Saturday, January 21, 2006

Ligawan sa Kanto

This is something I did November 12 of last year. Its about courting someone with a little sense of humor with it.

Ligawan Sa Kanto

Alas-onse ng gabi
Usapan nating tayo'y magtatagpo
Sa isang tindahan sa kanto
Kung saan tayo'y uupo

Titingin sa langit
Hinahanap ang pinaka maning-ning na bituin
Mangarap ng gising
Na ika'y akin

Hwak ang 'yong kamay
Ulo mo'y nakasandal sa aking balikat
Napapabuntong hininga
Dahil di ako masaya

Dun tayo sa kanto
Magligawan buong gabi
Kahit sa isang saglit
Ika'y mapasa akin
At isiping ako'y iniibig mo din

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


This one I made last November 11, 2005. I was doing this during my Rizal class and also on the way home while riding the MRT. Just want to try something different. Another social/political piece.


At ang katahimikan ang nangingibabaw
Sa katauhan mong uhaw sa katotohanan
Bawat kasinungalingan iyo na lang tinatangap

Kailan ka babangon?
Kailan mo bubuksan ang mata mo sa katotohanan?

Ika'y nakahandusay na parang walang buhay
Habang mga pangarap ng ibang tao
Ang bumubuo sa pagkatao mo
Na punung-puno ng kasa kasakiman at diskriminasyon

Isa kang ganid!
Isa kang trapo!

Ano ang silbi mo sa lipunan?
Kundi tapakan ang karapatan ng bawat isa
Sirain ang kanilang mga pagkatao
Pati ang mga kinabukasan at mga pangarap nila'y
Unti unti mong winawakasan

Kailan ka magbabago?
Kailan ka ba babangon sa kama ng korapsyon?
San patuntungo ang katulad mong manhid?
Kahit sigaw ng sambayanan ay di mo marinig

Sunday, January 15, 2006

2005's Top 10 Pinoy Rock Albums

Yup, you got it right. This is all about pinoy rock. Showing the top 10 albums that shook the pinoy rock scene (In my own view). But first let me elaborate the conditions where 1 album should be here in my top 10 list.

1. It should be released dunring 2005
2. At least a song or single from that album should be heard in radio stations.
3. I should have a copy of it.

Why should I have a copy of it? Coz if I'm gonna include an album that I don't have in my shelf, this top 10 would be biased. This might even show that I'm not listening to my CD collections or maybe hearing one single in a radio staion and I don't have a copy of that album will be a total bias. But then I will include some albums that should have make the top 10 and what to look for this year of 2006. So here we go!

10. Greyhoundz (Apoy) - Their self released album. This is the first time they made a DIY album and also the first album without Allen Cudal (RIP). Still the same band you heard before, with fierce and intense sounds. Got a good collaboration in the song Koro.

9. The Late Isabel (Doll's Head) - Fianlly, an album that everybody get thems in a high gear. Not because this band delivers sonic assualt on your ears. This is the first band to be in the Gothic rock genre (As far as I know) or the only one who released a full lenght album.

8. fuseboxx (fuseboxx) - One of the prominent bands that won the Red Horse Muziklaban. Their distinct sound of progressive rock, plus the use of the keys here are unique will definitely get your attenion.

7. Brownbeat (2 Week Panic!) - Before it was Put3Ska who was moving the ska scene in the country. After the band bisbanded, Skarlet continue to create ska with Brownbeat All-Stars. Now just called Brownbeat, though its only an EP (5 or more tracks) they still made a mark in the music scene that ska is here to stay.

6. Monsterbot (Rhomboids) - A very good indie album. Diego Mapa's playfull guitar effects and the synthetic and grove/funk effects of Carlo Navarro on the keys make this band worth to hear.

5. Pedicab (Tugish Takish and For Hire) - If you can consider a rock band with its not so rock sound, but a hybrid of disco and funk (which the band called as d'unk) atmosphere in every song. Then Pedicab is for you. Their online release album For Hire (from indieculture
) was a good one too. Though only 2 tracks, it shows what this band has to offer. A lot of fusion and experimental music. Good thing I got the For Hire album downloaded before the said site stopped distributing it.

