Monday, May 28, 2012

10 songs to play while having sex

Listening to: Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (2001 Discovery)
Right now, I feel: Horny (Damn straight I am!) 

Yes, after months or years of inactivity. And of all things I can think to write for my blog, this is the first thing that gave me the "light bulb" over my head and come up with. As I was working on my iPod to make some playlist. After hours of taking tracks for my "going to work", "hitting the gym" and "My nightly lullabies" playlist. It just came so sudden to me to make up one. Just for the sake of seeing how far does my collection can take me for making such a list. It also sets the mood of you you and your partner when you add a music. What's wrong with it anyway? It can be a good cover for all the noise you and your partner will make. Right? With all curiosity and naughtiness in me I have come up with my own list of songs that you can play while having sex. So here are my 10 songs to play while having sex in no particular order. 

1. Barry White - Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe
Barry White together with Marvin Gaye, became one of the artist that people are always reminded of about songs for making love. Yes, song such as Sexual Healing, Let's Get it On and Love Serenade made these two artist to be know as the best when making songs that gets you into the mood for some loving.

Best lyrics:
We've shared love and made love
It doesn't seem to me like it's enough

2. Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing
This is definitely the song that will make you go grab your partner and... Well, want that healing. The lyrics and with Marvin's wailing voice every time the lyrics will start with baby. Like he is loudly and bitterly begging to make love right then and there.

Best lyrics:
And baby
I can't hold it much longer
It's getting stronger and stronger
And when I get that feeling
I want Sexual Healing

3. Nine Inch Nails - Closer
 If you want to get nasty with your partner, this song is for you. As you go wild, hard, loud and fast. The song will be the one who will set the tempo for you. Who wouldn't think that a rock song can be a fitting soundtrack while having sex. With Reznor's confessional approach to the lyrics, that no Prince or Madonna can muster up to write. Plus the sounds of the synths and bass beats adds more madness to the song as like it is your rhythmic guide for every thrust you'll do. And the chorus just really sets everything off.

Best lyrics:
I wanna fuck you like an animal
I wanna feel you from the inside
I wanna fuck you like an animal
My whole existence if flawed
You get me closer to God

4. She Wants Revenge - Tear You Apart
The Post-Punk and New Wave revival duo started to tour with Depeche Mode and released singles like These Things and Out of Control. But their third single is the one that really made them well known. The lyrics is like a story of a man, who is attracted to a woman whom he is somehow too frightened to approach. Then as things go on and he was able to talk to the woman amid the puking and getting his knees weak, the crush became a like until it became a lust. The narrative approach of the verses then the transition to the chorus is very good. It will tempt you to role play it for sure.

Best lyrics:
And now he wants to grab her by the hair and tell her
I want to hold you close
Skin pressed against me tight
Lie still, and close your eyes girl
So lovely, it feels so right
I want to hold you close
Soft breasts, beating heart
As I whisper in your ear
I want to fucking tear you apart

5. Starland Vocal Band - Afternoon Delight
One will be surprised that such a soft, mellow and country sounded song will be somehow sexually suggestive in a somewhat down played kind of way. The lyrics, playfully crafted was somehow funny if you listen to every line of the song. With this song, it somehow gets you in the mood while you're at work having lunch or maybe, just getting excited to get home and have that delight you've been wanting for.

Best lyrics:
Rubbin' sticks and stones together makes the sparks ingite
And the thought of rubbin' you is getting so exciting

6.Keith Sweat - Nobody (with Athena Cage)
It is a given fact that an R&B song can be a good music to set the mood before making love to your partner. But NOBODY does it best like Keith Sweat. The beats and the samplings just blends well with his voice and add the vocal prowess of Athena Cage. Add the way the song was sang. Each artist equally taking parts for each verses just really makes the song perfect for that very intimate moment.

Best lyrics:
I wanna tease you
I wanna please you
I wanna show you baby, that I need you
I want your body 'til the very last drop
I want you to holler when you want me to stop 

7. Angela Bofill - Tonight I Give In
This is the song that I really liked of all her songs. When I tried to listen to it one time, I remembered having a grin and sharing this joke with my friends that this song is somehow like the official song of everyone who will loose their virginity. And if you really read the lyrics or listen to the song, it's like it supports my idea somehow. But kidding aside, the way the lyrics was made with so much intimacy is awesome. The song proved to be a fit for such occasion. Sans the loosing your virginity part.

