Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Listening to: Razorback - Minsan Lang (2003 Razorback)

Right now, I feel:STARVING!!!

I accidentally found a piece of paper in my planner. It was a poem I made around February or March I guess, well I can't really remember. But what I remember is that I made it on the spot for someone who is so deeply in love with a guy that is not treating her right.

I read it and decided to add some more lines.


Bakit ako manhid?
Bakit hindi ko matanggap na ang lahat ay naibigay ko na?
Na ako ay pagod na at bulag na sa katotohanan.
Kahit anino ko ay hindi ko na makita.

Bakit ang dilim?
Kahit na dama ko ang sikat ng araw.
Sa gitna ng init
Dama ko pa din ang lamig ng pag-iisa

Bakit puro na lang pasakit?
Kahit na pinipilit kong maging masaya
Nakatago pa din ang lumbay sa likod ng aking mga ngiti
Dahil ikaw ang nagbibigay sa akin ng sakit

Friday, June 04, 2010


Listening to: Death Cab For Cutie - Soul Meets Body (2005 Plans)

Right now, I feel: Overwhelmed

Finally! I am done with merging all my blogs into one. It was hard since I have to convert the XML files of my old blogs since they came from my friendster accounts. I tried to do it before but it wasn't possible. Thanks to Google for developing apps for converting my blogs!

It was funny to see my old post. I can't imagine I have started this thing since 2005. It showed me, somehow, how I became to be. How I changed. From the way I write, the way I see things and especially I have moved on from the pain of the past that haunts me.

It somehow made me realized that I still have a lot of things to go through and I just need to toughen up day by day. I am happy with what I had before and I am happier with what I have now.

I somehow miss the blogosphere. It's time for me to get back and see what I missed.