Friday, August 21, 2009

Start of a new things to come

Listening to: Katy Perry - Thinking of You (2008 One of the Boys)

Right now, I feel: Happy

I am somehow pissed with my laptop, I am still getting used to it as it is my first time to doodle with a laptop and also I am still researching about this 64bit shit. I can't install some normal programs like the Yahoo! Messenger and even Zone Alarm's firewall. Good thing I was able to look up for some of the programs that I really needed. I was able to talked to one of my old colleagues and a long time friend. I even went paranoid when I can't open the Twitter website. I already enjoyed downloading some albums and ripping some of my CDs. I tried to play them in Windows Media player and something is missing. I want a media player that can show what I am playing and its infos like artist, album, year of release and even an album art. I had a hard time getting the info I want via the said program. Good thing I switched to winamp right away. Now I am able to get all the info I want plus the privilege to customize it on how the player will look. Right now I am multitasking like this:

It is a great night for me to enjoy now. I am enjoying doing a lot of things in my laptop now. Right now I am getting the Imogen Heap albums. I got TV on the Radio, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and many more. Maybe I should share to you guys what CDs I got. You might be surprised on how diverse I am (yabang!) when it comes to music.

Thanks to Up Dharma Down for twitting back at me. It was really nice to see them again after watching the Terno Inferno last Saturday and to Toti too! Hopefully I won't forget to remind you to bring the CD I'll be buying from you on the 29th. I was surprised finally that I got one follower of my blog through Google connect. Thanks a lot Vayie! Now I can show up my Followers widget with pride!

My mom is experiencing some hot flushes. A sign that she is going through her menopause stage. I am expecting some wild mood swings anytime as I can see how piss she is irritated by the hot flushes. Maybe since she is a grandma now that she is getting it. =)

I was able to read the World without A Superman (Funeral for A Friend series) book. It was really a sad time when he died and what's worst is that his foster father Jon went into a heart attack due to his depression. I can't wait to finish this book. I wish I can grab a copy of Arnold Arre's new book titled "Martial Law Babies" and maybe the Sandman series or the complete Harry Potter book. Ayann if you are reading this you can get the Harry Potter books and had it as a gift for me! =)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ten things I hate about MRT

Listening to: Citizen Cope - Bullet and a Target (2004 The Clarence Greenwood Recordings)

Right now, I feel: Snappy

Last Tuesday night, I went to pick up my girlfriend Ayann from her place to her work. I always took the MRT on my way home and while I was inside the train, it made me think of the things I hate about the said ride. So here are my ten things I really hate about MRT.

1. They don't have control of the crowd. They could have just get more trains to be traveling during rush hours but they decided to let everyone be like sisig packed in a can.

2. I hate the people riding it. For a lot of reasons. People facing the door and boarding it as they don't give a shit if there are other people getting out of the train. People trying to cut lines just to get inside and have a good spot where the aircon is blowing real hard like a wind. Enough said about this.

3. The trains are not fully maintained. How many times did you ride the MRT and got stranded because the train in another station was broken or the train you're riding is broken?

4. I hate the security people. They are so just "Ningas Kugon" and power trippers. I just wish they go to hell.

5. Tellers, ticket sellers or whatever you call them. They are rude and sometimes won't listen to what you have said even if your voice is loud enough for other people in the line to hear it.

6. The stations are just dirty from people throwing the small thrashes to unnecessary stalls inside the station. I just hate it when the place is so crammed up with things that will make the institution increase their profit.

7. I hate the train drivers when they act like God every time they speak over their microphone yelling or scolding at people not to certain things.

8. I hate the buses that stops right at the station and stays there for a long period of time as they hog all people that might me riding on their bus.

9. I hate the people once they are inside the train like they don't respect your privacy when you are reading a text message or a certain reading material.

10. I hate the TVs displayed in every station where certain information are shown. What I hate about it is that there are ads where DOTC personnel are saying something yet you don't know what it is since you can't hear anything coming from the TV. That is just so stupid. You either play the ad loud or let the TV be on mute but don't play a damn ad where someone looks like he/she is talking.

Now those are the 10 reasons why I hate it but I only have one reason why I use it. It is one of the best means of transportation. If you just know what time you will use it and take a ride.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Weekend escapde!

Listening to: Up Dharma Down - All Year Round (2008 Bipolar)

Right now, I feel: Contented

I feel so light about this week. Though there are still many things to be done. Many things to contemplate about. I really had a great feeling about this week.

Finally I was able to install some programs that I needed for my computer though I had a hard time updating and installing some programs since my operating system is on a 64 bit. Some programs like Yahoo! Messenger and some firewalls can't be installed. I don't know why this type of programs won't work when it should be since an operating system of 64 bit is backward compatible to work with normal 32 bit types. Thanks to my aunt who let my mom and I stay late in her office for my mom to do her work online.

