarami ka na sabay takbo sa E.R ng Heart center.
- Reality T.V.: Fear Factor.
- Radio Station: NU107, 99.5RT, RX93.1 and Jam 88.3.
- Roll your tongue in a circle: I can't
- Ring size: I have no idea.
- Song: Blessed by Up Dharma Down
- Shoe size: 12!
- Salad Dressing: Caesar.
- Sushi: I don't eat it often.
- In the “Shower”: Yosi muna bago ligo!
- Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberries!
- Tattoos: I want to have one. I want to have a UE-Letre and Tungko-Ibabaw tattoos. =)
- Time for bed: After lunch maybe.
- Thunderstorms: Meron ba nito sa Pinas?
- Unpredictable: Not at all. Akala ng iba unpredictable ako. Ang di lang nila alam e di ko pa inilalabas ang buo kong pagka tao. Naks! Ang lalim!
- Vacation spot(s): Any beach will be the best one for me.
- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: None. Gusto ko ng diversity e.
- Worst feeling: Walang tulog at di ka makatulog dahil sa sobrang lungkot dahil madaming problema.
- Worst Weather: None. As long as I am in the mood. No weather can bring me down!
- X-Rays: I need to have a dental X-ray soon.
-Year it is now: 2009
-Yellow: Hepatitis?
- is for: Zebra
- Zoo animal: Hippopotamus. Ganun daw ako in terms of size.

Oh sleep! Where are you! How I wish you can embrace me and put me in such a blissful slumber!

Nice line for a poem... It makes me think to start writing again.

Ah the hell with it! I'm gonna sleep now. Banzaaaaiiiiiiiii!

Di pa ko inaantok

Listening to: Asian Dub Foundation - Fortress Europe (2003 Enemy of the Enemy)
Right now, I feel: Hyper

After posting my previous blog. I did my laundry at 2 in the morning! That is 2 in the morning?!?

Pero mag-tatagalog na lang muna ako. Ala e. Di ako inaantok, so naisipan kong maglaba. Ayoko namang lumipat sa Quezonc City na madaming maruning damit na dala. Hassle lang yun diba?

Pagkatapos ko maglaba e sinundo ko ang girlfriend ko sa opisina niya. Kumain sa McDo tapos konting kwentuhan. Habang papauwi na ko sa apartment ko nagiisip ako ng kung anong pwede pang gawin. Para lang antukin! Hindi ako uminom ng kape at lalong di ako bumatak. Ayoko nun. Organic ako e. Damo lang ang alam ko! Hindi ko alam kung bakit di ako makaramdam ng antok ngayon. Naligaw ata papunta sa amin. Baka kailangan pa ng antok ko ng mapa para lang makapunta sa amin.

Balik sa tayo sa kwento ko. Ayun, nagiisip nga ako ng kung anong gagawin. Naisipan ko na lang mag internet ulit at tingnan ang aking blog. Baka may mga nagbabasa na kasi ulit nito. Buti naman at meron. Salamat sa kay Eymi. Pero bukod dun may inisip pa kong gawin. Iniisip ko talaga yun habang papauwi pa ko. Mag check ng Twitter? Maglagay ng bagong kanta sa Blip.fm? Kulang pa din e. Sa kakaisip ko lumagpas pa ko ng bababaan ko. Muntikan pa kong makarating ng SLEX. Lakad pa ko ng bonggang bongga! Habang naglalakad e iniisip ko pa din kung anong gagawin ko. Sakit pala sa ulo ang may insomnia. Mahirap mag isip ng mga bagay bagay, lalo na kung gusto mo lang antukin at halos isang araw ka nang walang tulog. Habang naglalakad ako e naisip ko bigla ang gagawin ko. Naalala ko yung joke ko sa girlfriend ko kagabi nung hinatid ko siya sa opisina niya (Bait ko no?). Gusto ko kasing magkaroon ng tattoo. At sinabi ko na ang gusto kong tattoo e yung "UE-Letre, Tungko-Ibabaw". Mga bus route!

At alam niyo ba kung kanino ko nakuha ang joke na to? Walang iba kundi kay:
Yep kay Ramon Bautista. Kilala niyo na siya. Sa dating TV show na Strangebrew, mga music videos at sa mga radio shows niya. Nakakagulat lang kasi na pati commercial e pinasok na din niya. Isa na siyang pop icon. Idol ko na tong taong to!

