Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dear Santa

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Right now, I feel: Excited!

Hi there! I am back and so happy to be here again!

Well, here are some of the snippets of the things that happened in the past weeks:

- Work is somehow busy, fun and info overload. It made my head hurt sometimes.
- Meeting new friends is really awesome. Especially when I feel that I can really be me with no restrictions. Just pure fun all the way.
- Thanks to my colleague/friend for giving me this awesome coffee experience!
- I am still stuck at the 250 pound range but my fats are really burning. I sweat a lot and it made my excess fats in my stomach and chest sag. I look like bigger now but I feel better.
- I worked out yesterday and I was able to finish a 3 sets of a batch work out for ten minutes and it includes 5 exercises. It really made me sweat a lot!
- I was able to see a store where they sell cheap shoes. I can't wait to buy a pair!
- It was really heart breaking for NU 107 to be on a reformat. I couldn't sleep on the last night of their airing.
- Paranormal Activity 2 scared the shit out of me. Nuff said.

I have a letter to Santa since Christmas is near. And this is how it goes.

Dear Santa,

I am dying to write you for my wish. I don't mean to be this demanding but I guess I really really deserve to get if not all, at least any of these.

I wish for:
- A long board. A simple one will be enough.
- Arnold Arre's Martial Law Babies. I really like that book and the way his writing style is awesome!
- A head phones for my iPod. Mine broke already and I kinda miss listening to my music.
- New CDs will really be great too!
- I want a new camera and I am dying to get the Canon 5D or its upgraded version but a Canon D10 will be enough.
- I really wish for a Starbucks 2011 planner. I strated collecting one since 2007. But a simple planner will do.
- I want the new HTC phones. The Desire HD and the HD7. But the Nokia E63 will be fine for now.
- I wish I can take my girl to Boracay next year. She really wanted to but due to some work constraints. I am not sure if I can.
- Boracay or a La Union trip for surfing will be nice.
- But if you can let me go to Siargao will be a blessing!

I know the list is long but at least have a way for some kind people to realize that giving me a gift that I really like will be one of the greatest joys I will cherish for the rest of my life.

I know this is too much to ask but I would also like to wish for a few more.

- World peace
- More disciplined drivers, commuters and well.... more disciplined people will do.
- A better transportation system here in the country will really be great too.
- I wish that people will stop dissing other people. They should just know how to respect others.
- A little love will be really great too.

That's all Santa. I really wish for these to happen. If not on Christmas day, at least in the future.


Baby Boy


tndcallphilippines said...

this was an interesting and funny post! Your letter to Santa brought a smile to my face. Hope you do get some of the things you wish for. ESPECIALLY WORLD PEACE!:) I'd like to invite you to come visit my blog as well when you've time.

Baby Boy said...

Thanks for the comment. Sorry for the late reply. I will check out your blog soon!

See yah!