Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dear Santa

Listening to: Deftones - Diamond Eyes (2010 Diamond Eyes)

Right now, I feel: Excited!

Hi there! I am back and so happy to be here again!

Well, here are some of the snippets of the things that happened in the past weeks:

- Work is somehow busy, fun and info overload. It made my head hurt sometimes.
- Meeting new friends is really awesome. Especially when I feel that I can really be me with no restrictions. Just pure fun all the way.
- Thanks to my colleague/friend for giving me this awesome coffee experience!
- I am still stuck at the 250 pound range but my fats are really burning. I sweat a lot and it made my excess fats in my stomach and chest sag. I look like bigger now but I feel better.
- I worked out yesterday and I was able to finish a 3 sets of a batch work out for ten minutes and it includes 5 exercises. It really made me sweat a lot!
- I was able to see a store where they sell cheap shoes. I can't wait to buy a pair!
- It was really heart breaking for NU 107 to be on a reformat. I couldn't sleep on the last night of their airing.
- Paranormal Activity 2 scared the shit out of me. Nuff said.

I have a letter to Santa since Christmas is near. And this is how it goes.

Dear Santa,

I am dying to write you for my wish. I don't mean to be this demanding but I guess I really really deserve to get if not all, at least any of these.

I wish for:
- A long board. A simple one will be enough.
- Arnold Arre's Martial Law Babies. I really like that book and the way his writing style is awesome!
- A head phones for my iPod. Mine broke already and I kinda miss listening to my music.
- New CDs will really be great too!
- I want a new camera and I am dying to get the Canon 5D or its upgraded version but a Canon D10 will be enough.
- I really wish for a Starbucks 2011 planner. I strated collecting one since 2007. But a simple planner will do.
- I want the new HTC phones. The Desire HD and the HD7. But the Nokia E63 will be fine for now.
- I wish I can take my girl to Boracay next year. She really wanted to but due to some work constraints. I am not sure if I can.
- Boracay or a La Union trip for surfing will be nice.
- But if you can let me go to Siargao will be a blessing!

I know the list is long but at least have a way for some kind people to realize that giving me a gift that I really like will be one of the greatest joys I will cherish for the rest of my life.

I know this is too much to ask but I would also like to wish for a few more.

- World peace
- More disciplined drivers, commuters and well.... more disciplined people will do.
- A better transportation system here in the country will really be great too.
- I wish that people will stop dissing other people. They should just know how to respect others.
- A little love will be really great too.

That's all Santa. I really wish for these to happen. If not on Christmas day, at least in the future.


Baby Boy

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Listening to: Phil Collins - In the Air Tonight (1981 Face Value)

Right now, I feel: Excited!

Yes, I am excited for a lot of things. 1st after my 1st week of going to the gym, I now weigh at 252 pounds. My weight when I started was at 258 pounds. And despite the fact that I had a rice meal last Saturday and Wednesday, and also having siopao and some meat for two times. I shred a huge amount of weight in span of just 6 days. I missed my Wednesday session since I have to go to the office for some contract signing and other important matters.

Speaking of work, I will officially start tomorrow. I won't put much details on where or what company I'll be working. The only thing I can say is that I wish it will be promising and it will be a job that I can stay for a long time. I am excited to meet new people and have lots of fun.

I was so excited about work that I started to buy foods that I can bring so I won't have to buy one. I bought the ones I can eat of course. Some wheat breads, small crackers, cereal bars. I also bought some cereals and milk for my breakfast.

A new adventure begins! See you in Libis!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Game time!

Listening to: Alicia Keys - Piano & I (2001 Songs in A Minor)

Right now, I feel: Pain all over my body!

It's good to be blogging again. This is the same way I feel when I opted to work out again.

The gym time was nice. It was a new way for me to meet people and have fun. I am beginning to be more sociable while working out. I was a loner kind of gym member and the only companion I had before was my iPod. But since I am doing some intense work out, I am not using them anymore, thus makes me talk to the people around me.

The work outs I have differs everyday. So at the very least, my body keeps on adjusting into it, thus requiring more effort to do and making me sweat more than I used to. The only draw back is that my muscles begins to tighten and it hurts.

I will be having a work starting next week I guess. I have to go to the office for some contract signing and they will give me instructions as when exactly and where my 1st day (which is an orientation I presume) will be held. As far as I know, I will report to work on the 22nd of October. I'm so excited!

My girlfriend and I are planning to have a set of wish list that we need to give to each other. So we can buy our gifts. And speaking of gifts. I had a surprise for her. I have 2 gifts in minds. One gift will be coming from the list, while the other is not. It is something unexpected. I hope she'll like it. I also need to go out with her for some window shopping so I can look for some of my gym needs and give her a hint on my wish list. Which also reminds me, we never get to bond now. I miss the dates we had. Sometimes being together only on a weekend is not enough.

Oh well... That's all for now! Off to dreamland!

