Sunday, August 29, 2010

The things I miss

Listening to: The Who - Sparks (1969 Tommy)

Right now, I feel: Busog!

It has been 8 days since I haven't been into this realm. Well technically it's more than that but I have been busy looking for a job to blog things that are brewing up my head.

Then all of a sudden, I just felt this certain hole in me that needs to be filled. So I am making a list of the things I miss now.

1. I miss taking photos. I have took some shots for quite a while now. Though the last time I went to my aunt's farm in Amadeo, Cavite and the monthly Terno Inferno gig gave me the chance to do it again. I just wish I can fill in my hard drive with memories that are fun to look at.

2. I miss having a job. The ones that makes me buys the things I want. And right now, I have tons of things to want.

3. I miss my O2 XDA Zinc phone. The geek in me is coming out again as I drool for a Windows Mobile 6.5 powered HTC HD2 and the Android 2.1 (Eclair) powered HTC Desire. But right now I am just holding to my temptations as newer version of Windows Phone 7 (Photon) and the 2.2 Android (Froyo) phones are about to come out. If only the phones I want as of now can be upgraded to the said newer phone OSes, I'll really have them. Rumors spreading around though seems that it is impossible to happen. Heck even HTC say they have plans to have updates to their Desire phones but the year is almost to end and still no update. Boohoo!

3. I miss going to the gym. I just can't afford to go for now. I am just sticking to a certain diet though.

4. I miss listening to music. The old school or classics one. Not that I don't like the music today. But the music of before is way better. Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Paramore... pfft! I'd rather have Simon and Garfunkel, Tears for Fears, Def Lepard and Run DMC making some noise in my room, making me deaf in the process.

5. And I miss having those "just the two of us" nights. I just feel so deprived right now of.... I just miss having some quality time. Nuff said.

Oh well, I just have to hit the bed or maybe run for a while. Or maybe.... I just wish all the things I miss now will come! I need a lamp with a genie on it.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Give it to me!!!

Listening to: Elton John - Tiny Dancer (1971 Madman Across the Water)

Right now, I feel:Anxious

Hello there again! It has been a week since I blogged. I don't really have anything going on for the past week except for I have been looking for a job. I tried applying for any job as long as it is a day shift one.

I wasn't really into the professional world again. But the geek and gadget freak in me suddenly consumes me after seeing some phones I love.

I tried to look for jobs from the call center type to sales. Sometimes it is tiring going around the metro just to look for work then come home empty handed.

I just wish one day I'll hear someone telling me that I'll start working for them instead of we'll call you cliche.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Would you rather own a luxury yacht or a private jet?

Luxury Yacht. I love the sea so much.

Ask me anything!

What's your favorite sport?

I don't really have a favorite sport since, I don't really devote myself into one. But you can say that basketball will be my main course.

Ask me anything!

Do you believe in angels?

Yep, I do believe in angels in religious and romantic kind of way.

Ask me anything!

What's the origin of your name?

Wow! Thanks for asking this one! Well, it started when I was working at the age of 19 and I was the youngest in the account. People also noticed how goofy and childish I was thus being called Baby Boy.

Ask me anything!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gutom me!

Listening to: Narda - 100 Taon (2006 Discotillion) Right now, I feel:Starving!

I am so hungry right now. Even if I had my dinner already, I still feel like my stomach is still empty. I always tell to my stomach (feeling that it has some sort of monster in it) that "we just ate!" every time I feel hungry.

It has been 7 months since the last time I went to the gym. Since I always forgot about renewing my membership and that blasted car accident, I totally forgot about it. It even made me go back to my eat-all-you-can-till-you-die mind set of eating.

The result: I am now back to 250 plus pounds. So I have to REALLY loose weight this time. And I can't believe that my goal is this:

It's hard to go to that I deal weight of 160 lbs. I thought 170-180 pounds will be OK for me. But the ideal weight of 160 lbs. is well, too much for me I guess.

But still, a target is a target and I still need to hit it. I might miss a lot but I will hit it. I need to. So let the sweat enduring work out begin! Again.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

New adventure begins.

