Thursday, June 30, 2005


Here goes another on the spot composition that I made. It's been weeks that I'm experiencing sleepless nights. Due to some emotions that keeps on bugging me. And also the fact that there are some questions in my head that are in dire need of answers.


Nung una kang makita
Nagtila kang anghel na gagabay sa akin
Nagmistulang tala sa gabi
Dala ng yong mga mata'y, walang kupas na kagandahan
Ako'y naakit, nabighani, at umibig sa iyo

Inalay ko ang pag-ibig ko
Ganun din ang sa iyo
Mundo nati'y pinag-isa
Habang ang ating pagmamahalan, ang naging apoy sa bawat gabing tayo ay magkasama
Mga gabi na tayo ay naglalakbay sa kawalan
Iniiwan natin ang reyalidad ng buhay
Lumilipad papalayo sa kabihasnan
Papunta sa paraisong ating inaasam

Ngunit ako'y nilisan na
Lumilipad na nag-iisa
Dama ang kalungkutan, at ang sumpa na habambuhay kong pasanin
Namumuhay sa dilim
Ako'y nahihilo sa kakahanap sa iyo
Ni anino mo'y di makita
Kahit ang iyong himig ay nawawala na
Sumasamba kay Bathala, na ikay ibalik sa mga bisig ko
At muling pasiklabin ang apoy, na dati ay nasa ating mga puso

Ngayon ay wala ka na
Dama ko'y galit at poot, habang ako ay nagdurusa
Nasasaktan sa bawat araw na wala ka
Bawat araw na lumilipas
Buhay ko'y unti-unting nawawalang ng saysay

Para kang lason
Hindi ko namamalayan na ika'y nakamamatay
Para kang lason
Hindi ko man lang naramdaman ang biglaan mong pag-daloy sa aking mga ugat

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


For the Nth time, this song (besides Urbandub's Soul Searching) just touches me. Every words in the song touched me like no other song did. Maybe this is the effect of such emotions that you feel in you. Just every lines in the song relates to my current state.

Masaya by Bamboo

Ako'y malungkot nanaman
Amoy chico na ako
Ilang tagay na hindi pa rin tulog
Tanong ko lang sa langit
Kung bakit pumangit

Nung dating masaya
Ngayo'y pana'y problemang bumabalot sa buto
Bakit ganito?

Ang pag-ibig
Ganyan talaga
Pag bago pang pag-ibig
Ganyan talaga...

Pag gising ko
Nakita ko si Juan
na siyang adik sa aming lugar

Parang droga raw ang bisa
Na ginamit niya kanina
Sa una lang daw...

Ang pag-ibig ganyan talaga
Ako'y nilamon ng pag-ibig
Ganyan talaga...

Momon in the house!

Mon dropped by the house this afternoon. Finally! After so many days of telling me that he'll drop by, he finally did it. Well, can't blame the man, he's too busy with work and some stuff that needs to be fixed. Took a couple of shots of him using my PC:


Then with these two pics I suddenly find the urge in me to find some photos of the 2 of us in my archive and well, just share it here. Just wanna show how "MON"-ster Mon is. To my dawg, to my beer buddy, to my shock absorber. This is for you bro! Much love!

Img_1031 Mon's tattoo (right arm)

Mons_tatto Mon's tattoo (left arm)

Img_1417 Doing the otso - otso.

Img_1418With his son Kalel.

Img_1472Crazy times at his pad.

Me_and_monCrazy times again at work.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Here in my room Part II

As boredom strucks me, and after playing "Masaya" by Bamboo for the nth time. I just decided to take a photo of myself, letting this depression/frustrations/confusion/paranoia/anger out of me. At least for a while. Here I'am again in my room. Showing how dark and gloomy I feel now. Here it goes:

Img_1522 Astro Cigarette!

Img_1528 Depression in solitude.

Img_1530 In one corner, confusion is the state of mind.

Img_1531 Paranoia leads to depression. Depression leads to confusion. Confusion leads to anger. Anger leads to paranoia. And the cycle goes on and on.

Note: I am not naked here. I was wearing my boxer shorts here.


This is something that inspired me after playing a basketball tournament in Marvin's place at 11Th ave. in Cubao.


From the very moment you hold the ball
You'll never pass me, unless you blew me away
Better pass it to your team mate
But if you do
I swear with my life I'll get it again and again

You can beat me up, let me eat dust
But that won't let me down
That won't let my soul cling to something you can't take away from me
The heart, the passion, and the hunger...
To succeed, to feel the glory, and gain the respect

I won't score
I'm no star player, play maker, or some key player
All I know is defense is my middle name
I call the shots
I'll block your shots
Don't block my way
Or you'll just pay with your dear life
Life for me is a ball
No one can change that
I'll do what I need to do
For me to get the respect
For me to be feared
For me to be known

All I know is that
I got game
Do you?

Monday, June 27, 2005


Went to Marvin's place yesterday (6-26-2005). It's their fiesta that day. It's my 2nd year to go there. And it'll be my first time to play in their mini basketball tournament. I was there around 10am till afternoon the next day. I saw the midgets division play first. And with my digicam ready to take some pics here are the samples:

Img_1502Clutch time.