P.S. While the work out is fun, the diet is not. It is not easy to eat a veggie salad or some fruits while you see all your house mates eating a combination of beef stew and bone marrow soup. It was a TORTURE for me.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ask me anything!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Diet mode

Listening to: Kenny Loggins - Footloose (1984 Footloose Soundtrack)

Right now, I feel: Optimistic

So it has been 3 days since I am on a diet. No meats for me. No pork, beef and chicken. The only thing that I can eat as far as what the doctor advised me are fish and veggies (steamed only) and some fruits.

So in my quest to be on a diet, I started to buy some stuff at the Nepa Q-mart market. I asked our helper to come with me. I always liked going to the market. I think I am one of the rare boys who goes there and enjoy buying their food there. I used to go with our helper whenever I have the chance since I was a kid. Once we arrived at the market, I bought some carrots, potatoes, lime and lettuce. I also had some melons and papaya for my fruits. And to wrap my marketing adventure I bought some tuna and lapu-lapu for my meat.

I can have fish as long as it is cooked as soup (it use less oil) and steamed only. So I had a tuna's head cooked as miso soup. Then I started to go to the gym. Since I opted to have my work outs in the afternoon, I opted to had more consumption of food by lunch time. When I say more consumption it means I had 1 cup of rice and my viand. The only thing I ate for the last 3 days was the food itself. No rice included. I had rice so I have the energy.

I still have my oats every breakfast. So when Saturday came, I asked my girlfriend to do some groceries and I bought some Skyflakes, the Quaker Oats' Honey nuts oatmeal cookies and this awesome cereal bars from Kellogg's. I had the Blueberry and the Strawberry flavors. I could have picked my usual snack bar which is the Raisin flavored oatmeal bar from Quaker Oats but the Kellogg's Special K was in a special price in SM Makati. I had 12 pieces for less than 200 pesos.

I also bought some dressings for my veggies as I plan turn them into salad. Eating them steamed is really boring. I am looking for some nice and healthy salad dressings. So give me any ideas if you have one!

In my own opinion, if you know that the food is too sweet for your diet to just plain too much for you, just eat it regularly. In my case, I can't have meat for now. But when the time comes, I'll have them in moderation.

For now I gotta enjoy my diet foods.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Listening to: Kylie Minogue - Chocolate (2003 Body Language)

Right now, I feel:Sleepy...zzzzZZzzzz.....

Yep, it has been more than a month. So sorry about that. Well, I've been busy the past few months doing nothing. Well maybe it just came to a point that I have an idea that I want to write or blog about, but I am just too LAZY to do it. Sometimes thinking a lot makes you lazy.

Well, the reason why I am blogging at this moment is that I have some updates about my life and maybe some views I would like to share with you.

- It has been 3 weeks now, that I have been properly sleeping. I mean, sleeping on or before 8-10 pm and getting up around 5-7 am. After 7 years, I am able to be a morning person again. And it was great!

- If you want to experience hell without killing yourself. Try to renew your NBI clearance and get your SSS ID at the same day. I started my day at 7 am and finished it at around 4 pm. All for just 2 fucking IDs. Imagine, I went to SSS and my number was 999. The number that was just called was 547. Nice huh.

- Why is it that when a lady poses for FHM or other girl magazines, they are already called models? Well they do pose for advertisements, but for an adult product and you call that modeling???

- I had a job already! Surfboard, here I come!

- And speaking of having a job, I had this pre-employment medical screening. I thought I would just aced it like before. But I was advised to have a fit to work clearance. Like WTF?!? I need to get a medical certificate that I am fit to work because of my class 2 obesity. Plus the fact that my family has this history of having major illnesses (diabetes, cancer, heart attacks, etc.), it became a plus factor for me to get one. I went to the clinic where I had my pre-employment medical screening and my ECG was fine and so does for my blood chemistry. However, the only thing that has changed is that I have now a fatty liver, my cholesterol is normal but within the limit. So does my bad cholesterol which made my good one hit an all time low.

- So I had no choice but to have a diet of fish and veggies and some fruits. The rules of my diet is just simple. All must me cooked by steam and no frying. Sucks to be me this time

- Which made me somehow quit drinking and lessen my smokes. Luckily I can still control myself to having a stick in a day. It is much better than having my regular intake of half a pack per day.

- Which made me decide to enroll in a gym. Had my workout last night and today. And it felt good actually to be back and feeling the pain and sweating a lot.

Sometimes, you need to be in deep shit before you do something to get out of it.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The things I miss

Listening to: The Who - Sparks (1969 Tommy)

Right now, I feel: Busog!

It has been 8 days since I haven't been into this realm. Well technically it's more than that but I have been busy looking for a job to blog things that are brewing up my head.

Then all of a sudden, I just felt this certain hole in me that needs to be filled. So I am making a list of the things I miss now.

1. I miss taking photos. I have took some shots for quite a while now. Though the last time I went to my aunt's farm in Amadeo, Cavite and the monthly Terno Inferno gig gave me the chance to do it again. I just wish I can fill in my hard drive with memories that are fun to look at.