Last Saturday is a great weekend for me. It is one of the best. Though it almost got canceled due to my immaturity and getting easily mad, my date with Ayann went through. I have a lot of first saved in me. It is my first time to go to Saguijo, which made us got lost around Buendia and Chino Roces Avenue. It is also the first time for me to go out with my girlfriend for this kind of event. She is not really into indie acts and music but she is willing to go out with me for her to see the crowd I go to and maybe she can dig it. We arrived there an hour late from the gig started (The event started at 9:30 pm). We got a chance to see the band Encounters With a Yeti (Which I thought was Sleepwalk Circus. Thanks to Los for correcting me on that one!) set up their gears. I started to see Toti Dalmacion as I told him that I will get a copy of Pasta Groove's album. I went out and I saw Pol and Los of Up Dharma Down and we started to talk and see how's everything is going for them. As usual I was starstruck talking to them but I was so glad that they really remembered me by my nicked that I used to introduce to them. Yep, it is Baby Boy of course! I got to meet Toti finally but I was too shy to talk to him since he is busy going around and checking the bands that is in the line up for the gig. Too bad that he didn't have the CD with him. Back inside the bar, Encounters With a Yeti starts to perform. I was surprised with how the guitars sound differently with each other. It is like I was in a different realm. At first I thought they are like influenced by Up Dharma Down but it was totally a different group out there. They sounded like Mogwai but with a dreamy and ethereal sound like it is bringing you to another realm. They are so great. After the band's set we got out and I introduced my girlfriend to Los and Pol and we started to chat about everything. From what we have tweeted and our blogs and the latest updates from the band. Ayann went hungry and I invited her to go to this resto right across Saguijo. She was hesitant at first since she feared that the food might be bad. But after insisting her to try it since she was really starving, we went there and got fixated with the old piano, the cozy place and the very relaxing ambiance. We got entertained by a man (which we assumed was the owner) and introduced us what are his best sellers that night. My girl wanted pasta but the guy said it is impossible since it'll be midnight and they are about to close. So we just chose Arroz a la Cubana and Spare ribs adobo. The food was awesome! We really enjoyed every morsel of it. My girlfriend and I agreed that we will always eat there whenever we'll watch a gig in Saguijo. How much we ate? Well it is 550 pesos for 2 meals and 3 Sola iced teas. Not but for a resto when it made our stomachs full! I'll definitely go back to that place and meet the owner.

We got back to Saguijo and was able to see Radio Active Sago Project. Ayann was somehow amused with how the guys performed. And then finally the wait is over. We got to see Up Dharma Down now. I told my girl to get ready to be bumped and feel the heat since there is too many people inside the bar. I thought the bar was big but it was really cozy and can fit 50 or less people I guess. But I didn't complain about it as it is part of the gig and it happens. The band performed tracks from their second album Bipolar. It was a great set as I sing along with crowd as songs like Taya and Every First Second was performed.

I thought we'll be going home that time and call it a day but my girl invited me to go to Crobar in Malate. Her colleagues where there and she wanted to check the place. Since it is her thing to go to such discos or bars, I agreed with her to go and check the place. I like the place too but there were lesser people since it was 3 am (The gig at Saguijo ended like 2:30 am). The music was great as I can't resist to sway or nod my head as it goes along with the beats. The music was really a temptation for me to dance. Good thing I didn't get drunk as I had a couple of San Mig Light from the previous gig and I got a couple of Vodka at Crobar. It was really a great weekend for me as the Saturday night wrapped up and it became Sunday morning. Then Ayann get to spend the Sunday night at my place as she got to meet my mom for the first time. I was even surprised when she told me that she and Pol did the high five and then shook hands as we're about to leave. She even said that she liked the band Encounters With a Yeti and how Armi's voice of Up Dharma Down is soulful yet powerful. We watched MTV since we got Sky Cable installed though it is only on prepaid basis. I was surprised too that she liked The Killers especially their song Mr. Brightside and All The Things That I've Done. When I told her that I have a CD of their first album, she demands me to have the songs be ripped and have it on her phone so she can play it. It was really one great weekend for me!

I went to Greenhills to have my PSP be fixed last Monday and some units to be downgraded and have a custom firmware be installed so I can play games stored in my memory stick. I was to play again now but the real treasure I really got is the comics that I have been looking for. The 2nd installation of the Death of Superman trilogy: Funeral for a Friend series or much know as World without A Superman in its compiled version. It was really a sad time when this was released. I remember when I was in 4th or 5th grade when I read this trilogy from my cousin who was a comic collector that time. I have been looking for this particular book since it was so hard to find in Fully Book and Power Books. I tried to look for it in comic shops like Filbar's and Comic Alley but they have no stock. I tried Planet X Comics in Glorietta and Trinoma before but the books they sell is too pricey. I remember my girlfriend Ayann bought me the Watchmen comics as a birthday from the said store for 1,100 pesos when we found out a couple weeks later that it is sold in Fully Booked at 900 pesos. It was really great to have a copy of this. Now I have the complete trilogy. I am not sure though if I will buy the Doomsday vs. Superman sequel to the said trilogy.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Royal Rumble #2

Listening to: Lenny Kravitz - Heaven Help (1993 Are You Gonna Go My Way)

Right now, I feel: Mad and Crazy!