Best lyrics: 
Somebody tearing me apart
And it feels just fine

And tonight I give in to the feelings
Tonight I give in to the thrill of loving you

8. TLC - Red Light Special
Sure their early songs are really somehow party hard and naughty themed. But this slow jam song really made our libido rising. The music video somehow gives you the idea of doing strip poker first for fun before doing the deed. 

Best lyrics:
I'll let you touch it if you'd
Like to go down
I'll let you go further
If you take this southern route

9. Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love Never mind that this is a song from a psychedelic band. But between Robert Planks moaning and snarling while he begs for the woman to shake as he wants to be a back door man for her and Jimmy Page's riffs, this song really shows the lustful era of the '70s.

Best lyrics:
Way, way down inside, I'm gonna give you my love
I'm gonna give you every inch of my love 

10. Toni Braxton - You're Making Me High
Toni Braxton is singing her desires for a lover who is maybe far away. This lyrics are pretty suggestive but somehow also endorses self-stimulation? You be the judge of that. 

Best lyrics: 
Inside of my private thoughts 
I can imagine you
Touching my private parts
With just the thought of you
I can't help but touch myself

So there, I am not suggesting you play this while doing it. But then, maybe... I am so go on and grab those tunes and get in the mood! 

What songs in your collection do you have that can be played while having sex?

Monday, January 02, 2012

happy new year! what's a good music to listen to at the last day of the year?

Happy New Year Cy! I usually listen to U2's New Year's Day. And some tracks that became hit of 2011. From Adele to Lady Antebellum.

Ask me anything!

How will you celebrate the new year?

I celebrated the New Year with my girlfriend just cooking and eating together. And some movie time.

Ask me anything!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Before the year ends....

Listening to: The Dawn - Enveloped Ideas (1986 The Dawn)

Right now, I feel: Excited

Yes! This place is now alive again. It has been a long time since I touched this blog. I am getting lazy to update even though tons of ideas I want to write about and even some feelings I want to vent out to this blog.

But then, things happen for a reason. And moving forward and hopefully, I can update as much as possible.

Let me summarize what happened to me this year.

- I missed the monthly Terno Inferno the whole year. And that is such a shame for a music lover like me.
- I finally got a job and somehow I am loving it even if at Pasay and I live in Quezon City.
- I fell inlove with comics again and it is my new addiction to say. I can now say FLAME ON and Avengers ASSEMBLE again!
- Laptop screen got busted. That's what happens when my man cave has lots of things in it. From reading materials, bags and shoes.
- Yeah, speaking of shoes. I got 3 pairs this month. That makes my shoes a total of 20. Sandals not counted.
- Did I mentioned already that I love comics and it is getting exciting with upcoming stories.

I am getting lazy again to add stuff. I hope I can add more but I need to do some last minute grocery for New Year's eve.

I wish everyone a safe and a happy New Year!

See yah in cyberspace!

What do you think of women who makes the first move to a guy they love?

Should be a no no for me. Women needs to either wait for the man to make a move or just ditch them and shout NEXT!

Ask me anything!

What are you looking forward to in 2012?

More comics and music to love!

Ask me anything!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What's your favorite quotation?

Better be late than positive. =)

Ask me anything!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dear Santa

Listening to: Deftones - Diamond Eyes (2010 Diamond Eyes)

Right now, I feel: Excited!

Hi there! I am back and so happy to be here again!

Well, here are some of the snippets of the things that happened in the past weeks:

- Work is somehow busy, fun and info overload. It made my head hurt sometimes.
- Meeting new friends is really awesome. Especially when I feel that I can really be me with no restrictions. Just pure fun all the way.
- Thanks to my colleague/friend for giving me this awesome coffee experience!
- I am still stuck at the 250 pound range but my fats are really burning. I sweat a lot and it made my excess fats in my stomach and chest sag. I look like bigger now but I feel better.
- I worked out yesterday and I was able to finish a 3 sets of a batch work out for ten minutes and it includes 5 exercises. It really made me sweat a lot!
- I was able to see a store where they sell cheap shoes. I can't wait to buy a pair!
- It was really heart breaking for NU 107 to be on a reformat. I couldn't sleep on the last night of their airing.
- Paranormal Activity 2 scared the shit out of me. Nuff said.