2. I miss having a job. The ones that makes me buys the things I want. And right now, I have tons of things to want.

3. I miss my O2 XDA Zinc phone. The geek in me is coming out again as I drool for a Windows Mobile 6.5 powered HTC HD2 and the Android 2.1 (Eclair) powered HTC Desire. But right now I am just holding to my temptations as newer version of Windows Phone 7 (Photon) and the 2.2 Android (Froyo) phones are about to come out. If only the phones I want as of now can be upgraded to the said newer phone OSes, I'll really have them. Rumors spreading around though seems that it is impossible to happen. Heck even HTC say they have plans to have updates to their Desire phones but the year is almost to end and still no update. Boohoo!

3. I miss going to the gym. I just can't afford to go for now. I am just sticking to a certain diet though.

4. I miss listening to music. The old school or classics one. Not that I don't like the music today. But the music of before is way better. Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Paramore... pfft! I'd rather have Simon and Garfunkel, Tears for Fears, Def Lepard and Run DMC making some noise in my room, making me deaf in the process.

5. And I miss having those "just the two of us" nights. I just feel so deprived right now of.... I just miss having some quality time. Nuff said.

Oh well, I just have to hit the bed or maybe run for a while. Or maybe.... I just wish all the things I miss now will come! I need a lamp with a genie on it.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Give it to me!!!

Listening to: Elton John - Tiny Dancer (1971 Madman Across the Water)

Right now, I feel:Anxious

Hello there again! It has been a week since I blogged. I don't really have anything going on for the past week except for I have been looking for a job. I tried applying for any job as long as it is a day shift one.

I wasn't really into the professional world again. But the geek and gadget freak in me suddenly consumes me after seeing some phones I love.

I tried to look for jobs from the call center type to sales. Sometimes it is tiring going around the metro just to look for work then come home empty handed.

I just wish one day I'll hear someone telling me that I'll start working for them instead of we'll call you cliche.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Would you rather own a luxury yacht or a private jet?

Luxury Yacht. I love the sea so much.

Ask me anything!

What's your favorite sport?

I don't really have a favorite sport since, I don't really devote myself into one. But you can say that basketball will be my main course.

Ask me anything!

Do you believe in angels?

Yep, I do believe in angels in religious and romantic kind of way.

Ask me anything!

What's the origin of your name?

Wow! Thanks for asking this one! Well, it started when I was working at the age of 19 and I was the youngest in the account. People also noticed how goofy and childish I was thus being called Baby Boy.

Ask me anything!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gutom me!

Listening to: Narda - 100 Taon (2006 Discotillion) Right now, I feel:Starving!

I am so hungry right now. Even if I had my dinner already, I still feel like my stomach is still empty. I always tell to my stomach (feeling that it has some sort of monster in it) that "we just ate!" every time I feel hungry.

It has been 7 months since the last time I went to the gym. Since I always forgot about renewing my membership and that blasted car accident, I totally forgot about it. It even made me go back to my eat-all-you-can-till-you-die mind set of eating.

The result: I am now back to 250 plus pounds. So I have to REALLY loose weight this time. And I can't believe that my goal is this:

It's hard to go to that I deal weight of 160 lbs. I thought 170-180 pounds will be OK for me. But the ideal weight of 160 lbs. is well, too much for me I guess.

But still, a target is a target and I still need to hit it. I might miss a lot but I will hit it. I need to. So let the sweat enduring work out begin! Again.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

New adventure begins.

Listening to: Musicl O - Liger (2009 Debutante) Right now, I feel:

Dear Blog,

I am somehow happy about what is going on now. At least I am glad to know that things get fixed. I just wish this would go on and on. I really hate when things go chaotic.

Sure things might get awry but at least I am ready to face them bit by bit. With lesser stress in mind and with more patience. I gotta admit I have faults too and I am really sorry for that.

I am glad we got a chance to talk about it and patch things up. I still remember the friends who told me to glean the lessons from such experiences. I still have a lot of things to learn and sometimes, I have to take it one step at a time. I gotta go back into believing that "patience" is a virtue.

Still a new chapter closes and a new one has opened. Let's move on and look for the brighter side of life. Thank you Lord for giving me another life.

Much love,

Baby Boy

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Moving on

Listening to: Up Dharma Down - Sana (2008 Bipolar)

Right now, I feel: Sad

Dear Charo,

Ang sakit sobra! (It hurts so much!) Nuff said.

Oh well, I have been through this and enough with the drama. All I gotta do is just pick myself up and move on. It hurts of course, but I just can't stop myself from doing anything or brood myself just for the fact that my heart is broken for the nth time.

Sure 3 years is too long already. You start to expect things will go smoothly or maybe according to your plan. You start to set expectations and at the same time plan more. And such break up after that long time can be devastating but what can I do? I can't cry the rest of my life, nor spend the sleepless nights listening to something that can made me cry or be nostalgic about it.