Welcome to the 2nd installment of Royal Rumble. Where everything I hate and everything that pisses me off are collected for me and everyone to talk about.

First on the list is the time of Cory's death. Yeah I already did ranted about this but this time I got some new insights about this event since a lot of things happened.

First about Willie's comment during his show when Cory's remains is being transferred from La Salle Greenhills to Manila Cathedral. There are two things that I hate about this. First is that people who hates him (Well I do really hate him) starts to conclude that he did really something nasty and bad for everyone. Maybe he just said his ideas and feelings in an arrogant way, which is my 2nd reason, and didn't used the right words to make his statement less offending. He could have used some other words to make his statement in a more positive way. Second is about the people's reaction about this, especially Joey De Leon. I love him sure but he should just shut his mouth when he is a real ass wipe. As if he didn't do anything wrong in front of the camera and people didn't hate him for that. What's worst is that the Aquinos are all good with what happened after Willie gave his public apology and personally apologized to the Aquinos. Don't these people have anything better to do?


One night I was watching this TV program (I think the title is Kalye with Atom in it) with the topic about taxi having a tax and should be issuing receipts. First, this is just a stupid idea unless they really strictly impose this, which is unfortunately not happening. Taxi operators not installing meter issuing receipts since it is expensive - stupid and a lame excuse. Passengers not asking for a receipt when the taxi itself has a meter that can issue one - additional stupitidy for them too. They want a fair and square taxi drivers with no "batingting" meters yet they avoid this kind of change as well. Worst, government agencies giving a very looooong time frame for having all taxi units have the taxi meter issuing receipt be installed - they should just go ahead and be strict in implementing this. Another year for everyone to have the said unit be installed in their taxis? That is so stupid like they are telling that they can be robbed and they will react to it once they are mugged and everything is gone.


I was crossed to the show Wowowee one time after Willie going on a indefinite LOA. As the guest and host are showing that they miss the guy and demand for him to comeback. Another staged act? Or maybe another way to get the sympathy of the people. For me, it is just one circus act with all the clowns and maggots running around.


I hate the early campaign that politicians are doing right now. Even if they say that it is not a campaign, it is so obvious that it is. One fine example is Binay's "Ganito sana sa Makati" shit. If people are saying that the country should be run by someone like Binay and they hope that the country is like Makati, it will be so freaking impossible! My first reaction (with all the curses to high heavens included) when I got to see the ad is when the last person will say "Ganito kami sa Makati. Sana ganito din sa buong bansa." is that not all places in the country is like Makati for crying out loud! Not all places have high rise condos and classy malls. Not all places in the country has call centers that generate lots of money for the city, not including the big banks that are in there as well. Not all places has this executive village that it seems like you are in another country when you're passing by it. So please, stop daydreaming and maybe it will be better if you just get off of your ass and do something about your pitiful situation. No one, not even a politician can save your dying and poor ass!


I went to a 7-11 store to buy some stuff and I paid the cashier 500 pesos (my bill was less than a hundred) I am used when cashiers will ask me if I have a smaller bill or some coins so he gave me a change w/o the coins so he won't run out. But I was surprised when the cashier said something like: "Barya lang po. Ubos na naman ang barya natin! Haaaaaaaay!" He said it in a very high tone liked he is pissed. All hell break loose that time. I snapped and shouted back at him. He could have asked me nicely or he could have just took a deep breath and tell me to wait for get a change for my money. But what he did is walk around and make a noise like a monkey running out of his bananas. I started to confront him and a somehow calm tone but the more he talks the more I became pissed like I wish I can summon the grim reaper and kill the damn guy for me. The scenario ended with me, the guy and the manager talking together but giving both of them one hell of a time. I'll make sure that he won't forget me and wish he could just shut his mouth that time.

That is all folks. I hate this kinds of things. So what is pisses you off this past week? Till next time!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Halo-Halo espesyal #10

Listening to: Francis M. - Mga Praning (1992 Rap is FrancisM)

Right now, I feel: Super duper happy!

So it has been a week since I had my last post. Well a lot of things really happened. My girl reacted to my last post. She said that it was somehow hard to understand if I really want to take a risk or not to. I just explained to her how hesitant I am before up to now on taking risk in every aspect of my life but in the end I tend to take it since it will make me a better person and learn something in the process. It is a good thing that I got a reader and a critic out of her. Nothing much happened over the weekend except for me browsing or playing my PSP the whole time.

