Saturday, December 31, 2011

Before the year ends....

Listening to: The Dawn - Enveloped Ideas (1986 The Dawn)

Right now, I feel: Excited

Yes! This place is now alive again. It has been a long time since I touched this blog. I am getting lazy to update even though tons of ideas I want to write about and even some feelings I want to vent out to this blog.

But then, things happen for a reason. And moving forward and hopefully, I can update as much as possible.

Let me summarize what happened to me this year.

- I missed the monthly Terno Inferno the whole year. And that is such a shame for a music lover like me.
- I finally got a job and somehow I am loving it even if at Pasay and I live in Quezon City.
- I fell inlove with comics again and it is my new addiction to say. I can now say FLAME ON and Avengers ASSEMBLE again!
- Laptop screen got busted. That's what happens when my man cave has lots of things in it. From reading materials, bags and shoes.
- Yeah, speaking of shoes. I got 3 pairs this month. That makes my shoes a total of 20. Sandals not counted.
- Did I mentioned already that I love comics and it is getting exciting with upcoming stories.

I am getting lazy again to add stuff. I hope I can add more but I need to do some last minute grocery for New Year's eve.

I wish everyone a safe and a happy New Year!

See yah in cyberspace!

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