I have been through a lot. A hell lot of it. It made me change my views and how I see life as it is now. So let me close this chapter and bid it goodbye as I greet a new one as I start to open it and write something new.

Let the bumpy ride begin.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

My new inspiration

Listening to: Shiny Toy Guns - Le Disko (Boys Noize Vocal Mix) (2009 Girls Le Disko: The Remixes)

Right now, I feel: Tired and pissed

Yeah I am tired and pissed the past months. I remember the shout out I posted on my facebook that I need anger management therapy. I guess it's still my stand. I get so mad and I can really be mad. The Incredible Hulk will be no match compared to my rage. But I am trying to control it. It's not like I am the violent type of person when I get mad, I just nag more and MTRCB will definitely ban me if I am on TV and keep on cursing the heavens.

So instead of blabbering about how pissed I am today. I'd rather be happy with my new toy.

Yep, it's a Victoria Skimboard. I got interested in this sport when I was planning what activities to do in Boracay. I had one made of wood that I bought in Boracay but I want a foam type one.

Now I have a reason to slash down my weight to 170-180 pounds. Since this board has a weight limit. It's not that It will break but it will just sink right away.

Thanks mom for this one! Next toy on the list: A surf board!

Would you rather be rich or famous?

I'd rather be famous. If I am then I can be rich. =)

Ask me anything!

Do you believe in luck?

Yes. But I don't based everything or depend on it.

Ask me anything!

Monday, August 02, 2010

From the vault #5

Listening to: Twisted Halo - Closed Captioned (2003 In Loving Memory of the Fearless Exploits of the Bolo Brigade)

Right now, I feel: Mad

It's August and time flies really fast. After this month comes the so called "ber" months!
But what makes me excited for this month is I get another chance to see the monthly gig of Terno Inferno. It is a gig that showcase the talents of the bands from the record label Terno Recordings. Sometimes, other bands that not from the said label performs as guest too. The gig happens every month. Here are some photos I took from the past gigs.

Japoy Barrientos of Not Another Boy Band

Brian Josef of The Charmes

Ponchie Buenavista of Encounters With a Yeti

Sleepwalk Circus
Getting plastered while watching gigs is heaven for me.
And being friends with the band members who you love is really the price every night.

It was a great time to see the bands you like or maybe see some new bands I haven't heard of. But the greatest prize is getting to know these people and be friends with them. From music to giggly jokes, everything is being shared and having fun.

Great music, great place and very nice people. This is the reason why I love the indie scene. And don't forget the tons of booze you hammer yourself as an additional reason.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dear Blog (Halo-Halo espesyal #15)

Listening to: Sound - Blue Monsoon (2006 Blue Monsoon)

Right now, I feel: A little bit confused and a little bit excited.

Dear Blog,

I am so sorry that I have neglected you in such a long time. I know it has been months since I haven't written anything and that it's been an ongoing issue for both of us. There will be months when I write to you often, sometimes once of twice and worst is that I don't write to you at all. 

It has been a cycle for both of us that I feel guilty about. Sure, it seems like you don't really mind me not writing to you but sometimes I wonder if you don't mind or you just became numb about it. I know how it feels when someone dear or close to you doesn't keep in touch. I would be shouting like The Incredible Hulk whenever I don't receive a text message from my girlfriend or to anyone I sent a message to. And my anger won't fade away even if someone replied to me.

You see, I've known you for so long you are a friend of mine. not to know how you feel. You are my digital confidant. A keeper of my secrets and someone who I can run to anytime I want to rant or just shout. Whether I am happy or sad.

I miss you so much that it hurts me to ignore you for sometimes. Yeah, you know me. I am somehow lazy whenever I feel down or so busy with something else. Rest assured though that you are in my thoughts most of the time. I intend to write to you before but... Oh well, sometimes I tend to be lazy about it and I forget doing it the next day.

Let me make it up to you. Here are some thoughts I have in my mind now that at least I can share to you.

1. I am still scared to drive. Sure it was fun ridding and driving an ATV or a personal water craft  (Jet Ski as what most people call  it.) in Boracay but it still gave me the jitters. The vehicular accident on the early morning of February 16, 2010 still haunts me. The car I am driving is in almost total wreck condition. I still don't have the guts to take the wheel again.

2. Dan Gilbert (owner of NBA team Cleveland Cavaliers) and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is gay. Nuff said.

3. Encounters with a Yeti. Nope, I didn't encountered one. It's a name of a band that I am beginning to love. The name suits their music; very rare. I was great to be friends with this guys. I always see them in the monthly Terno Inferno gigs. I'll tell you more about them soon.

4. I miss the beach. I fell in love with it and as to what it offers. Don't get me wrong, you're still on top of my list but this one is making its way up. The serene and calmness it gives me really rejuvenates my soul.