I checked my Twitter and found out some cool info the past days. Thanks to a tweet from Pol and I found this blog. It is a very hilarious blog. I got myself laughing out loud while I am on a computer shop. Too bad I missed the Metro Comic Con. I want to see the makers of the comics Trese and Arnol Arre too since I love their work.

I was able to upload the Nine Inch Nails concert pics at my Friendster site. I didn't have time to put a label or description on them for now. I got too many things to handle and I really mean too many. I got 2 e-mail accounts (2 from Yahoo! and 2 from Gmail), 2 Friendster account, a Phlog, Flick, Twitter, my, my mixpod, MySpace and so so many more!

Last weekend I went to see Mon and some of our friends and watched some underground bands performed in 6 Underground. The place is now in Pearl Drive, Ortigas. It was a nice set of bands. The guys have talent but too band the sound system is not good. The drums we're too loud since the amps and speakers are just lying down on the floor which let the sounds crawl on the floor. I wish the speakers were at least pointed up so the guitars, vocals and bass can be heard clearly.

It was a great night though as I got to meet Karl Roy again since he and my friend Mon are frat brothers. It was great talking to him. We shared some nice insights about how the bands are performing and how his band Kapatid is doing. He also watched the Nine Inch Nails concert with his brother Karl. We got to share how great the concert is.

It was a great week as my mom finally arrived last August 12. It was great to see her. I got a pair of shoes and a laptop! I finally got one. I am starting to get updates and customize the programs that I want to use. I will post some pics of my laptop and my new shoes soon.

My mom told me that I really need to chop down big on my weight since I did get BIG now. Maybe it is time for me to hit the gym. I didn't really like going to the gym but maybe I need to do it now for health's sake and maybe my sex life too (insert grinning smile here)! As I typed that last sentence I started to miss my girlfriend already.

I was this coming Saturday as I will go on a date with my girlfriend. We planned to go to Saguijo and watch the Terno Inferno. I will be able to see the guys of Up Dharma Down (My super duper favorite band) and some new bands too. The exciting part here is that I will be able to get a copy of the Pasta Groove CD and this will be the first time my girl will watch a gig with me!

It was a great week for me. I am really happy with how everything is working now.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Dug out from the grave.

Listening to: Nine Inch Nails - Burn (1994 Music from and Inspired by Natural Born Killers)

Right now, I feel:Calmed

I was reading my old blog from my Friendster profile. It was the time when I was in the US. I decided to re-write my post, edit it and put some new ideas into it. Then I decided to post it here for you to see. You can read the original post here.

"Life is like a double edge sword. You will get hurt whatever side of the blade hits you."

And I totally agree with this quote. I don’t know where I get this quote (maybe from one of the episodes of the anime Samurai X), but it doesn’t matter. As time goes by and boredom begins to to bombard itself in me, I decided to go out with my younger brother and do some internet surfing. I am completing my music play list based on the Nine Inch Nails' set lit (don't blame me if I am so into that event) and suddenly this post got my attention. And I asked myself, "Are we really willing to take a risk and is it avoidable? For us not to get hurt?" As I think about it, it exist everywhere we go. Risk will be always with us. From the moment we woke up, to our way to work or school, and even in relationships. I believe there is no such thing as perfect, thus a perfect relationship never exist. Heck! Even our relationship with God is not even perfect! (should I go on with this one?) I’m in a relationship, a relationship that I took and faced many risked. It is hard to face such risk and it scares the shit out of me too. Sometimes it makes me paranoid. But as long as I trust her and I know deep in me, I’m not doing anything wrong here. Everything will just work out fine. But anything can happen, from the simplest arguments over the phone to the worst scenario where I got mugged here or maybe have another one (same on her too). I just make sure that I am aware of my environment that I am into and hope that she is the same as to her. Like I said; Trust, honest, and loyalty should be the major factors that will affect ones relationship to work out fine. The rest are just sub-factors to make it through or solidify it. But it is always an idea only. We only see this in our own ideal world and such euphoric situations are unattainable. Being in a relationship in any form is hard, and really risky. The fact that we now have different lives - from our lifestyle, meaning we don’t see each other, we just hear our voices can be risky for us. If I abused this type of freedom I’m experiencing right now, I might loose her. Another risk is the place I live. The apartment I'm staying now is in front of a hang out of fraternity chapter. And a couple of walks is Kalayaan avenue where a squatter's area is located. There’s a lot of risk, that’s the bottom line. From the mere fact that some of it are real facts, and some maybe just paranoia - it is still a risk that everyone will face. Yeah, maybe I’m getting the Homer Simpson type where almost all the insane and out of this world ideas are crossing to my mind, it is still considered a risk for me. So do I really have the balls to go on? To continue with life as I am aware of risks that engulfs me? The answer will be both no and yes. No, because once you thought of the risk you are facing, it’ll scare the shit out of you that it’ll make you go crazy and do something stupid. Stupid meaning trying to avoid it. For me, avoiding such risk will end up in another risk. A good example will be, being late. You’ll tell the person you’ll gonna meet sorry and make white lies, like EDSA is really congested with crazy ass drivers. As you do this again and again plus the excuses, that person will loose trust in you, and she’ll get mad and the worst thing will be not seeing you again. Rather than telling the real reason you got late, tell them your sorry and it wont happen again, and take the risk of the person getting so pissed at you for just only a day. I will also say yes because it is part of our lives, without it we won't make mistakes and we won't learn. For me, as I realized, taking risk and making a mistake is the biggest source of wisdom and knowledge. So I already did answer the question. "We can’t avoid taking risk. But we can be prepared for it" So what should we do? We should brave enough to face that fear, and the bold enough to take that risk, we will be a better individual. I’m not saying that it’ll make us a better that we will be wiser and such, but we will have a better view of life, and the understanding why such like risky situations exist. As everyone of us boldly say "That’s a risk I’m willing to take." And every decision I made maybe won’t do me any good, or maybe it’ll just make me miserable or be in a heap of trouble. But that’s a risk I’m willing to take.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