Listening to: Musicl O - Liger (2009 Debutante) Right now, I feel:

Dear Blog,

I am somehow happy about what is going on now. At least I am glad to know that things get fixed. I just wish this would go on and on. I really hate when things go chaotic.

Sure things might get awry but at least I am ready to face them bit by bit. With lesser stress in mind and with more patience. I gotta admit I have faults too and I am really sorry for that.

I am glad we got a chance to talk about it and patch things up. I still remember the friends who told me to glean the lessons from such experiences. I still have a lot of things to learn and sometimes, I have to take it one step at a time. I gotta go back into believing that "patience" is a virtue.

Still a new chapter closes and a new one has opened. Let's move on and look for the brighter side of life. Thank you Lord for giving me another life.

Much love,

Baby Boy

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Moving on

Listening to: Up Dharma Down - Sana (2008 Bipolar)

Right now, I feel: Sad

Dear Charo,

Ang sakit sobra! (It hurts so much!) Nuff said.

Oh well, I have been through this and enough with the drama. All I gotta do is just pick myself up and move on. It hurts of course, but I just can't stop myself from doing anything or brood myself just for the fact that my heart is broken for the nth time.

Sure 3 years is too long already. You start to expect things will go smoothly or maybe according to your plan. You start to set expectations and at the same time plan more. And such break up after that long time can be devastating but what can I do? I can't cry the rest of my life, nor spend the sleepless nights listening to something that can made me cry or be nostalgic about it.

I have been through a lot. A hell lot of it. It made me change my views and how I see life as it is now. So let me close this chapter and bid it goodbye as I greet a new one as I start to open it and write something new.

Let the bumpy ride begin.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

My new inspiration

Listening to: Shiny Toy Guns - Le Disko (Boys Noize Vocal Mix) (2009 Girls Le Disko: The Remixes)

Right now, I feel: Tired and pissed

Yeah I am tired and pissed the past months. I remember the shout out I posted on my facebook that I need anger management therapy. I guess it's still my stand. I get so mad and I can really be mad. The Incredible Hulk will be no match compared to my rage. But I am trying to control it. It's not like I am the violent type of person when I get mad, I just nag more and MTRCB will definitely ban me if I am on TV and keep on cursing the heavens.

So instead of blabbering about how pissed I am today. I'd rather be happy with my new toy.

Yep, it's a Victoria Skimboard. I got interested in this sport when I was planning what activities to do in Boracay. I had one made of wood that I bought in Boracay but I want a foam type one.

Now I have a reason to slash down my weight to 170-180 pounds. Since this board has a weight limit. It's not that It will break but it will just sink right away.

Thanks mom for this one! Next toy on the list: A surf board!

Would you rather be rich or famous?

I'd rather be famous. If I am then I can be rich. =)

Ask me anything!

Do you believe in luck?

Yes. But I don't based everything or depend on it.

Ask me anything!

Monday, August 02, 2010

From the vault #5

Listening to: Twisted Halo - Closed Captioned (2003 In Loving Memory of the Fearless Exploits of the Bolo Brigade)

Right now, I feel: Mad

It's August and time flies really fast. After this month comes the so called "ber" months!
But what makes me excited for this month is I get another chance to see the monthly gig of Terno Inferno. It is a gig that showcase the talents of the bands from the record label Terno Recordings. Sometimes, other bands that not from the said label performs as guest too. The gig happens every month. Here are some photos I took from the past gigs.

Japoy Barrientos of Not Another Boy Band

Brian Josef of The Charmes

Ponchie Buenavista of Encounters With a Yeti

Sleepwalk Circus
Getting plastered while watching gigs is heaven for me.
And being friends with the band members who you love is really the price every night.

It was a great time to see the bands you like or maybe see some new bands I haven't heard of. But the greatest prize is getting to know these people and be friends with them. From music to giggly jokes, everything is being shared and having fun.

Great music, great place and very nice people. This is the reason why I love the indie scene. And don't forget the tons of booze you hammer yourself as an additional reason.