I have a letter to Santa since Christmas is near. And this is how it goes.

Dear Santa,

I am dying to write you for my wish. I don't mean to be this demanding but I guess I really really deserve to get if not all, at least any of these.

I wish for:
- A long board. A simple one will be enough.
- Arnold Arre's Martial Law Babies. I really like that book and the way his writing style is awesome!
- A head phones for my iPod. Mine broke already and I kinda miss listening to my music.
- New CDs will really be great too!
- I want a new camera and I am dying to get the Canon 5D or its upgraded version but a Canon D10 will be enough.
- I really wish for a Starbucks 2011 planner. I strated collecting one since 2007. But a simple planner will do.
- I want the new HTC phones. The Desire HD and the HD7. But the Nokia E63 will be fine for now.
- I wish I can take my girl to Boracay next year. She really wanted to but due to some work constraints. I am not sure if I can.
- Boracay or a La Union trip for surfing will be nice.
- But if you can let me go to Siargao will be a blessing!

I know the list is long but at least have a way for some kind people to realize that giving me a gift that I really like will be one of the greatest joys I will cherish for the rest of my life.

I know this is too much to ask but I would also like to wish for a few more.

- World peace
- More disciplined drivers, commuters and well.... more disciplined people will do.
- A better transportation system here in the country will really be great too.
- I wish that people will stop dissing other people. They should just know how to respect others.
- A little love will be really great too.

That's all Santa. I really wish for these to happen. If not on Christmas day, at least in the future.


Baby Boy

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Listening to: Phil Collins - In the Air Tonight (1981 Face Value)

Right now, I feel: Excited!

Yes, I am excited for a lot of things. 1st after my 1st week of going to the gym, I now weigh at 252 pounds. My weight when I started was at 258 pounds. And despite the fact that I had a rice meal last Saturday and Wednesday, and also having siopao and some meat for two times. I shred a huge amount of weight in span of just 6 days. I missed my Wednesday session since I have to go to the office for some contract signing and other important matters.

Speaking of work, I will officially start tomorrow. I won't put much details on where or what company I'll be working. The only thing I can say is that I wish it will be promising and it will be a job that I can stay for a long time. I am excited to meet new people and have lots of fun.

I was so excited about work that I started to buy foods that I can bring so I won't have to buy one. I bought the ones I can eat of course. Some wheat breads, small crackers, cereal bars. I also bought some cereals and milk for my breakfast.

A new adventure begins! See you in Libis!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Game time!

Listening to: Alicia Keys - Piano & I (2001 Songs in A Minor)

Right now, I feel: Pain all over my body!

It's good to be blogging again. This is the same way I feel when I opted to work out again.

The gym time was nice. It was a new way for me to meet people and have fun. I am beginning to be more sociable while working out. I was a loner kind of gym member and the only companion I had before was my iPod. But since I am doing some intense work out, I am not using them anymore, thus makes me talk to the people around me.

The work outs I have differs everyday. So at the very least, my body keeps on adjusting into it, thus requiring more effort to do and making me sweat more than I used to. The only draw back is that my muscles begins to tighten and it hurts.

I will be having a work starting next week I guess. I have to go to the office for some contract signing and they will give me instructions as when exactly and where my 1st day (which is an orientation I presume) will be held. As far as I know, I will report to work on the 22nd of October. I'm so excited!

My girlfriend and I are planning to have a set of wish list that we need to give to each other. So we can buy our gifts. And speaking of gifts. I had a surprise for her. I have 2 gifts in minds. One gift will be coming from the list, while the other is not. It is something unexpected. I hope she'll like it. I also need to go out with her for some window shopping so I can look for some of my gym needs and give her a hint on my wish list. Which also reminds me, we never get to bond now. I miss the dates we had. Sometimes being together only on a weekend is not enough.

Oh well... That's all for now! Off to dreamland!

P.S. While the work out is fun, the diet is not. It is not easy to eat a veggie salad or some fruits while you see all your house mates eating a combination of beef stew and bone marrow soup. It was a TORTURE for me.