You get me closer to GOD!

Listening to: Nine Inch Nails - Closer (1994 The Downward Spiral)

Right now, I feel:Nostalgic

The title of this blog says it all. August 5, 2009 at 7:45pm, I did experience another turning point in my life. I was able to watch Nine Inch Nails at Araneta Coliseum in Cubao. Despite the rain and the havoc that Tropical Storm Kiko brought upon the metro, I was able to go still with my friend Marvin. It was Nine Inch Nails! It is something that I cannot pass by. As confirmed over the internet, Trent Reznor decided to put the band on an indefinite hiatus in touring and making albums. It has been 20 years for him and he is the only member that really stayed while the rest of the line up are changed from time to time.

It was really a great concert and before I tell you everything about it let's all go back to the times on how I appreciate Trent Reznor and
his group Nine Inch Nails.

As I recall, the first time I saw them was on chann
el V when it was a free channel on UHF 27 I guess (correct me if I am wrong on this one). I am on my 3rd year in highschool and it was 1998. I was able to watch the video The Perfect Drug which already blows me away. The reason is because it is a rock music and it was the main genre I was so into, But then, I wasn't really into metal at that time but that song really caught my attention. Why? It is because of the drum beats. One thing is for sure that the sounds of the drum beat wasn't made or produced from a drum kit. The beat was too fast for someone to do it. I was thinking that it was somehow an electronic instrument that was used for that. Wait?!? Electronic instrument in a heavy metal music??? I thought to myself that anything that produces a beep or a bleep sound is only used for disco music or party music. Something that you can dance. From that point I was really in awe with the band. But it didn't last as I don't want to backtrack the music of the group at that time. I was more into Rage Against the Machine, Stone Temple Pilots and some emerging rock groups at that time like Blink 182.

After 7 years that I was able to hear the
m again. Thanks to my friend Marvin telling me that it is one of his favorite band. I was able to evolve a better taste in music as well at that time. I was hooked with them. Who wouldn't forget their songs like The Perfect Drug, Head like a Hole and their classic song Closer.

The line of that song just really gets my attention. Back in 2001 I was able to hear the chorus first from Limp Bizkit's song Hot Dog from their third album "Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water". I said to myself that the chorus is similar but I can't point as to where it came from. Then I was able to hear the song C
loser by Nine Inch Nails and I concluded from there that Fred Durst borrowed the chorus of the said song and added some words the relates to the song "The Perfect Drug".

The chorus of Closer goes by this:
"I want to fuck you like an animal
I want to feel you from the inside
I want to fuck you like an animal
My whole existence is flawed
You get me closer to God"

I just really love that song! It seems per
fect for such mad and crazy sex at night. =)

From that point I started to love Nine Inch Nails and Trent Reznor. He really made me closer to God.

Now let's go back to m
y concert adventure. I picked up Marvin from his place around 7pm since the show will start at 7:30.

There were already a lot of people lining up. I was too excited to go that on my way to Marvin's place, I forgot my ticket and I need to go back to my place and to his. We went inside and were so so happy with the seats that we got.

This is our view from our seat. Pretty near to the stage. I love lower box and at 2,625 pesos it is all worth it!

I was able to get some great photos during the concert and we did some candid shots as well. I came out to be the photographer (as always) that night.

Marvin looking like wetting his pants when we arrived at our seats.

Our tickets.

Posing candidly while waiting for the show to start.

Pupil fronted the concert. They started it with Different Worlds and ended it with Disconnection Notice. They performed another song maybe because Nine Inch Nails has not arrived at that time. They had a guess artist too from a band Electro from Singapore.