5. As I fell in love with the beach, so does skimboarding. I was just amazed with it. After having my 1st skimboard which I bought from Boracay, I became interested in catching and riding bigger waves. Surfing became my next target of interest. And I can't get some waves, a friend of mine invited me to ride some "asphalt waves". That's where longboarding came in. I need to trim down so I can find gears that can handle my weight. These boards have weight capacity and it's harder to get one that suits my current weight. Which is why....

6. I need to loose a lot of weight. I was able to bring my weight down to 240 lbs. from 260 lbs. in 3 months.Unfortunately, I wasn't able to continue my gym activities and the diet. I really need something to motivate me and I hope that the said 3 will be the driving force. My goal: to reach 180 lbs. 170 lbs. will be better if I can do it.

7. I am longing to work again. I am just bored here staying at home. I will explain more about this.

I really miss you Blog. I am sorry for taking you for granted. Let me also thank you for all the years that you stayed with me.

Much love,

Baby Boy

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Listening to: Razorback - Minsan Lang (2003 Razorback)

Right now, I feel:STARVING!!!

I accidentally found a piece of paper in my planner. It was a poem I made around February or March I guess, well I can't really remember. But what I remember is that I made it on the spot for someone who is so deeply in love with a guy that is not treating her right.

I read it and decided to add some more lines.


Bakit ako manhid?
Bakit hindi ko matanggap na ang lahat ay naibigay ko na?
Na ako ay pagod na at bulag na sa katotohanan.
Kahit anino ko ay hindi ko na makita.

Bakit ang dilim?
Kahit na dama ko ang sikat ng araw.
Sa gitna ng init
Dama ko pa din ang lamig ng pag-iisa

Bakit puro na lang pasakit?
Kahit na pinipilit kong maging masaya
Nakatago pa din ang lumbay sa likod ng aking mga ngiti
Dahil ikaw ang nagbibigay sa akin ng sakit

Friday, June 04, 2010


Listening to: Death Cab For Cutie - Soul Meets Body (2005 Plans)

Right now, I feel: Overwhelmed

Finally! I am done with merging all my blogs into one. It was hard since I have to convert the XML files of my old blogs since they came from my friendster accounts. I tried to do it before but it wasn't possible. Thanks to Google for developing apps for converting my blogs!

It was funny to see my old post. I can't imagine I have started this thing since 2005. It showed me, somehow, how I became to be. How I changed. From the way I write, the way I see things and especially I have moved on from the pain of the past that haunts me.

It somehow made me realized that I still have a lot of things to go through and I just need to toughen up day by day. I am happy with what I had before and I am happier with what I have now.

I somehow miss the blogosphere. It's time for me to get back and see what I missed.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Last hurrah for the summer!

Listening to: Foals - The Orient (2010 Total Life Forever)

Right now, I feel: Sleepy

Baby Boy invades Boracay!
Finally a new blog post! After 3 months of on a hiatus, I am finally back.

I will blog what happened as why I took a long LOA from blogging. For now I am all excited to share our trip to Boracay.

It is our first time to be in Boracay. We stayed from May 20 to 24. We stayed in Azul Boracay in station 1 which is near Holy Rosary Church and just across Willy's Beach Club. It was pure beach fun for 5 days! Here is how things go day by day.

The planning stage: We always wanted to go there a couple of years back. It started when we went to Vistamar in Anilao, Batangas last 2007. My girlfriend Ayann and I made it to a point to be out of town every year. In 2008 we went to Morong, Bataan and Baguio. Then in 2009 we went to Anangawin cove in Zambales. So we planned to be in Boracay by 2010. It became a plan when February came. Ayann decided to take a plan to Iloilo and ride a bus to Caticlan. Since the airfare is cheaper going there and it will be a road trip as well, I agreed to that route. We had everything ready. We bought stuff from clothes to the basic things that we need to bring.

A day before our flight, we did a last minute shopping for our beach sandals since our old ones are already in bad shape. We just had a nap and met up the same night since our flight will be 4:45 am. We have to be a couple of hours before our flight in NAIA Terminal 3. The airport was too big for domestic flights and for Cebu Pacific to use it. I wish it will be the place for international flights. It will be better.

Day 1: As I have said earlier, we opted for the longer route in getting to Boracay. We choose the Iloilo-Kalibo-Caticlan route. Besides the fact that it is cheaper, it is also an opportunity for me to get a glimpse of the Iloilo and other places I can see while en route to Boracay. We landed in Iloilo airport at 5:20 am and went to Jaro to get to Tagbac terminal where we rode a Ceres bus going to Caticlan. I saw the SM Iloilo there and was surprised at how small the mall is. It's almost half the size of Ali Mall in Cubao. We arrived in Boracay around 2:40 pm. Walked around till we reached D'Mall. We choose to have our lunch in Mang Inasal since we're starving and didn't have enough time to look for a cheaper resto. Slept the whole day and walked from Station 1 till Station 3 at night. We took some pictures of the sand castles along the way. We took pictures of anything that are interesting thus giving me this "real" tourist vibe. Ate at Andok's in Station 3 and called it a night.

