Monday, June 29, 2009

Halo-Halo espesyal #5

Listening to:Kapatid - Luha (Piano Version) (2009 Kapatid EP)
Right now, I feel:Pissed

Nothing much happened yesterday and the day before that. Went to watch the Transformers 2 again, but this time with my girlfriend Ayann. After that she had this cold treatment to me the whole night until yesterday. I don't know what's keeping her at bay this time. She's been like this for a week now. Somehow it pisses me off and it really does make my patience go thin. It's so hard for me to decipher her now. I know there is something that she wants to say but I don't know why she has to keep it to herself for days. Especially things that requires my attention as well. Maybe she just really needs to be more vocal about whatever is on her mind. Maybe I just need to see her tonight.

Well I was able to finish Ang Mundo ni Andong Agimat by Arnold Arre. Good stuff! Way different from his Mythology Class graphic novel. I was on a CD marathon as well. Listening to Kapatid's EP. Speaking of that I had already 11 CDs acquired in just 2 days!

I am still shocked with the Shaq trade deal. What the Cavs are thinking? Orlando made a good move just in case Hedo won't come back to the team but Shaq with Cavs? Goodbye to the fast paced game they have and they will just suck on defending the picks!

I just cooked pasta for my dinner. Can't wait to munch now!

Goodnight fellas!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Halo-Halo espesyal #4

Listening to: Melissa Auf Der Maur - Followed the Waves (2004 Auf der Maur)
Right now, I feel: Surprised

I went to SM Makati and bought an handful of CDs: Francis M's re-issued albums (Yo!, Rap is Francis M and Meron Akong Ano), Yano and Francis M's 2-1 CDs re-iusses, Paramita's Tala, Radioactive Sago Project's Tangina mo! Ang daming Nagugutom sa Mundo Fashonista ka pa rin! and Razorback's Hebigat Sounds Vol. 1 re-issued album. I went to my siblings apartment in Quezon City yesterday. I checked the placed to see how I can put my stuff once I moved in. I also took our youngest sibling Kiko to a dentist since his tooth is really killing him. Dentist advised use not to have it be extracted since he might have a problem with the other tooth that will replace, so the dentist decided to just to a permanent filling on his tooth. After that Kiko and I went to Trinoma to watch the Transformers 2. It was awesome and Bumblebee kicks some serious ass! Megan Fox was so damn hot! After that Kiko bought a toy gun in Toy Kingdom while I was in Power Books buying Arnold Arre's Ang Mundo ni Andong Agimat.

My friend also Momon invited me to see him at Club Dredd to see Kapatid. After the movie I went to Eastwood City in Libis to see Momon and with him was Ellen and Karl Roy! I was supposed to feel in awe since I was sitting next to him while having a beer. But in some unexplainable reason I didn't even felt some jitters in me. I am not sure if it is because I am used to hang out and talk to some artist (Vin and Ebe Dancel) or maybe it is because Karl never showed a certain rock star attitude. Karl and I was able to talk to almost anything. He asked questions about the graphic novel I bought and other stuff about music, showing interest with the things I do as well. He is somehow far far away from what I and most people thought about him. Ellen has a Nikon D40 and I found out that Momon was supporting Kapatid since Karl and him are Tau "brothers". Momon invited me to have a tattoo which I was really thinking twice for a more than 2 years now.

I watched the band played that night. They are awesome! Karl bring this awesome energy to the crowd. They released a 6 track EP. Unfortunately Karl had a stroke last year. Good thing he can still perform and still shows this energy. He is just really living it up.

As I arrived in my apartment after the gig, my mom and my girlfriend Ayann texted me that Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest. I was really shocked about this. This will be really a sad day for the music industry.

I dropped my girlfriend to her work a couple of hours back. Still silent about me moving back to my folks. I just really couldn't force her to say what she feels about it though I can feel that she is burdened with something. I told her some stuff to at least move on and to look on the brighter side of it, no matter how unfair or bad it is. It will be really hard for us since we are used living together. It is hard since we were used seeing each other almost 24/7 after living together for almost a year.

I always say to myself that this situation will be for better for the two of us. We just have to keep on adjusting to anything that happens to us.

I just checked NBA's site and found out that the T'Wolves picked Ricky Rubio. How are they gonna use him? I was so surprised by this one however. Vince Carter going to Orlando Magic?!? That was a major move for Orlando as they try to beef up their line up for their championship title bid. Speaking of getting a championship title, Cleveland Cavaliers got Shaq! It was the most talked trade in town now. But I really wonder if the team needs Shaq in their line up. I think it is really up to LeBron to make people around him to excel. But Shaq will be a great addition to the Cav's presence in the paint.

It was a very surprising 2 days for me. Good night for now.

By the way: My girlfriend Ayann and I will watch Transformers 2 tomorrow!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another turning point in my life.

Listening to: The New Radicals - You Get What You Give (1998 Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too)
Right now, I feel: Confused

Well it was supposed to be a good day that turned bad unexpectedly. I am now to leave my apartment here in Makati and move back with my siblings in their new apartment in Quezon City. I have to stop looking for a job now and will focus myself in getting a college degree. Don't get me wrong, going back to school is exciting. Maybe I'll just miss living on my own and earning money and get the things I wanted. I just have to adjust again and miss the times of waking at night and forcing myself to be awake.

Maybe things do really have a certain disadvantage to you. You just have to suck it all up.

I need to start packing my things bit by bit.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Caught in 2 things

Listening to: Up Dharma Down - Blessed (2008 Bipolar)
Right now, I feel: Depressed

Finally! I posted a new blog after so many years. So many happened but I will try to go down memory lane some other time. Though it is on a good thing that I am beginning to update my blog. It is also so depressing that I am on a job hunting mode for 2 days now. Yeah, I am looking for a new job but maybe I don't need it now. It has been 2 days of hell for me. The stress and pressure is just overwhelming that it feels like I am a balloon with too much helium and is on a brink of exploding! It is the first time in my call center career that I have been turned down on the initial part of the application. As if they are overly sophisticated ladies and I am not their type that they always turned me down. My mom heard about it I guess or may she's into her mother's intuition that she sent me an SMS mesage telling me to cool down and if I can go back to school and back with my siblings. My mind is on a high speed pursuit with reality now. Maybe I really need to go back. I thought I can do both. This is something I have to think about and I need to consult this with my girlfriend (Yes, I do have a girlfriend!). This is another major decision I have to think through. Hopefully I can have this be fixed ASAP.

Blame my t and th sounds weakness! Grrrr!