After Pupil it was a long wait for us since they are doing some last minute set up and sound checks. They even checked the lights too.

Marvin and I goofing around while waiting.

We went around the coliseum and looked around. I was able to see some rock figures that watched the concert too. Jason Caballa of Pedicad, Vin Dancel of Peryodiko, Marizel Sarangelo aka Tuesday Vargas from Top Junk, Kevin Roy of Razorback and Francis Reyes of the Dawn and DJ at NU107. Based on their twitter accounts, Carlo TaƱada and Pol Yap of Up Dharma Down went also.

The placed wasn't filled up as we expected but the energy showed by the watchers is equivalent to a sold out concert. The show was just intense! Here are some shots from the concert.

I was able to get some nice shots though I relied too much on the digital zoom of my camera. This calls for me getting a super zoom compact camera. You can check the other pics at my Friendster photo album to get a better grasp on what happened during the concert.

And this is the set list performed by Nine Inch Nails.

Nine Inch Nails Setlist Araneta Coliseum, Manila, Philippines 2009, Wave Goodbye

But the picture of the night goes to this man.

Kudos to you whoever you are. Showing the laban sign during the concert is just awesome!

The concert lasted for 2 hours. Not bad! It was my first time to watch a concert and a foreign one too! It was really a memorable night for me and my friend Marvin.

Really, Nine Inch Nails made me closer to God!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Royal Rumble #1

Listening to: Lady Gaga - Paparazzi (2008 The Fame)

Right now, I feel:Excited still!

Welcome to my first post of my new compilation series, to the very first issue of Royal Rumble!

Just like what the WWE event, this will be a compilation of all my rants and rambles about life. Anything about the industry from music, politics, food to entertainment or to the people behind the said industry that makes us hate it and them as well. My rants and ramble about my personal life is included. So lets get ready to rumble!

First off, my deepest sympathy and I am also grieving for the loss of former President Cory Aquino. Sure it was such a loss. We all grieve for that. People are right she is the best president we ever had. And I just found out that they took away their privilege for a body guard or the so called security detail? What the fuck is on the minds of the people behind this? Is PSG to blame? Is this another Arroyo's dirty work? For me it is not a misunderstanding. Someone's ass should be kicked hard here. The family are mourning. Why won't they let the situation cool down for crying out loud?!?

Another thing here. Why is it that all TV shows has the topic of Cory's death? I don't mean to be a total A-hole here but, is mourning for them and showing up in EDSA not enough for these TV stations to cover? Should they really put on a focus on her death even if they have to talked about it on a noon time show? I mean it will be acceptable for me to have the news programs cover and tackle Cory's death but a talk show and a noon time show doing that? Why don't they just shut the fuck up or just go on with their show? I mean look at those host. I was watching this talk show in channel 2 before noon comes and they are like mourning having a speech on how they feel the loss of a good president while they hold a candle that is lit up with a yellow ribbon in it. You might think that there is nothing wrong with it right? You maybe right, but as I tried to observe the hosts, as they try to read what they see on the idiot board or some monitor that shows what they should say. They don't look serious at all. I will understand that they will really mourn even if they are actors/actresses but they don't even have a face that mourns, they just do it for the show. It is just so fake for me that it makes me sick. I really hate it when TV shows or TV stations take advantage of a certain situation.

I was somehow pissed with what happened to my grandma. They arrive when my sister was giving birth then she was rushed to the hospital as her cough got worse. A cough that she had since she was in Baguio and got worse when she arrived here in Manila. They shouldn't let the old lady commute with that kind of condition. Now she has pneumonia and was confined in Cardinal Santos in Greenhills for 4 days. I just want to blame everyone involved in it.

I found out that the PBA had its draft day last Sunday and having the #1 pick, Burger King chose Japeth Aguilar who decided to go pro while he's on the roster of the Team Pilipinas that is trying to make it to the FIBA tournament. Everyone was so excited about it since he played in the US for the NCAA and how his skills is NBA bound. I'm just tired of this applaud. He will never be NBA bound if he is here. I have my respect for Japeth. Compared to the other players in the Team Pilipinas line up. He is the only one consistent given the fact that he just joined practice on a short period of time. He has the skills to make it here in the PBA but not the NBA. If he just stayed in the US and trained more. Maybe he can make it, even for the 2nd round.

Before the death of former president Cory Aquino, I was watching Wowowee since I have no choice but to watch it. I was surprised how Willie eat a lot of time for his sponsors. Globe, Technomarine, Sinski and other products. I mean is this still a show or just a commercial marathon? I just hate it. I understand that they pay for the production partially for every show but do you really have to say it everyday? Doesn't he get tired of it?

I just feel excited with the progress of my blog but I feel pissed with the people surrounding me as it makes me think how shallow and a sucker for money these people are.