Day 2: We got up around 5 am after sleeping at around 2:30 am. We walked from Station 1 to Diniwid where we able to see Nami beach. We almost got lost walking around since we thought getting to the main road was easy. Luckily we got a trike and decided to meet up Ayann's cousin. Dropped in Ecoville and went to Ate Gee Ann's (Ayann's cousin) apartment. After that we went to my sister's room in Boracay Tropics to see them. Walked around D'Mall and bought my pasalubong already. We had lunch at Jonah's as per the recommendation of Ate Gee Ann. The fruit shakes and food are great! Went to Smoke resto for our dinner and saw some fire dancers in Sand Bar. Met Ate Gee Ann and her family while there and we chilled in Pat’s Creek Bar. Walked back to our room and saw another batch of fire dancers. We called it a night and slept at around 1 am.

Day 3: Got up around 6 am and had our breakfast in our room. We walked in Station 2 where we stayed at our usual spot near Gasthof since the people who sell and rent skimboards are there. I was advised to be back there by 8 am so he can teach me the basics of skimboarding. I really want to have one but he was selling me an expensive one. The skimboard people didn’t show up. Instead, a local guide offered us for some boat riding and other activities. I told him we’ll take a look since we already asked someone to be our guide. After a few minutes another man approached us telling that his cousin who we talked to previously referred us to him. He offered us a better deal and cheaper rates too. Ayann and I agreed to have Marlon be our guide for the rest of our stay in Boracay. My sister has been inviting us to go parasailing so when I found out that Marlon is offering me a better rate, I called her to meet up. We also saw Gian since he called me on our 2nd night telling me that he’ll be going to Boracay too. We did the parasailing and helmet diving. The view while in parasailing was great! It made me dizzy though since I was looking down the beach too much. The dizziness got worst when we waited for our turn in helmet diving. But it was a fun for us. Starving, we ate somewhere (we forgot the name though) but didn’t like the service and food. We decided to spend the whole day in White beach instead of going back to our room and rest while waiting for our ATV session. I tried to rent a skimboard for an hour but I was advised that I can’t skim that much since it was high tide. But still, I was taught the basics. It was really hard to do skimboarding. But I really wanted to learn that. Went to Bulabog beach and had our ATV ride there. We went to Puca beach, the butterfly garden with a fruit bat in Fairways Bluewater and at the Tanawin apartment for a view of the whole Island. We weren’t able to go to Mt. Luho since there has been rumors that the owner of the ATV had a conflict with the owner of the park inside Mt. Luho. On our way back we saw the skimboard being sold for 2,000 pesos only. I have been thinking about buying it since the other day and I decided to get it. I had my skimboard finally! We had dinner in Big Mama’s and had our usual fix of coffee at Starbucks. We called it a night after checking the net in D’Mall.

Day 4: Got up around 6 am. Went to our usual spot in Station 2 and tried to kill time while waiting for Marlon for our Jet Ski session. Ayann swam for a while and I tried to skimboard. It was still difficult, I find it hard to balance and time my landing at the board. I really need to loose weight this time but skimboarding will be my new sport. We met Marlon and went to the Jet Ski spot. I thought it was hard to ride it but it was easy to learn it as it only has an accelerator and it will stop if you release it. It was scary a bit especially when it slams at the waves. But I really love it when it goes fast and I learned to maneuver it when it hits the waves. I extended for another 30 minutes and it was worth it. I learned to ride the Jet Ski while standing. The Jet Ski I rented was fast. I even had the accelerator only at its half of its potential. Marlon said I got a Jet Ski with a 1000 cc while Ayann had a 700 cc type. I love it and I really want to do it again. It was just a pain in the legs afterwards. It was costly to rent it (1,800 pesos per person for 30 minutes). But at 7,200 pesos for the 2 of us for an hour, it was all worth it. I will be back wanting for more. Jet ski is my new water sport, even though it's expensive. After that, Marlon invited us to have lunch by the beach since it was his daughter’s birthday, we had pancit and chicken. Marlon invited me to have a beer session and met his cousin Homer (the previous person who offered us to be our guide) and the rest of his family. It was the first time I had a Gold Eagle beer. The breeze was cool enough for me to drink the beer even without the ice. We had 2 cases of it while watching people do kite boarding and windsurfing. Ayann had her hair braided while we’re planning where to go for dinner. Marlon told us that we can just buy food at the Talipapa and they’ll just cook it for us. We had dinner in their place, even though I have a hang over from the afternoon’s beer session the food was great. Inihaw na pusit, talakitok and liempo were on the menu. We also had buttered prawns and sinigang na ulo ng lapu-lapu. After the dinner we walked around D’Mall and met Gian and took some pictures with him. We stayed in Starbucks for our coffee and headed to Margarita Rock lounge to have some Vodka. I liked the place for its chill out and beach music it is less crowded than the ones in Guilly’s or Club Paraw. We called it a night afterwards.

