Thursday, October 21, 2010


Listening to: Phil Collins - In the Air Tonight (1981 Face Value)

Right now, I feel: Excited!

Yes, I am excited for a lot of things. 1st after my 1st week of going to the gym, I now weigh at 252 pounds. My weight when I started was at 258 pounds. And despite the fact that I had a rice meal last Saturday and Wednesday, and also having siopao and some meat for two times. I shred a huge amount of weight in span of just 6 days. I missed my Wednesday session since I have to go to the office for some contract signing and other important matters.

Speaking of work, I will officially start tomorrow. I won't put much details on where or what company I'll be working. The only thing I can say is that I wish it will be promising and it will be a job that I can stay for a long time. I am excited to meet new people and have lots of fun.

I was so excited about work that I started to buy foods that I can bring so I won't have to buy one. I bought the ones I can eat of course. Some wheat breads, small crackers, cereal bars. I also bought some cereals and milk for my breakfast.

A new adventure begins! See you in Libis!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Game time!

Listening to: Alicia Keys - Piano & I (2001 Songs in A Minor)

Right now, I feel: Pain all over my body!

It's good to be blogging again. This is the same way I feel when I opted to work out again.

The gym time was nice. It was a new way for me to meet people and have fun. I am beginning to be more sociable while working out. I was a loner kind of gym member and the only companion I had before was my iPod. But since I am doing some intense work out, I am not using them anymore, thus makes me talk to the people around me.

The work outs I have differs everyday. So at the very least, my body keeps on adjusting into it, thus requiring more effort to do and making me sweat more than I used to. The only draw back is that my muscles begins to tighten and it hurts.

I will be having a work starting next week I guess. I have to go to the office for some contract signing and they will give me instructions as when exactly and where my 1st day (which is an orientation I presume) will be held. As far as I know, I will report to work on the 22nd of October. I'm so excited!

My girlfriend and I are planning to have a set of wish list that we need to give to each other. So we can buy our gifts. And speaking of gifts. I had a surprise for her. I have 2 gifts in minds. One gift will be coming from the list, while the other is not. It is something unexpected. I hope she'll like it. I also need to go out with her for some window shopping so I can look for some of my gym needs and give her a hint on my wish list. Which also reminds me, we never get to bond now. I miss the dates we had. Sometimes being together only on a weekend is not enough.

Oh well... That's all for now! Off to dreamland!

P.S. While the work out is fun, the diet is not. It is not easy to eat a veggie salad or some fruits while you see all your house mates eating a combination of beef stew and bone marrow soup. It was a TORTURE for me.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ask me anything!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Diet mode

Listening to: Kenny Loggins - Footloose (1984 Footloose Soundtrack)

Right now, I feel: Optimistic

So it has been 3 days since I am on a diet. No meats for me. No pork, beef and chicken. The only thing that I can eat as far as what the doctor advised me are fish and veggies (steamed only) and some fruits.

So in my quest to be on a diet, I started to buy some stuff at the Nepa Q-mart market. I asked our helper to come with me. I always liked going to the market. I think I am one of the rare boys who goes there and enjoy buying their food there. I used to go with our helper whenever I have the chance since I was a kid. Once we arrived at the market, I bought some carrots, potatoes, lime and lettuce. I also had some melons and papaya for my fruits. And to wrap my marketing adventure I bought some tuna and lapu-lapu for my meat.

I can have fish as long as it is cooked as soup (it use less oil) and steamed only. So I had a tuna's head cooked as miso soup. Then I started to go to the gym. Since I opted to have my work outs in the afternoon, I opted to had more consumption of food by lunch time. When I say more consumption it means I had 1 cup of rice and my viand. The only thing I ate for the last 3 days was the food itself. No rice included. I had rice so I have the energy.

I still have my oats every breakfast. So when Saturday came, I asked my girlfriend to do some groceries and I bought some Skyflakes, the Quaker Oats' Honey nuts oatmeal cookies and this awesome cereal bars from Kellogg's. I had the Blueberry and the Strawberry flavors. I could have picked my usual snack bar which is the Raisin flavored oatmeal bar from Quaker Oats but the Kellogg's Special K was in a special price in SM Makati. I had 12 pieces for less than 200 pesos.

I also bought some dressings for my veggies as I plan turn them into salad. Eating them steamed is really boring. I am looking for some nice and healthy salad dressings. So give me any ideas if you have one!

In my own opinion, if you know that the food is too sweet for your diet to just plain too much for you, just eat it regularly. In my case, I can't have meat for now. But when the time comes, I'll have them in moderation.

For now I gotta enjoy my diet foods.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Listening to: Kylie Minogue - Chocolate (2003 Body Language)

Right now, I feel:Sleepy...zzzzZZzzzz.....

Yep, it has been more than a month. So sorry about that. Well, I've been busy the past few months doing nothing. Well maybe it just came to a point that I have an idea that I want to write or blog about, but I am just too LAZY to do it. Sometimes thinking a lot makes you lazy.

Well, the reason why I am blogging at this moment is that I have some updates about my life and maybe some views I would like to share with you.

- It has been 3 weeks now, that I have been properly sleeping. I mean, sleeping on or before 8-10 pm and getting up around 5-7 am. After 7 years, I am able to be a morning person again. And it was great!

- If you want to experience hell without killing yourself. Try to renew your NBI clearance and get your SSS ID at the same day. I started my day at 7 am and finished it at around 4 pm. All for just 2 fucking IDs. Imagine, I went to SSS and my number was 999. The number that was just called was 547. Nice huh.

- Why is it that when a lady poses for FHM or other girl magazines, they are already called models? Well they do pose for advertisements, but for an adult product and you call that modeling???

- I had a job already! Surfboard, here I come!

- And speaking of having a job, I had this pre-employment medical screening. I thought I would just aced it like before. But I was advised to have a fit to work clearance. Like WTF?!? I need to get a medical certificate that I am fit to work because of my class 2 obesity. Plus the fact that my family has this history of having major illnesses (diabetes, cancer, heart attacks, etc.), it became a plus factor for me to get one. I went to the clinic where I had my pre-employment medical screening and my ECG was fine and so does for my blood chemistry. However, the only thing that has changed is that I have now a fatty liver, my cholesterol is normal but within the limit. So does my bad cholesterol which made my good one hit an all time low.

- So I had no choice but to have a diet of fish and veggies and some fruits. The rules of my diet is just simple. All must me cooked by steam and no frying. Sucks to be me this time

- Which made me somehow quit drinking and lessen my smokes. Luckily I can still control myself to having a stick in a day. It is much better than having my regular intake of half a pack per day.

- Which made me decide to enroll in a gym. Had my workout last night and today. And it felt good actually to be back and feeling the pain and sweating a lot.

Sometimes, you need to be in deep shit before you do something to get out of it.