Img_1504 Post up play.

Img_1506Small but terrible.

I just love how this kids play. So young but they show a lot of potential. I wouldn't be shocked if they grow up and beat my ass in basketball.
As I waited for the midget division to finish their game, I saw a parade passing by the other block. I went with Marvin to check it out since her mom is there. So I
grabbed again my camera and took whatever shots I can get:


Img_1510 And this is Marvin's mom in FilipiƱa.

I was in awe when I saw this parade since it I thought only in provinces do they celebrate a fiesta like this (well except for the one in San Juan). As we continue the said tournament. I, Mork, Ton-ton and
Rigor made up our team. We went 2-0 and went ahead to the finals. We really pushed ourselves hard and I did my defense mode again (a-la Ben Wallace) but then, we just broke down in the end losing the finals by 2 points. Such disappointment but everything so good that the disappointment went away. It was so much fun, it made me forget my problems at least. The kids there are already calling me SHAQ because of my size and maybe because on how I dominate the paint (I'm not really bragging here, but they gave me such compliment that I'll never forget), not offensively but defensively. I always think of myself as a defensive player. Yeah, I can score up to 10 points, 14 point if I got lucky. But what's on my head is that I need to shut down my opponent. Shut down my guard and don't allow him to score. Not even have an aim at the ring from the very moment he got the ball. Maybe a lot of people who just knew that day already watched me carefully (not bragging here again). I will always hear from my opponent this line: "Pare, bantayan mo mabuti, di ko mga malusutan, ang laki e!" I was so beaten up because of my hard defense (angas!), but it was all good from there. I went to my girl's place and spend some time there and went back to Marvin's place to have a drinking session. Maybe after this, I'll be in Marvin's place more often. Just to play some tough defense basketball and maybe just to kick some ass again. Hmmm... This inspires me again to write a poem about how I play basketball. Nice!

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Here in my room

Just nothing to do. Nothing in my mind now. Not that "inspired" to do some poetry work and upload some photos. Well let's lighten up the mood with this:


Hahahaha! When you're all bored out, try to learn some new stuff!

Friday, June 24, 2005

Precious Declaration

I never imagined that I can make one on the spot. My favorite composition so far.

Precious Declaration

As the night embraces an eternity
My love for you reigns supreme
It'll never fade
It'll never die

Like a flower blooming in my withering garden
Who gives me life and hope
My light who guides me at my darkest hour
You disenchant me from all the enchantments
As you yourself enchants me with your beauty and serenity

I Adore Thee
I Love Thee

I'm expressing my plea
More than actions can show
And more than words can express

Hold me now
Never let go
Like the way I'm doing so
Come my love
Let's embrace the night and fly away with me
And let our love conquer all

My new room

Finally! I got a chance to clean my room! It's been more than 3 days now since I was cleaning and fixing my room. I threw a lot of stuff that I don't need anymore. Though I still need more space for my stuff (I'm already planning to buy a cabinet and lots of CD racks). I was so exhausted after I'm done cleaning my room. What a gruelling process. Well here's some snapshots of my room:

Img_1482 Do Not Disturb!

Img_1481 My workstation.

Img_1483 My PC and Stereo.

Img_1485 My book collection.

Img_1486 My CD collection.

Img_1487 My study table.


The night that I heard your voice
A voice that
was so sweet and gentle
Makes me feel alive once again when I feel death in

The night before I leave
The night I had to say goodbye
for a while
Be away from you and promise that I'll be back
I'll be back
for you and spend my lifetime with you

The night that we're talking
about how good things are when we're together
Those days and nights that we
share together
As love conquers our hearts
And the same love that tore us

The night I found you again
Though physically far
can feel your presence within me
Your emotions flowing through

The night I reveal to you how I feel
How I still longing
for your hugs and kisses
The night that I'm wishing for
To bridge our
To end my heartache

I seek for comfort and I found
I call for solace and I found you
I've waited for this broken heart to
And I found you

The night that we share our love
Tonight we feel as one
Tonight, tonight
I wish this will never
Blissful mourns of mine wishing you to be here by my

The night I'll never forget
The night I said I love you
The night you said you love me too
The night that forever changed my

I love you,

My Bliss

Trapped in an amber on a cold summer...
Eternal slumber makes me feel greater...
Your radiance made me free...
Open your wings and fly!Fly and crash into me!
Take me wherever you want to...
It's ok with me coz I'm with you...
On a shivering night your warm feather covers my whole
As we embrace and explore the forbidden
It is our love reigning supreme...
Wishin this nigth won't come to an end...
Come my saviour!
Who I adore...
Make me whole...
Make me fall...
Then catch me all again...
Coz what I feel for you is something so
Yet being near you is so unconditional...
Come my dear...
Let's fly away and be free!
Let our love ruin what their heart feels...
And to those who don't believe in our love...
Shall be in a predicament so unwilling to be
Come my dear and let's fly away!
To a place where our souls unite and let our love lead
the way!
I love you!
I adore you!
You are my bliss...
I miss you...
I need you...
And you are my bliss...