4. Itchyworms (Noontime Show) - All about the life of peopl hooked on noon time shows. Every song just shows how to be a fan, stalker, studio contestant and how stupid these TV host can get and also their dancers.

3. Orange and Lemons (Strike Whilst The Iron Is Hot) - Whoever said that Pinoy Pop is dead is dead wrong. Yeah Pop or the OPM scene is saturated by revivals, winners from so-called reality singing contest and men turned gay pop stars. But this band really show the true meaning of Pop or OPM. Original Pinoy Music.

2. Kiko Machine (Kiko Machine) - A mix of funny and witty songs with ofcourse a rock attitude. This band really loves to be funny and be unique when it comes to their songwriting skills. Their wits really will make you laugh and admire them. From Pulp all the way to Gabi.

1. Dicta License (Paghilom) - This is the best album I got during 2005. Full of social awareness and political angst. Though the later one is not really visible in every word, but in every message it want to send to the youth or people. This time, the ubings really need to make a move for change. Very inspirational.

Albums that could have made it:
1. Drip (Far Side of The World) - One of Terno Recorings's best released album. A mix of house, chill-out, trip-hop and electronica makes this album great. Too bad it was released 2004.
2. Wolfmann (Diner) - Electronica at its finest (RIP Wilfred). Also realeased in 2004
Chillitees (Extra Rice) - Until now, their website said the album will be released next month. If this could have make it on time, this will definitely be a hit.
4. Johnny Alegre Affinity (Johnny Alegre Affinity) - Jazz. Pinoy Jazz at its best. I don't have a copy
5. Lampano Alley (Songs from the Alley) - Blues rock. Really cool. But released in 2003.
6. Gloc 9 (Ako si Gloc 9) - Lyrical Assault. Almost Twista rap style. Too bad I don't have a copy of this.

What to watch this year:
1. UpDharmadown - Will release their album this 28th at the Terno Au Go Go gig. (Crosses fingers)
2. Sino Sikat - A fusion of jazz, soul, funk and rock. People dub them as the Pinoy Soul of the music scene.
3. Juan Pablo Dream - No album yet. But they are definitely a very good 60's Soul musicians.
4. Sun Valley Crew - A hip-hop group turned band since the addition of Raimund Marasigan (Squid 9/Cambio/Pedicab/Sandwich) on the keys and Mong Alcaraz on guitars. I heard another one from a defunct band will be added. So let's see how this people will blend to bring good hip-hop beats

As you can see, 2005 was the greastes or maybe one of the best for most people for the pinoy music scene. Yeah all of the albums were rock. But if these musicians or artist will stop pigeonholing themselves in one genre and try to experiment what the fusion movement (Sino Sikat, UpDharmaDown, Daydream Cycle, Pedicab) is doing, the music scene here in the country will prosper. So let us just cross our fingers and see whats in store in 2006 for these artists.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Another on the spot

Another on the spot write up. I made this one for my Philippine Literature class last Wednesday as a seat work asked by our professor. Too bad the one I submitted to my professor was a short one, since I ran out of time. I did it first in my draft in my notebook and when I was done, I didn't have enough time to transfer them all. Well, here goes the seatwork.

January 11, 2005

To my dearest brother Joel,

It has been a decade since we parted ways. I just miss everything we do together. All the laughs and the petty fights we have up to the point that we were acting like deranged lunatics mobbing the whole house. Well, enough about the sentimental feelings. I am just writing to you to update you with what is going on about me, and to let out the sudden rage I am feeling over my Philippine literature class.

Well, its not that I hate it as much I do for the government. But it is just that I was surprised to have this seatwork right away on my first day of attending the class. Our professor asked us to do writing about our understanding and relevance of the said class in our lives. So pardon me, my dear brother for letting out this angst to you.

What is literature? I always ask that question to myself. From the time, I started to write poems in July of 2005 and making my first article last December of the same year. That question never leaves my head. It stayed on me like glue. I think about this as often as I exhale. Just now, I defined literature, in my own words, to be a work of art by someone in an abstract manner, showing emotions and even the logical concepts most people overlook. As you know, I try research more in what I do, for honing my skills and broaden my experience. Like photography, literature is an art. And it is truly relevant to me in some ways.

