Friday, January 15, 2010

Zombie mode

Listening to: Encounters With a Yeti - Alloys Bring The Future Closer (2010 Demo)

Right now, I feel: Insomniac

I can't sleep. The problem is that there's a lot of things coming in and out of my head. Here are my random thoughts right now.

2009 nostalgia. New music discoveries (The xx, Encounters With a Yeti, Passion Pit, etc.)
Can't wait for silvefilter's upcoming album.
Getting pissed at someone. Must be patient and just let the bitch be. She is not worth my time.
Girlfriend. I miss my girlfriend in an emotional and adult kind of way.

3 more days and back to school again. Accounting - I just hate it!
PSP, playing Finaly Fantasy VII.

Project 365??? Where is my camera? I miss doing photography.

Old game post in facebook - deleted.

Music is my food for the soul. Going old school mode. Got all albums of Joy Division, New Order and The Smiths.

I won't be playing Magic: The Gathering though I really wanted to.

I am hungry again. McDo or Angel's burger???

I need the money now mom for my tuition fees. My allowance too!

Night out with friends this Saturday, will try to meet gf later if I have the moolah, will see gf on Sunday. Hectic

Tired but not yet sleepy.

Hair is not getting longer that I expect. Should I cut it? Shave it? Heck!

I miss Vanilla Ice. LSS=Stop That Train. Weird but it is still music to my ears.

Haiti struck with an earthquake. So sad.

Project 365??? Wait, I said that already! Ugh!

Trese comic books are awesome!

Should finish World Without Superman book. But I knew that Superman didn't die.

I'll be 26 in 2 weeks and 5 days. CDs or graphic novels as a gift is greatly appreciated.

My TVJ Tough Hits Vol. 5 is missing. Aaaaaaaaaaa!

Bora or Galera? CamSur? I just want to go somewhere far.

Photos not yet organize, so does my MP3s!

Not yet ready going back to school but I am excited.

Traci Lords or Maria Ozawa? Jenna Jameson!

Civic or Jazz? I'll just go for Pajero! Hahahahaha!

WTF happened to Blend45?

To blog or to tweet? facebook or Friendster?

I want to sleep. I really can't!

Bye bye!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A decade under the influence (A Halo-Halo espesyal #14 year end special)

Listening to: Siouxsie and the Banshees - The Killing Jar (1998 Peepshow)

Right now, I feel: Optimistic

All right! Finally I am back into blogging. I know it has been more than a month and I have been busy or maybe I am just lazy to blog. But then, I have now the time and the urge to blog. Oh well I am now making any sense in my first paragraph so let's jump onto the second, shall we?

2009 is a good year for me if I wanna look at the brighter side of it. Though, most months are quite a challenge and full of trials some moments are meant for keeps. Even if it is a oh-so-happy or oh-so-sad moments, it is worth keeping them to remind me that I grew up and I surpassed all of them.

And a decade had passed already! Time really flies so fast. I just can't believe it.

Let's go back on the things that happened during 2009 by months that I can, so far remember on my own personal perspective.

January - It was the month that gave a sign to hope for something better. I have a friend for 6 years that I haven't talked to for 2 years. Finally, fate gave us a chance and I broke the silence. We talked, catch up with the time lost. It was nice to know that even if there was a gap for 2 years, a friend will always be your friend no matter what happened. It was also my first new year to spend with my girlfriend only. We are living together in Bangkal, Makati. It was a hell of a time for us living together. It was HARD! You have to do the chores before you sleep, you don't even enjoy your day off since you have to do the laundry and the marketing. But it was fun still since I was able to do it with my girlfriend. We do things together and it gave our relationship a deeper meaning and a foreseeable future. Kulang nalang maligo kami ng sabay! =)

February - I was able to buy a PSP for me and my girl, my girlfriend bought me the Watchmen graphic novel. I had the first volume of Trese. My love for comics and graphic novels was born.

March - I had some personal problems that I tried to keep up with. I tried to be away as far as I can just to keep my sanity or maybe just to think things through.

April - I struggled on keeping things together, personal life and work life are hanging in a balance. I just feel like I want to disappear and be alone. Even my girl can't help me. But good thing that she keeps me sane during those times.

May - I started to feel so exhausted with the house-work-clean the house-do the laundry during your off-go to the market routine. I really need a break or maybe I should just start to focus on going back to school.

June - I resigned from my work due to a lot of reasons. Be it a relationship with my work environment turned sour or going back to school, I just need to find a new way to make my dreams come true. Also, after 3 years, my blog went active again. Thus my mom offered me a proposal I can't resist. Return to my sibling's apartment and she will pay for my studies so I can finish it and have my diploma. Another turning point in my life that I need to discuss with my girl since every step and decision I'll be doing from that point on, she'll be affected with it. It is not easy with her but we gave it a shot.

July - My sister gave birth to my niece who I fondly call Siopao.

August - I was able to watch the NIN concert with my friend Marvin. It was my first time to watch a foreign group and it was their last time to perform as well here in the country as Trent Reznor decided to end NIN. My mom arrived and it was fun time once again. I just miss her. I brought my girlfriend to saGuijo and we watch the Terno Inferno. I introduced her to my favorite band Up Dharma Down and my favorite recording label Terno Recordings. I was able to chat with the band and it was really great to know that these people still remembers me. This is the reason why I love the group so much. I was able to introduce my girlfriend to them and my girl liked them too. She also liked a group which we newly discovered, Encounters With a Yeti. I got my driver's license after not renewing it for 8 years. I was able to drive again.

September - Mom left back for the US but a new adventure starts as I tried to go back to the school I didn't like anymore. Or maybe I just feel like the school didn't want me. But it was put on hold as two major storm hit us like a crazy Ogre. Ondoy and Pepeng gave us hell. If the typhoon was not enough, a family was murdered in Makati. A place called Breadbox was now gone as the whole family who owned the place was murdered. It is a resto infront of saGuijo. Guijo St. in Makati will be a different this time.

October - I went on and volunteered at the Philippine National Red Cross. A way to thank the Lord for being safe and giving something back to the country, though I really hate due to its corrupt people (note: not government). I just feel that I need to share and do something. I started to pick up my girl from her office using the family car. I was able to drive often. Thank God the vehicle is in automatic transmission or else...

November - My small business started. Though it was on a trial run, it didn't seem like it will be a good thing for me to do this on a long term basis. Poor marketing strategy or maybe less demands due to the recent calamities made it to sell as cold as pancakes. I will think things through if I will continue it. It starts to be a bad month for me as arguments turns into fights and some actions begins to annoy me.

December - I started to feel optimistic about the month but it didn't last as more problems emerged. Even on Christmas and New Year's eve wasn't spared as problems gave me a reason to go a-la Hulk at those times. Good thing I got friends and a girl that at least keeps me on the tab.

It was a great year really for me. I learned a lot of things and will cherish them for keeps. I hope you too have great memories of 2009. No matter how bad it is for you, just look at it on the brighter side. Maybe, you will have a smile on your face that you have been longing for.

Next post will be the best of 2009. From my books, movies and music. So hold your horses for now.

Have a great and optimistic 2010!