Expect more ranting and rambling from me. I will expect a lot of people will hate me for writing this. But hey! No one reads this anyway so write on! More of Royal Rumble soon!

And by the way, I just hate the actress in Rosalinda. She has no talent at all.

In response to a test

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I got a good blog that I read from my friend scarle-hue. She posted me a message in my tag board and I went to her blog right away. As I was reading it, I was inspired to write my comment and a response to her post.

Here is my response to her post and my comment:

"Hey scarlet-hue!

I got your tag message and I suddenly hopped into your blog right away.

Another post I am so inspired to write something about. I sense a collaboration here. Before I get too excited filling up your page with my ideas, here's my thought about this.

If I will follow the scenario as it is without my own thoughts, principles, norms and whatsoever, I will definitely choose girl #1. From my own experience and view, girl #2 is just a waste of time, money and effort. Too sophisticated and adds a complication to my lifestyle.

But then I need to be in the guy's shoes that you are showing so choosing girl #2 is a no-brainer. I did experience getting attracted and falling for one till reality take a bite at my ass for me to wake up and realize that this kind of girl is not for me.

If I am the guy I will choose girl #2. We look good together. I got the looks, she has the same. I got deep pockets which mean I can spoil her and lessen her attitude being a bitch. I got a charming smile and she has this radiant one that will start my day in a good vibe. I got everything going so I got everything covered as well. I will definitely choose girl #2.

But like I said, I will personally choose girl #1 based on my own view and standards.

Wait for me to compose something about this. Ideas are overflowing somehow!

Nice post here. I love this!

Parang scenario mo ata to ah =)"

Which made me think and realize, men are really one big suckers. We have such this big flaw in us that some of us can't really escape until something knock us out.

We all really are fascinated over this o-la-la ladies but then get turned off with their attitudes or worse ignore those traits since they got this beauty to drool and to die for. Just like the one of the lines that Al Pacino said in the movie Heat: "Coz she got a great ASS!!!"

Most of us men embrace this ideology from our puberty stage or as on my own theory, when we were kids. Since we like to call names and bully girls especially the ugly ones, it seems like we developed a certain ideology that we should always go for the ladies that will make us drool based on the physical aspects of the person. We tend to look for a jaw dropping one just for us to boost our ego or may just to show off to everyone that we are men, the prime species of the kingdom animalia and that even how cro-magnon type we looked like, we can get and end up with a oh-so-goddess look of a woman.

Most of us of course don't embrace this kind of idea anymore as we grow old. Or maybe just because some of us men realized that we can't get that kind of a lady especially if we are not good looking a la Piolo Pascual or Brad Pitt. For those lesser privilege men, they have this idea all the time. For the lucky ones, they realize that beauty is just really skin deep and tends to throw the idea of having a great looking girl is the way to go.

I have to admit I was able to experience both of them. Feeling like a less privilege man with a good looks that can be compared to Tado and at the same time wishing that I can end up with a girl that look likes Anne Curtis or Jennifer Connlley. But then I realized that I don't need such one.

Like what I have now. My girl may not be FHM material. She may not have the looks to be one of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends. But one thing is for sure. She really rocks my world. She can swept me off my feet with her kiddie type of smile that I can't resist. Or that childish acts and cuddles that keeps me wanting for more. She may not have the looks especially when she is mad when we have a fight that makes her look like Batista in a woman form but she has the best, the warmest hug I felt. We may have a rivalry a la Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier when we have a fight but we always have a way to fix it. Even when one of us if about to jump out of the boat when everything it seems like it is about to sink.

My point here is that it is really human nature for men to look for women with good looks. It will be their primary preference. But it is also a human nature to defy rules such as one that we have made for ourselves and make it a standard for us.

We just need to defy such ideology and just go for the best thing that we can have from women. Their love and oh-so complex but yet so charming characteristic.

Halo-Halo espesyal #9

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It's been 21 days of not blogging anything! It was such a long time. Sorry folks for this delay. I have been planning to at least make a draft or blog as much as possible but certain events tends me not to blog. Well, let's all go back in time as to what happened. This will be another roller coaster ride for you, but I prefer you to get a spoon and dig in. Halo-Halo espesyal is now served!