Day 5: We got up around 7 am, still tired from yesterday’s activities. I don’t want to get up as it was already our last day. I just feel like I wanna doze off the rest of the day and extend for another day or two. Ayann got up first and started to pack her things and set the food for our breakfast. As I got up, I ate and pack my things too. The care taker of the hotel we stayed in told us that we can stay up until 3 pm. So we decided to have our lunch at Big Mama’s and met Gian to exchange stories as to how thing go during our stay. After the lunch and the last minute pasalubong shopping at D’Mall, we decided to leave at 2 pm. Our route this time was Caticlan then to Kalibo. We got to Kalibo around 5 pm but our flight got delayed. We saw Gian there too and he told me that they were supposed to have a 5 pm flight in Caticlan but the wind was too strong and the bigger planes find it hard to land on the short runway of Caticlan airport. So almost all of the flights from Caticlan got transferred to Kalibo thus making the runway be congested like EDSA. We got to our flight around 7 pm and arrived in Manila by 8:20 pm. I got home around 9:40 pm and I called it a night.

Ayann got his tan while I got burned up. I really want to be a dark as a chocolate and I really do enjoy being under the sun. 5 days doesn’t seem to be enough for me and Ayann. We decided to be back by December but we opted to choose March next year so we can have more time to prepare and more time to save money for the next trip.

I can’t wait to be back there. I already miss the food and the nice people I met there. I suddenly feel in love with the place. I appreciate its beauty and flaws. Our local guide Marlon told me to let him know when we’ll be back and he’ll accommodate us again. He was really a nice fella. As of now my girlfriend and I always talk about our stay in that island paradise and how we long for it. Boracay, we’ll be back and it will be a BLAST!!!

For the rest of the pictures, you can check out the albums I made in facebook here. You can also check part 2 and 3 from my facebook here and here.

Here are some sample pics of our stay in Boracay.

My girl Ayann and I enjoying the beach.

Our favorite drinks and cakes.

Marlon, our local guide in Boracay.

Riding a Jet ski was addicting!

The grotto in Station 1 during sunset. Shot by Ayann.

During our ATV tour.

The most relaxing place during the night time.

My new skimboard!

Parasailing time!

Our favorite place to kill time or unwind.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Listening to: The xx - VCR (2009 The xx)

Right now, I feel: Totally blank

Sorry for such a hiatus guys. I am just going through something right now. The whole month of January made me busy and while February was supposed to be my month, things aren't going the way I expect it to be. Add the incident I had this week and it is somehow traumatizing. I feel isolating myself for now.

Takot ako humawak ng manibela, takot ako sumakay sa kahit anong sasakyan. Sumakay man ako, todo dasal ako ngayon.

Sorry guys and the new people reading my blog, please bear with me for now. I hope you will visit this blog more.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Zombie mode

Listening to: Encounters With a Yeti - Alloys Bring The Future Closer (2010 Demo)

Right now, I feel: Insomniac

I can't sleep. The problem is that there's a lot of things coming in and out of my head. Here are my random thoughts right now.

2009 nostalgia. New music discoveries (The xx, Encounters With a Yeti, Passion Pit, etc.)
Can't wait for silvefilter's upcoming album.
Getting pissed at someone. Must be patient and just let the bitch be. She is not worth my time.
Girlfriend. I miss my girlfriend in an emotional and adult kind of way.

3 more days and back to school again. Accounting - I just hate it!
PSP, playing Finaly Fantasy VII.

Project 365??? Where is my camera? I miss doing photography.

Old game post in facebook - deleted.

Music is my food for the soul. Going old school mode. Got all albums of Joy Division, New Order and The Smiths.

I won't be playing Magic: The Gathering though I really wanted to.

I am hungry again. McDo or Angel's burger???

I need the money now mom for my tuition fees. My allowance too!

Night out with friends this Saturday, will try to meet gf later if I have the moolah, will see gf on Sunday. Hectic

Tired but not yet sleepy.

Hair is not getting longer that I expect. Should I cut it? Shave it? Heck!

I miss Vanilla Ice. LSS=Stop That Train. Weird but it is still music to my ears.

Haiti struck with an earthquake. So sad.

Project 365??? Wait, I said that already! Ugh!

Trese comic books are awesome!

Should finish World Without Superman book. But I knew that Superman didn't die.

I'll be 26 in 2 weeks and 5 days. CDs or graphic novels as a gift is greatly appreciated.

My TVJ Tough Hits Vol. 5 is missing. Aaaaaaaaaaa!

Bora or Galera? CamSur? I just want to go somewhere far.

Photos not yet organize, so does my MP3s!

Not yet ready going back to school but I am excited.

Traci Lords or Maria Ozawa? Jenna Jameson!

Civic or Jazz? I'll just go for Pajero! Hahahahaha!

WTF happened to Blend45?

To blog or to tweet? facebook or Friendster?

I want to sleep. I really can't!