Eto ang mga videos niya galing sa MTV show na The Ramon Bautista show:

Dito ko nakuha yung bus route. Hehehehehe!

Dito sa video na ito, pinapakita ni Ramon na game siya. Kahit kubeta pa ang nasa harap niya!

Isa ito sa mga video na kasama sa progrma ng NU rock awars noong 2007.

Isa sa mga additional videos kasama sa Petron commercial.

Astig talaga tong si Ramon. Mabuhay ka Ramon Bautista!

Where were you?

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All right so you will ask me: "Where were you for 3 years?!?". Well I have tons of reasons to give you. But to put it simply, My PC went out on me during that time and I was too lazy to update it because of me having a work and I won't be really able to update it by going to a computer shop. It will be so time consuming for me to do that since I really do compose and give time in posting a blog.

Well at least I am able to actively post here again and one step at a time I can bring it back to its so called glorious days. And while I am waiting for that to happen, let's go back as to what happened to me while I was gone at the blogosphere.

June: I was working with a call center in Makati then. It was supposed to be fun. But after a month or so (thanks for my own concoction of coffee) My body gave up on the work load and the time the work demands. Imagine, you have to work for 9 hours (the 1 hour lunch and 2 15 minutes break are included here) and then you have an hour of post-shift overtime. Then another hour of team meeting for our TLs to coached us since we are somehow new. I just couldn't keep up with that. Thus I quit and just stayed at home. No work, not in school, another bum in the house again.

July-October: I was resting for a while and then I remember to pursue my application working in another call center where my friend Marvin is working. I remembered I applied there around March but wasn't able to get the job since they are having some management overhaul. I applied there during September and I won't forget that because it was raining for 2 days (the same number of days I had when I applied) and I got the job. But as on my way home, it was raining and got a fever. Typhoon Milenyo hit the metro and I am not aware of it.

October 2006-March 2008: I was working for the said company and it was a good experience since I meet cool people at work and build a friendship to most of them. I remember our batch during training being labeled as the "Brat Pack" since all we did during training was just get our facilitator pissed and laugh their hearts out. It was a great time for me too. I've meet my girlfriend there and it was a wild experience for me as to how we got together and became officially a couple. I resigned to the said company and moved on to another one.

March 2008-June 2009: It was a bumpy road for me during this time. I have to adjust big time with my girlfriend since we are really used seeing each other everyday. The only time I won't see her is when it is our day off or when I am at home sleeping after shift. Imagine more than a year that we see each other from work. I even go to her place in Pasay and then we will go to our office from there together. I even dropped her off back to her place after our work. So it was hard for her to adjust and for me to keep up with seeing her. Sometimes we end up arguing about it and having some small fights. I had chicken pox around June of 2008 and it was hell. On the eve of my chicken pox coming out, my fever is sky rocketing to high heavens! Our ever loyal yaya Ate Edel was giving me a sponge bath using cold water. Cold water meaning coming from solid ice! That's how my fever was at that time. I was even hallucinating as I was shouting and saying to get the horse out of my room and I was looking for my mom and my girlfriend. My shouts can be heard by our neighbors. How far? Count 5 houses from where you are sitting now. That far and everyone heard me. Too much for self humiliation. I worked for another call center this time and I was even planning to stay there for good and pursue my college degree at the same time. I even rented an apartment in Makati so I can within the proximity of my work and school. It was another adjustment as I was living in with my girlfriend then. We got to know each other more. From the what we really like in food, on how we handle stuff in our apartment and on how to keep it tidy. I did the laundry and the market errands as I was used going to the wet market since I was a kid. I was able to learn cooking a kick-ass sinigang and more. I hate the laundry job only when it comes to my jeans. It is so fucking heavy! I was having a hard time drying it out and getting it out of the washing machine. Imagine my girlfriend doing the ironing on those jeans. She really curse till eternity about it.

Right now I am planning to pursue my college diploma. To a new school. I am also going back to my sibling's apartment in Quezon City as I won't be working at all now. I will just focus on my studies. I hope I can start this coming November, just in time for the 2nd semester.

It is another adjustment for me, for my girlfriend and especially on my lifestyle. I just need to be ready for it and have my balls be big enough to face it.