You may find it odd for a marketing management major student find literature to be relevant. Well in its simplest context, literature, the way I see it, develops one skill in writing. It makes me write down my thoughts rather than say it most of the time. You know that my course requires a lot writing for research and reports. So I find this subject to be helpful.

But what about Philippine literature? What significance will it give me? Will it change an aspect of my life? I just realized that it is significant to me. And this will help me to see more of my artistic side and to develop my skill in writing further. I need to learn more about this to know more about the style of writing of most Filipino writers. As long as its literature, I’ll read it and make that as one of my inspirations to write more. Just like Miyamoto Mushashi’s Book of the Five Rings and Bob Ong’s Ang Libro ni Judas, though I haven’t read the later book. I want to read and help me understand more about Philippine literature before and now. Sun Tzu’s Art of War is really a classic. I learned a lot from that book.

A lot of things have changed my brother. As I said, I practice my writing skills further. I even got interested in photography last March and some basic photo editing last October all in the same year. So imagine what I’m doing for the whole year and all of them sprung out like mushrooms in just one year. Now, I love them and it is a part of my life, like a daily routine to me. I even go to SM Megamall not to do some shopping or hit the arcades. I will go straight to the fourth floor to the art galleries there to see and observe some paintings, sculptures and photos. I’m so inspired with what I’m doing right now. The feeling is just overwhelming. I really love what I’m doing right now. This class will help me more in loving what I do. Right now, the angst fades away; I’m beginning to like this class now.

I’ll see you in the afterlife. I love you.

Joseph Brian E. Calimon

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Top 10 photos of 2005 (Taken by me)

Here are my top 10 photos of 2005. Since I started to like and love photography last March of 2005, I never stop in taking photos and harnessing my skills in the said field. You'll see more photos as soon as I'm finished compiling them in my photo albums. Watch out for it! I have choosen these pictures carefully. I will put a short description and I will show the dates and also where it was taken. I will also show what category each picture are (As far as I know). So here it goes:

10. Burn baby burn! One of the few pics I took when I was in Baguio. I just got inspired when I saw my ashtray filled up with cigarette butts and ashes. Taken at Starbucks Baguio. 8/27/2005. Category: Abstract and Macro.

9. The thin line between electrocution and flight. A photo of a bird resting (or whatever its doing there) in a electric wire cable. Taken at Los Angeles, California. 3/13/2005. Category: Nature

8. In search for pollen. One of the hardest photos I took. It took me 5 shots and 15 minutes to take the closest and very best shot I can get. Taken at St. Louis University, Baguio. 8/27/2005. Category: Macro and Nature.

7. The skin is old, but the smile is still ageless. My grandmom. I took this when I was in Baguio for a vacation. Taken at Baguio. 8/27/2005. Category: Portraiture.

6.Solitude unto the horizon. One of my favorite photos of the sunset and the beach. Taken at Santa Monica beach, California. 3/29/2005. Category: Nature

5. Coffee Indulgence. I took this photo when I met Thessa before I went to Bulacan for the holidays. Taken at Starbucks, Araneta Coliseum. 12/24/2005. Category: Portraiture.

4. Propaganda. I took this picture while I was writing some poems on the spot. Taken at Starbucks, Araneta Coliseum. 7/23/2005. Category: Abstract

3. Soul Session. Taken during the Admit One's 4th year anniversary and Wolfmann's birthday celebration (R.I.P Wilfred). One of the best gigs I ever attended, Taken at Racks El Pueblo, Ortigas. 11/19/2005. Category: Band photography.

2. Last Train Home. My mom. I took this picture when I was in Los Angeles. Taken at Metro Train Long Beach, California. 4/3/2005. Category: Portraiture and Abstract.

And the number one spot goes to..........

Yes, this pic was my favorite for the year 2005. I was practicing macro photography at that time. And the rain just stopped. I always look at this photo and it always make me relaxed. The After Rain Effect. Taken at Maranunong St. Quezon City. 7/31/2005. Category: Nature and Macro.