Bye bye!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A decade under the influence (A Halo-Halo espesyal #14 year end special)

Listening to: Siouxsie and the Banshees - The Killing Jar (1998 Peepshow)

Right now, I feel: Optimistic

All right! Finally I am back into blogging. I know it has been more than a month and I have been busy or maybe I am just lazy to blog. But then, I have now the time and the urge to blog. Oh well I am now making any sense in my first paragraph so let's jump onto the second, shall we?

2009 is a good year for me if I wanna look at the brighter side of it. Though, most months are quite a challenge and full of trials some moments are meant for keeps. Even if it is a oh-so-happy or oh-so-sad moments, it is worth keeping them to remind me that I grew up and I surpassed all of them.

And a decade had passed already! Time really flies so fast. I just can't believe it.

Let's go back on the things that happened during 2009 by months that I can, so far remember on my own personal perspective.

January - It was the month that gave a sign to hope for something better. I have a friend for 6 years that I haven't talked to for 2 years. Finally, fate gave us a chance and I broke the silence. We talked, catch up with the time lost. It was nice to know that even if there was a gap for 2 years, a friend will always be your friend no matter what happened. It was also my first new year to spend with my girlfriend only. We are living together in Bangkal, Makati. It was a hell of a time for us living together. It was HARD! You have to do the chores before you sleep, you don't even enjoy your day off since you have to do the laundry and the marketing. But it was fun still since I was able to do it with my girlfriend. We do things together and it gave our relationship a deeper meaning and a foreseeable future. Kulang nalang maligo kami ng sabay! =)

February - I was able to buy a PSP for me and my girl, my girlfriend bought me the Watchmen graphic novel. I had the first volume of Trese. My love for comics and graphic novels was born.

March - I had some personal problems that I tried to keep up with. I tried to be away as far as I can just to keep my sanity or maybe just to think things through.

April - I struggled on keeping things together, personal life and work life are hanging in a balance. I just feel like I want to disappear and be alone. Even my girl can't help me. But good thing that she keeps me sane during those times.

May - I started to feel so exhausted with the house-work-clean the house-do the laundry during your off-go to the market routine. I really need a break or maybe I should just start to focus on going back to school.

June - I resigned from my work due to a lot of reasons. Be it a relationship with my work environment turned sour or going back to school, I just need to find a new way to make my dreams come true. Also, after 3 years, my blog went active again. Thus my mom offered me a proposal I can't resist. Return to my sibling's apartment and she will pay for my studies so I can finish it and have my diploma. Another turning point in my life that I need to discuss with my girl since every step and decision I'll be doing from that point on, she'll be affected with it. It is not easy with her but we gave it a shot.

July - My sister gave birth to my niece who I fondly call Siopao.

August - I was able to watch the NIN concert with my friend Marvin. It was my first time to watch a foreign group and it was their last time to perform as well here in the country as Trent Reznor decided to end NIN. My mom arrived and it was fun time once again. I just miss her. I brought my girlfriend to saGuijo and we watch the Terno Inferno. I introduced her to my favorite band Up Dharma Down and my favorite recording label Terno Recordings. I was able to chat with the band and it was really great to know that these people still remembers me. This is the reason why I love the group so much. I was able to introduce my girlfriend to them and my girl liked them too. She also liked a group which we newly discovered, Encounters With a Yeti. I got my driver's license after not renewing it for 8 years. I was able to drive again.

September - Mom left back for the US but a new adventure starts as I tried to go back to the school I didn't like anymore. Or maybe I just feel like the school didn't want me. But it was put on hold as two major storm hit us like a crazy Ogre. Ondoy and Pepeng gave us hell. If the typhoon was not enough, a family was murdered in Makati. A place called Breadbox was now gone as the whole family who owned the place was murdered. It is a resto infront of saGuijo. Guijo St. in Makati will be a different this time.

October - I went on and volunteered at the Philippine National Red Cross. A way to thank the Lord for being safe and giving something back to the country, though I really hate due to its corrupt people (note: not government). I just feel that I need to share and do something. I started to pick up my girl from her office using the family car. I was able to drive often. Thank God the vehicle is in automatic transmission or else...

November - My small business started. Though it was on a trial run, it didn't seem like it will be a good thing for me to do this on a long term basis. Poor marketing strategy or maybe less demands due to the recent calamities made it to sell as cold as pancakes. I will think things through if I will continue it. It starts to be a bad month for me as arguments turns into fights and some actions begins to annoy me.

December - I started to feel optimistic about the month but it didn't last as more problems emerged. Even on Christmas and New Year's eve wasn't spared as problems gave me a reason to go a-la Hulk at those times. Good thing I got friends and a girl that at least keeps me on the tab.

It was a great year really for me. I learned a lot of things and will cherish them for keeps. I hope you too have great memories of 2009. No matter how bad it is for you, just look at it on the brighter side. Maybe, you will have a smile on your face that you have been longing for.

Next post will be the best of 2009. From my books, movies and music. So hold your horses for now.

Have a great and optimistic 2010!