By the way, I am planning to take fine arts major in advertising in PWU.

Bago and lahat....

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Before I go totally nostalgic here and while I am trying to compose the other blog in my head so I can cope with the years I was gone. I do remember when my family watch a movie at its 1st screening time. The cinemas will play the Philippine national anthem before the trailers and the movie itself.

The Philippine National anthem:

Yeah it is also played after the last full show (I am not sure though if cinemas do this at night). So what is something nostalgic about this?

Well Jimi Hendrix did an instrumental version of The Star-Spangled Banner during the 1969 Woodstock right? Well last November 2007, Francis Reyes did the same thing. He did a guitar rendition of the Lupang Hinirang. You can check the link here since the video is not allowed to be embedded in another website (Damot!)

I know some parts of the rendition were not done well. But not bad for Francis' part since it is hard to do it on an electric guitar and giving a rock element on it.

Kudos to Francis Reyes!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Ang Baho!

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Yosi break muna ako. Tang ina ang baho ng katabi ko! Nakaka inis! Napa tagalog tuloy ako sa blog ng wala sa oras. Kung bakit di kasi maligo. Di naman nakakamatay yun diba?

The world of basketball

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I'm gonna start my post about PBA. I am so excited as to what Japeth Aguilar can contribute to the Philippine basketball team. He is a legit pinoy big man. His versatility and athleticism can give a big boost to the "run-catch-then-shoot all you can" style of Yeng Guiao. I don't really expect the team to be olympic caliber or make it to the Olympics. Not now, not in the next 4-8 years. But I am definitely optimistic for them to make it if they really give it their all. I think the PBA and other basketball leagues and other basketball organization should give this a priority if they really want the country to be an Olympic caliber.

On the PBA world, Ginebra did a good job in getting the early lead for the finals against San Miguel. Though they almost lost their lead when the SMB starts to get close. I think it's one thing Ginebra should be careful of. Loosing their guard and unable to protect their big lead. Good thing they got everything smoothly going on. They should just keep up their shooting. Expect SMB to guard their shooters and show their power in the paint. SMB can match the shooting arsenal Ginebra is giving them but they should exploit Ginebra's weakness in the paint. I don't think Ginebra has a formidable frontline now.

In the NBA, player movement is getting really serious. Besides the Richard Jefferson and the 5 player trade, Vince Carter and the 4 player trade, Shaq to Cleveland. There is one big move that happened now. Charlie Villanueva and Ben Gordon is going to the Detroit Pistons. Definitely a good move for Pistons if Antonio McDyess and Rasheed Wallace won't have an interest coming back (for sure they won't come back). They just need to focus on getting a good center. I think this is what the league is lacking. A good center. I miss the era of Ewing-D.Robinson-Shaq-Olajuwan era. To make thing exciting, Gordon is willing to come off the bench. "Gordon is choosing to come here and play the super sub role." as quoted on NBA.com. This is something to watch about the Pistons next season. As Charlie posted on his Twitter site: "Deeeeeeetrooooooiiiiittttttt basketballllllllllllll"

Speaking of Shaq, I am still in shock as to what is Shaq is doing in Cleveland. Sure Cleveland needs a big man but not him. For me, he is a good post-up player and a very, even though he is somehow old now, a dominant presence at center position. One thing that concerns me are:

1) How will the Cleveland's offense will run? It's not like the LeBron makes a move to the rim and if he can't can kick out to other players will not work anymore. I believe it will be limited once Shaq goes to the paint. There will be less movement for LeBron and I am not sure if he can adjust to that.

2) Goodluck to their defense. I am not sure if they can be as best as last season. Yes, Shaq is a good option for offense and defense since they lack that size last season. But if they got him for the purpose of keeping up with the Lakers, Magic and Celtics, (which most plays are based of picks, and I say tons of them) then this will be a problem that they will carry for the next season. Shaq don't defend the picks. He never did it when he was younger. What will make him do it now that he is 37 years old?

If that is not enough, there is even some reports that the team is also eying on Ariza, Artest or Rasheed Wallace.

I love Cleveland. I love LeBron. He is just spectacular last season. But I think Cleveland just pushed the panic button too early and did something too much for them to re-make a championship caliber/bound team.