I moved back to my siblings and stayed in Quezon City. It was a couple of blocks away from where we used to live. It is near Kalayaan Avenue but the place is farther to East Avenue which means a lot of walking for me. It will be a problem for me since East Avenue will be my best route on my way to mall or school. So I got my last paycheck the 22nd of July since my previous employer needs to be notified 3 working days in advance when I will pick it up. Bummer as it seems I opted in getting it in a next week. How big is my last paycheck? It is six figures of course but with that fat ass paycheck, I was able to buy this:

Yep! That one! A ticket to Nine Inch Nail's concert for tomorrow. My friend Marvin told me that tickets were still on sale as opposed to our idea that it was sold out. He was able to reserve one for himself (You selfish bastard!) but told me to reserve for the two of us and he will just forfeit his reservation. So a couple of days before July 22, I did reserve 2 tickets for us. As what I posted before in my last post, I am planning to get the lower box part. We really don't care if the ticket cost as much as this:

A whopping 2,625 pesos! (reservation fee is not included) It is Nine Inch Nails for Pete's sake! Besides, the most expensive tickets are the VIPs and the front row seats (priced at 4,725 and 3,938 pesos each) which my friend and I thought to be too much. We opted to get the lower box since it is cheaper, (but for a concert this will be too much) we have a good view of the stage and we will definitely enjoy the crowd. It has been 20 years since their existence. I was just 5 years old when they started. I remembered listening and watching Perfect Drug for the 1st time when I watched channel V when I was in my 2nd year of high school. There are rumors that the band will part ways so this will be a concert I can't miss. As what I told my friend Marvin to be the reason for us to watch the concert: "Hindi pa tayo tuli e may Nine Inch Nails na!" I will blog about my concert experience soon!

I also bought some DVDs since it was a mid-yea
r sale. I was planning to complete the seasons of the House since it was my favorite. But I opted to get my hands on some movies I really want. Simpsons The Movie, Bourne Ultimatum, Munich, Kung-Fu Panda, A Beautiful Mind, Bad Boys II, Tears of the Sun and Hide and Seek. I also bought a DVD gift for my girlfriend. I wasn't really into this series that she is raving about. I don't like the teeny mushy type of TV series. I had the idea that the TV series she likes is a no good one. When I have the chance to watch it I was officially hooked into it. I was so in love with:

XOXO, Gossip Girl! I was really shocked with how the story comes out. I was reacting to every scene that I am watching. My girlfriend was amused that I liked what she likes too. And she didn't expect that I will be all hooked into this series. And I have a huge crush on Serena! I just love how she looks and dress. I gotta get season 2 soon!

Since it was a mid-year sale, I also purchased some old CDs:
1. Lost Prophets' Liberation Transmission
2. Gnarls Barkley's St. Elsewhere
3. Angels and Airwaves' We Don't Need to Whisper

4. Eagles of Death Metal's Death by Sexy
5. Ang Pamana: The Inheritence Official Soundtrack

I got this on a sale. Sa presyong adik! 50 pesos lang! Except for the first 3 CDs which I got at 99 pesos. And I got my hands at some new CDs too. I got Pupil's Wildlife Special Edition CD and Gloc 9's Matrikula. I loved the CDs I just purchased. And after
nine years, I was able to buy a hip-hop album and the first one to be a local artist.

After the mid-year sale it was my sister's baby shower. Yep she was pregnant and after I moved in I was helping her going to the doctor or having an ultrasound appointment. We even bought a DVD player since Ansons besides Landmark is having a sale too. I was in the right time when I moved in since she has someone to go with her for her check ups if her
boyfriend is swamped at work.

I was able to meet some of my sister's friends from high school and her CSB days. Too bad I wasn't able to see her friend from CSB. She was my crush during my early call center career. We have some good time and have tons of food to munch! I also helped my sister and her bf to think of a name. I was even kidding to name the kid Mangoestina since she was it was a mangoesteen to be her cravings during her pregnancy and I was expecting her daughter to be dark colored since she also has a dark skin tone.

It was a great way to end the week and wrap up the
Sunday. We have a good time and we went home together with my girl watching Gossip Girl and having another round of Pene pasta that was brought home from the baby shower. The next day I dropped my girl back to her place in Pasay and decided to go to Greenhills to buy some memory stick for my PSP. I got a message from my sister but as I was about to read it, I got a missed call from her boyfriend Bok and he was calling me when I was checking on my phone. He told me that my sister was with our yaya and went to The Medical City for the check up when she was advised that she will give birth already! Good thing I was done with my thing in Greenhills. I rushed to my house and went to the hospital. After a couple of hours we went to Makati Med due to some technicalities (money wise). We waited for more than 24 hours since my sis was on a labor and her OB decided to do a cesarean procedure. It was a fast one as my sister gave birth to her baby girl. My first niece!

My sister looking like she was punched my Manny Pacquiao.

She is so cute. Her name is Alexandrea Leigh. I helped them add the Leigh so not to make the name dull. We are just a sucker for long names! I already saw her when my sister is having her ultrasound and as what the sonographer said, the baby has somehow a big cheeks. That is where I got a fondly nick for her. My sister said she wants the nick for the baby to be Xandra. I call her by the nick of:

Siopao! Oh she is just so cute!

That wraps everything now! I won't be posting anything about sports since I have a new segment that I have in mind now. This will be another edition to my Halo-Halo issues. Better wait for it!

Sarap ng Halo-Halo diba? Espesyal pa! San ka pa!

Kaya tara tikim ka na!